Sunday, 28 August 2011

Little Miss Sunshine

Yep, that's me (it says so on my trainer socks so it must be true). Although to the rest of the family I'm "little miss bossy" and I have the keyring to prove it.

Finally have a date for the funeral - 6th September. Gives me time to get my hair sorted and make arrangements for Max. It's not until the afternoon, so DH wants us to stay in a hotel overnight as he has sites to visit in Colchester and Ipswich. Saves him a journey or two. I will have to find myself something to do....craft shops anyone? I like Colchester but wasn't impressed with Ipswich on my one and only visit......since that was well over 20 years ago, it may have changed..hopefully.

I promised you a double LO and here it is:

Photos of my maternal grandfather during WW1. Papers by K&CO "Life's Journey". The postcards (HMS Calypso and the island of Malta) are in cellophane and can be flipped to read the messages (both written to his father). Cellophane is sealed with paper cut on a TH die.
You probably can't see but the football team and the photo with the mascot are from when he was on HMS Ark Royal. I know he went to Odessa  to help the White Russians during the revolution but not much more sadly.

This a LO I made last night for week 3 of Deal or No Deal? I had to use either naked (or nekkid*) chipboard or Kraft paper on my LO:

Photo of DS aged about 11 with my parents. The papers are called "Kraft Obsession" and are by Sultane (a French company).

I'm planning to do  more scrapping over the long weekend. I have some photos of DS Nick and Vicky (from over the summer) to play with. :)

Sportswise...Button is currently running 3rd in the GP; it's only an hour and a quarter until the football (I cannot believe that L******l are top of the league); Indy car at 9:30 tonight.

Will I still be "Little Miss Sunshine" this evening?

*"nekkid" - southern USA pronunciation. I really am reading too many American novels.

And I leave you with another little gem from Pinterest:


craftattack said...

Hi Sue, love your new LOs. I am sure you will find craft shops where you are going. Haven't been to Ipswich since I was a kid, my brother was at a boarding school there in a big stately home. Edidently didn't do him much good!
Have a good week, hugs, Valerie

Diane said...

Fab LO`s Sue !! Really love the ones of your grandad !! Crafting for me as well, but all week as I am on hols this week and brov has gone away on his hols, so me and the dogs have the house to ourselves !! FAB !!

hugs to you and Max XX

Diane xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

lovely LO sue and the saying, lol...

hope all goes well with the funeral, hugs...

maria xx

Joanna said...

Oh dear, I suspect you are Little Miss Grumpy tonight. Just heard the A*****l result :o(

On a brighter note, I love the colours of the 'sailor' LO's. Great photos too.

Giggling at the gem found on Pinterest!


Daniella said...

What wonderful layouts!! I am so in love with them! I love the vintage pictures in the first one, but I also love the *nekked* one!!
So sorry to hear about this funeral you need to attend.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Not for the funeral--gosh, no!
What made me chortle and then guffaw is that hysterically funny pinterest pic at the bottom of this post.
That is just too too rich for words!!!!!

Okay. Now tat I've got that over with. (erherm)
Your layouts are all special, but I suppose if I had to choose between those you've shown us this time, I'd go for the sailor ones. Your grandfather was a dandy of a looker in his uniform. And the way you've sensitively handled the ephemera you chose really makes it a lovely and interesting set of pages.
Not "nekkid" here, just "au casual "