Tuesday, 2 August 2011


He's been home less than 24 hours (it was well after midnight when we picked him up from the station) and already we've played...hunt the laptop, hunt the landline phone, make the mobile disappear and use Mum's towels 'cos we haven't noticed the clean ones laid out in the bedroom. I love him to bits but it's like having a whirlwind in the house. He's out now, so I've retrieved my laptop from the black hole that is his room  - you think I'm joking? New DVDs have gone into that room and never been seen again..and goodness only knows what happened to my Beatles CD...I just know he borrowed it (thought I'd put him off by making him watch "A Hard Days Night"...but no) and it hasn't been seen since.

On top of the other one doing my head in by working from home so much ( I need  my own space) and what happened this morning..it's all too much.
I don't like needles, they make me feel faint (I know I've been taught to inject myself but have been back on tablets since last year when I was travelling to Dad's on the train so much)...so I don't enjoy my six weekly blood tests, especially when my veins don't co-operate...loads of prodding and blood taken from both arms saw me heading straight home instead of my planned trip into town. :(

Short break there to close doors and windows...the heavens have opened and we've lost our satellite signal.

I did manage some scrapping this afternoon - another challenge LO. I know the deadline was Sunday, but the site owner decided to do some upgrading and no-one's been able to log on since - moral.."if it ain't broke....."

A photo of my Mum from the 1940's. For Sarah's coulour palette challenge.

And now...I haven't done one of these for a while, so here goes..

Currently -

Listening to - news on Channel 5 (sooo not my choice) sudden change..DH has disappeared so it's back to the Download Chart on MTV - RESULT!! Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People. :)

Eating - nothing - still have dinner to prepare

Drinking - brandy and ginger (purely medicinal, to tamp down the nausea)

Wearing - a silk kaftan and my reading glasses (too hot to wear anything else - honestly)

Feeling - nauseous, frustrated but surprisingly happy

Weather - raining

Wanting - someone else to cook dinner

Needing - hugs

Thinking - how many weeks until "Breaking Dawn" is released? MTV news showed some clips..Jacob taking his shirt off  (Team Edward until Jacob takes his shirt off), the wedding, the pillow biting scene......apologies to those of you who are lost here (probably male) - only true Twilight fans will understand this.

Enjoying - having my boy home. Apparently he's here for a couple of weeks before he goes back to Bristol. Immediate doubling of the grocery bill but I do (like Baldrick) have a cunning plan - he can work off some of the money he's borrowed by helping me spring clean..a few months too late but I never said I was houseproud. :)

Question for you - am I a bad mother because I haven't been to Bristol since we took him for his first term? I didn't see the house he was living in last year and probably won't see the new one. Or, am I simply letting him live his own life (he is 22 after all)?
I wonder sometimes as I see other mothers fussing and making a point of visiting their offspring at Uni and said offspring coming home for weekends - I don't think that's normal, to me it's clingy. Benign neglect is my parenting style and I don't apologise for it. I look back to when I was at Uni and I never went home during term time and hardly ever phoned - well, we didn't have mobiles then. Showing my age - sorry!

Ooh! Just seen an advert for a new film with Harrison Ford ..sigh, my all time hero. Since Star Wars..I even have my own Ewok. :)

I hope this post has pleased my followers (apparently some of them rely on me??? fools!).

 I'm just happy that people keep reading and that Royal Mail have delivered my parcels..sooo.....

Joanna is reading erotic sci-fi on her cruise (apparently her teenage son suddenly showed an interest in reading when the book arrived and he started reading it out loud to her - she soon put a stop to that)

 Virginia is reading "Sleeping Beauty" and has avoided the "hot drink incidents" that befell Carmen and I ( tea, in bed, with her partner in Carmen's case and coffee, fortunately alone, in mine). Let's just say this is Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice and the action starts on page 2.

And Gill is reading "Passion" (fallen angels) in Scotland.

I shall leave you there, wondering what I'm going to read tonight - Amazon have sent off a book I really can't wait to read - it should arrive tomorrow, but what if it doesn't?

Today's quote. For masters everywhere. :)


craftattack said...

What a long post, you seem to be enjoying having your *baby* home! Take care of yourself, and remember, with 22 he is grown up! Hugs, Valerie
PS I'm re-reading Peter Ackroyd's *Biography of London*, a book I love!

Diane said...

Sue if you were a bad mother then the boy wouldn`t come home....think about it !!

Boy is it HOT, don`t think my ladies would appreciate me doing their hair in just a silk kaftan and nothing else !! Think about that one as well !!

big hugs Diane xx

Kiss for Max xxxx

Gina said...

I am SOOOO going to read this post out loud to my Shorty(21), when he crawls out of bed :D It's like a mirror of my life!
Love the image of you wafting around in your kaftan, brandy in hand and a book in the other, ver,ver, Noel Coward :D XXX

DGgirl said...


Can merely echo Diane's first comments - so true. I'm not a fusser (even with Ross) - how would they learn to be themselves otherwise?

Gradually making my way through passion and loving it. Today is yet another Yorkhill day so must disappear. Hugs and sparkles to you missus.


Virginia said...

I sooooo needed that post - honestly Susie you don't know how much! You sound like an awesome parent and your son obviously enjoys coming home and reminding you of the chaos he can cause - mine being only 10 creates said chaos on a daily basis!

Hope you are feeling less nauseous today after your injection issue - hopefully the medicinal brandy will have worked it's magic!

Thankfully it is a little cooler this morning - phew!

Hope you have a good day!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

oh sue, totally agree with the other, if you were a bad mum, why would he come home and cause havoc, that is normal...

pleased you are chilling in your kaftan, sorry about your bloods, sparkles coming your way...xx

maria xx

K said...

Oh bless hunny, blood tests, aghhhhhh, I have thin veins & get used as a pin cushion as well.

I'm sure you son appreciates you even more that you DONT visit him at Uni, you obviously respect his space and at 22 he's a grown man who needs to learn how to look after himself = FAB Mum :-)