Wednesday, 29 August 2012

And now for something completely different......

The last week has seen me challenging myself...yes, I've done some of my usual LOs (saving them for a future post), no, I haven't made any tags (not keen on this month's themes).....what I have been doing is working on canvas panels....four to be precise...

These are for an "Off the Page" challenge on Flying Unicorn.

The theme came about purely by chance...I wanted to try some larger gel medium transfers (the panels are 6ins x 8ins)and I was using "Home Words" 1883/84 as my source material.

The first really nice picture I found led to this..."Autumn"...

The picture was entitled "Autumn Fruits". I used gesso to tone it down and added some Anna Griffin embellishments, some Maple leaf brads and a flower.

Can you guess what the theme is???? 

#2 is...

This one is "Gathering Strawberries in Kent".
The embellishments are K&CO "Brianna" (been in my stash for years) and some strawberries I found on ebay ages ago.

#3 is...

This one is entitled "A Thornless Rose (for Christmas Day)".
Ribbon is by Toga (France) and flowers are Prima  and Wright's.

#4 is...

"An Artist's Spring Study".
The epoxy stickers and most of the other embellies were floating around in my stash (so, no idea who made them). I added a Petaloo willow vine and flowers from Manor House.

I'm hoping to find some small box frames so I can display them.

DH was on holiday last week but we didn't get out and about as planned..the weather was too variable.....we did however get the garden tidied up and we managed to come second in the pub quiz.
We are now officially just "The Ninjas"....the "ginger" was from the guy who started the team and as he no longer attends and none of the rest of us are ginger....well, it was confusing to say the least!

It's nauseous Wednesday again and ,since I only managed three hours sleep, I'm going back to bed!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Penny's ATC Challenge (bogof)

As promised in my last post I've caught up with the challenge...made the ATC's for both July and August.

For July I used a background from Crafty Individuals and various TH bits and pieces:

I chose the colours to represent our poor Buddleia that is no more.....the flowers and leaves have all gone and the branches have all been chopped/sawn in half.
At least Max had fun...grabbing sticks and running round the garden with them.

For August there was only one theme I could use:

I used scraps of the free papers from Simply Homemade plus Union Jack ribbon, a large brad (meant to be gold but think it's probably "bronze"), a floating flag cut from a photo and "London" cut on the Cricut.

I've started a series of LOs for the Olympics...but will save them for another day.

DH is on holiday this I decided to give myself a week off too!
He's currently repairing my half of the wardrobe.....great clatter the other evening.....the top shelf had given way and brought down my hanging clothes are in the boy's room in a great heap and therefore difficult to get at.
All my fault apparently as the vac bags of winter stuff that I piled up on the shelf were much too heavy....sigh.
 At least no-one has said (yet) that I have too many clothes!

I'm hoping to catch up on my Blog hopping today. Fingers crossed the laptop behaves.
Carmen, thank Craig for his suggestion please...:)
I don't think it's the battery as I have it plugged into the wall most of the time. It does seem to be overheating though so I'm using it in short, sharp bursts and then putting it into hibernation. That has, so far, done the trick!

I spent yesterday afternoon with QVC on TV whilst reading and crafting. I was very good and only ordered the TSV (a card kit for...the word that Jo won't let me mention!) and some gold and silver leaves to use as embellishments...oh and 100 sheets of Bazzill in 25 colours.....that's to share with Pat worked out at 25p per sheet compared to the normal 45/50p we pay....and I do use a lot of it!

Think it's time to cool the laptop down......

Monday, 20 August 2012

Mojo Monday

Firstly, an laptop is keeps switching itself off mid-print, mid-scan, mid e-mail I'm not able to do much blog hopping and commenting...sigh. I'm hoping it's not terminal....:(

This first LO was made using the Mojo Monday sketch for 6th August.

I used Kaisercraft "Lake House" papers and collectables plus flowers from Bazill, Prima and Petaloo, a ZVA swirl, stick pins from QVC and a silver butterfly.
One of this month's challenges was to use material on your LO..I trimmed some very fine pink mesh with lace.

The postcard is vintage (found at a flea market) had a brief message and was postmarked 1926.

Next we have a card made for a recipe challenge:

Yes...I managed to use pink on a Christmas's amazing what you can find in your old stash!!

Friday I managed to get to Scrap Club for the first time since was wonderful!

The technique was paper piecing...probably one of my least favourite...but I managed with the help of some stamps  (the butterflies, flower  and leaf were all freebies from Craft Stamper):

I'm going to quit now..before the 'puter switches itself off....

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Tag Tuesday...only a day late!

The theme this week was "Theatre and Cinema":

I made a double tag  (using a TH die) as I had so many ideas on this theme.

The top tag was made using a sheet of K&CO "Cut'n'Paste" paper. I fussy cut the tickets and popcorn from the same sheet.

The second tag was cut from a film still of "Casablanca" all time favourite film...sigh. I typed the quote on the computer.

Not much crafting has been done over the last two weeks as I've been watching the Olympics.
I've been watching sports that I wouldn't normally watch...and enjoying them!

I have made a couple of cards though:

The first is a b'day card for my nephew's partner. I used papers, ribbon and Candi by Craftwork Cards and flowers from my stash. might want to look away now as the second is....yes, a Christmas card!

On both of these I was playing with a Marianne Creatables die....up to six layers can be made...I've seen some stunning examples on the net.

Just realised that I missed my July ATC ...oh, well, will just make two together.

Realisations from watching the Olympics....

I'm probably too old to take up Tae Kwon Do....much as I'd like to.

Who knew diving could be so interesting?

Funny how quickly we all become "experts"....the boy and I watched the synchronised diving together......comments such as..."No, too much splash on that entry.."   "Legs weren't straight enough"....had me laughing!

The rules of hockey have changed since I played on the right wing....and so has the kit...bottle green skirt, knickers and knee socks are not  (and never were) a good look!

Hard work and determination can achieve results as shown by Mo Farrah.

It was great to have some really positive role models instead of empty headed "celebrities" who've done nothing.

I still don't like Liam Gallagher .

The Spice Girls are soooooo over.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Once Upon a Sketch

For the month of August, Flying Unicorn is sponsoring  "Once Upon a Sketch".

They're offering 3 RAK's plus another on the Unicorn site for members that take part.

I loved the sketch and the theme was "Seasons"....

"DH and I aren't great gardeners..well, after over 20 years of footballing boys, a climbing frame, a trampoline, free-range rabbits (they roamed loose in the garden during the day and there were seven of them at one time),a footballing dog and neighbours who installed a hot tub and managed to kill our lavender bush, same neighbours* then added a conservatory and managed to kill our beautiful buddleia tree (and, yes, it is a tree not a bush) sort of give up.

The only thing I insist on is having colourful tubs...the photo above is of a tub from the back has a rampant hot pink petunia and a verbena in it."

That is the journalling which is attached to the back of the LO..I didn't want to disrupt the White's so rare for me to have!

The papers are "August Moon" and all the embellishments are from my stash.

Having a break from the Olympics and watching Indy Car but wasn't last night amazing????
So many medals....and more today!!

*said neighbours moved last year.....the new ones have had the whole of the garden dug up..with a digger that they can extend the patio  and have a raised bit at the end.......I give up!!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Mojo Monday & Tag Tuesday..on Wednesday

Only a couple of days late this week...

The boy is still with us and my laptop keeps disappearing....other things noticed..I'm having to put the dishwasher on every day (why do boys need a clean glass every time they want a drink???) and the food bill has doubled.....

It is lovely to spend time with him though...:)

First up we have the Mojo Monday sketch for 23rd July:

This was made for a "Faith" challenge. I'm not religious...I was christened in a Wesleyan Chapel, my brother was christened in a C of E church and we went to Sunday School at a Presbyterian church....but that all stopped around age 13.

However, this story  reduces me to tears every time I read/hear it. The first time I heard it was during a school assembly in the 90's...the teacher who told it had just found out that his youngest daughter had cancer and it was the week that Jamie Bulger went missing (the boy was around the same age)...I don't think there was a dry eye in the hall.

The Tag theme this week was "Mermaids or Water Babies".

I found the mermaid online, added a quote from T.S. Eliot and some images from Crafty Individuals, then threw pearls and beads at it.

Not much crafting is being done as I'm watching the Olympics....highlights so far...the GB Men gymnastics team......the Women's football team for beating Brazil.....the Women rowers for their Gold medal...and Bradley Wiggins for his Gold in the Time Trial.

Tonight it's the Men's football....we only need a draw....fingers crossed.