Monday, 26 October 2009

Thanks and Hugs.

Many, many thanks to all of you who sent birthday wishes - either by card,via blog or on Facebook - it was really cheering to know you were thinking of me.
I had a quiet day (apart from playing Hide and Seek with my great-nephew) but pleasant. Cake was provided by M&S and sparkling wine by Asda!
Crafty gifts? Well, I spent my b'day money from Dad on the Don Juan cartridge for the Cricut and in November I'm off to Butlins in Bognor with Pat for a scrapbooking weekend.
Dad is still very tired and weak - he's napping a lot but at least I can make sure he's eating properly.
Suffering craft withdrawal symptoms so may make some Christmas cards tonight - I have a small (and somewhat limited!) stash here. Will pop to Asda (Dad's "corner shop") and see what mags I can pick up for the freebies.
My brother (who is in big trouble for telling everyone I was 60 yesterday - def not true!!) is coming for tea today - will be nice to have a catch up gossip.
Misssing OH and Max. Also DS who I've only heard from by email - telling me he'd lost his phone - which explains the strange text message I got when I texted him to remind him to put his clocks back!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

My Dad and my Birthday

Well, it looks as though I'm not having a birthday this year.
Dad has just come out of hospital and was telling me not to worry about going to see him. Different story tonight - apparently he can' t do anything for himself. Phoned my brother "You need to come up and see him" Phoned my nephew "He needs looking after". Soooo will be taken out to lunch tomorrow by my "girlfriends" and then will have to get a train up North on Friday.
Upset as DS was coming home this w/end - first time since going to Uni and I've had to tell him not to. Also with the postal strike etc. I'm not going to have cards. Petty I know at my age - but if we don't have b'days what have we got?!!"!
OH had just invited me out for a meal too!
Knickers! as my mother would have said (she didn't swear!).
Also, apologies to Christina - I did try emailing you to say I wouldn't be able to make the card class on Tuesday but it was bounced back as undeliverable - I can still only reply to your emails and not email you directly. Hopefully will see you on the 31st. for the "four letter word" LO - as it's a Christmas present I'm going to insist I need to be home for it!....but you know what families are like!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Updated LO and Friday Crop

Friday evening saw Pat and me at AMOM for the monthly special crop evening.

Had a great time and some wonderful chocolate cake.
I spent some time doing more stitching on my LO for Module 6 of the Design Course and added my journalling.
I managed 75% for this one - lost marks because I hadn't used a neutral colour to "ground" the LO.
I used the mini challenge kit (Me and My Big Ideas papers) to do a companion LO of my Mum.

Still not sure about scrapping with black and white - Pat loves it and she did a truly fabulous LO.

My SIL asked me to make a couple of cards for special b'days she has coming up. Here's the first for a friend's 60th.
Dad is having a scan on his bladder today. If it's clear he'll be allowed home and I shall be going up to the NE some time this week to look after him (need to get rid of my streaming cold before I go).

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Design Course Module 6

Have just submitted this LO for Module 6 Colour.

Very specific brief (had to use analgous colours with mid-tones that have mid - saturation).

This module was easier in theory than practice! Achieved 100% on the quiz but it took me ages to work out my colour combo - had to use a colour wheel which I'd never done. Ah, well - we live and learn.

Photo is of my Dad in Sept. last year. Did some stitching too as I hadn't done any for a while.

Just waiting to see what mark I get and if I've passed the course.

I wanted to scrap this photo as my Dad is ill at the moment - in hospital in Sunderland and having an op as I type.

No point me going up yet as the hospital is 25 miles from his house and I wouldn't have transport. I shall be going up to look after him when he comes out of hospital.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Design Course Module 5

This module was Layout Design. I achieved 80% on the quiz and 78% for this LO.

Part of the brief was to use a non-scrapbooking source as inspiration. Well, my eye was caught by a Dior ad in the Sunday Times - just 5 photos of different sizes scattered across the page and the word Dior. Apparently this was not a good source to use as the photos are too far apart - although my use of bright colours does add some "unity" to the page. I like it (which is the main thing!) and I think Nicholas looks ever so cute - must bear that in mind when he comes home with his washing (for w'end of 25th for my b'day)!

I did ask if it was OK to resubmit my LO for Module 4 but didn't get a reply - I'll take that as a no then! I'll upload version 2 for you.
It's uploaded at the start of this post - sorry if it's confusing - haven't worked out how to move pictures around yet!
Also stressed as we've been without internet access all morning - didn't realise just quite how much I relied on it!lol

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Indian Summer

That was the title of this morning's class at AMOM.

We used the new Basic Grey papers called "Indian Summer" funnily enough!

Had a lovely time tearing paper,stamping and cutting,embossing etc. The title was cut on the Cricut using "Don Juan" (must get this cartridge!).

The photos were taken in Thame earlier this week - the stunning Virginia Creeper is in Waitrose car park and the clothes are in CC (used to be called Country Casuals).

Journalling is hidden under the embossed leaf (top left of LO).

It was nice to meet up with Jan and Diane too. Jan was doing the class and Diane was cropping. They stayed for the afternoon Hero Arts session too.
I got my mark for the Module 4 LO - a disappointing 57% but as I didn't really understand the concept of "space" I was pleased to get that. Now, thanks to Christina at AMOM, I have a better understanding and plan to redo the LO.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Design Course Module 4

First a quick report on Module 3 - my LO achieved 89%.

That more than made up for only getting 70% on the Module 4 quiz - Space. I really couldn't get to grips with this but have submitted the LO anyway.

I used Basic Grey "Cupcakes" papers and alpha. The embellies were in my stash - know they came from USA but can't remember who made them!

I've also submitted the Quiz for Module 5 Layout Design.

Now, this one I like! We have to use a non-scrapbooking source of inspiration.

I once made a Christmas card with lots of ribbons and flowers based on an appliqued towel so will have a rootle around the house!
I think I could get used to this having the house to myself - Max and I have had a lovely quiet time. I've done lots of the "h" word and lots of scrapping. Bliss -apart from the "h" word!
Update - I have destroyed this page as I really didn't like it and only got 57% - I honestly didn't know what I was doing. I may try it again as, thanks to Christina at AMOM, I now know what "negative space" is! Don't know if wescrap will let me re-submit it - I can only ask.