Monday, 1 August 2011


Finally the crafting drought is over! Three LOs this afternoon plus a card last night.

Before I show you the card I just want to point out that it was made with the recipient (my step SIL) in mind. It is totally not my personal taste - I don't do cute.  

I love the technique though  - it's a Joy Fold Card.

On to today...I  had a wonderful day crafting and chatting...

All three LOs are for challenges on WeScrap - well, they would be if I could get onto the site - they need to be submitted before midnight - amazing what having a deadline can do!!

This is for Victoria's challenge "Quick and Coordinated". I used the July "Vanity Fair" kit and , yes, I did it within the 30 mins. allowed.

This one is for Jen's "Scrapping out of Season" challenge. Christmas in July. Photo is of Max's cousin Sam, the border collie, opening his presents.

And finally "Sketchy Saturdays" for 16th July. Photos of me and the clock I made last year. It actually keeps very good time..well, it would if I hadn't broken the mechanism whilst trying to change the battery a couple of weeks ago - on the lookout for a replacement.

My halo is slipping too. :(

Had some red wine last night and had chocolate this afternoon - I've been craving chocolate for days and was OK at home..but I knew there was a tin, in the fridge, at AMOM with delights such as Crunchie and Bounty and Toffee Crisp...which to choose? Crunchie of course. :) I was addicted to Toffee Crisp when pregnant with DS and haven't been able to face one since.

And talking of DS...he'll be home tomorrow..which means I'll be playing "Hunt the Laptop"...again! Even worse..he'll take over my mobile phone. I've tried to put him has a pink case (which will apparently ruin his street cred) and a ringtone he really, really hates (JLo "On the Floor) but to no avail. Only plus side is the appearance of lots of males on my contact list...downside of this..I've watched them all grow up.
I can hear people asking why I let him get away with it. Basically, if he used the landline our bill would treble and I never use my full allowance of either texts or minutes. I renegotiated my monthly contract when I was looking after Dad (after only five days there I had the most horrendous bill for going over my limit) and haven't got round to changing it back. Let's face it, your phone contract is not the first thing you think about at a funeral.

I was going to wear a skirt (again!!) today, I was going to be "pretty in pink", then thought "sod it" and reverted to type...crop trousers and navy blue.. my favourite colour - :)

I've found some more great sayings for "My Thoughts" on's today's:

I'm not saying who it's intended for..but if the cap fits...


Lee-Anne said...

Susie, it's always fun to read your blog. It always makes me chuckle and have a smile on my face. Love your "cute" kitten card. Of course kittens are one of my favorite things. Love all your cards and layouts girl! You are on a roll! Hugs!


Hi Sue
A gorgeous card and fabulous layout's
great to see some of your work again Hugs Dianne xx :)

craftattack said...

Yessssssssssss, so glad you did some crafting again! And very successful with three LOs all at once. Enjoy having your DS home, hide the telephone, and enjoy your wine and choccie if you feel like it - we only live once! Hugs, Valerie

Gina said...

Hahaha! Liking your thought for today :D Your card is super cute(not my style either) I'm sure yoursil will love it :D XXX

jackie(worcs) said...

You can no longer say you dont do cute - cause you do! Love reading your blog - nice try with the pink phone and ring tone - he he! x x

Clarky J said...

aww I love the cute card and the LOs too - I was scrapping this weekend which makes a refreshing change x love love that saying I have it on my fridge :0) i can appreciate the Ds phone scenario too Im with you I would save the phone bill! J x

DGgirl said...


Reading your blog is one of the highlights of my week at present - keep up the good work. I'm relying on you.


p.s. Finally got to lift Passion at the weekend - looking good so far!

bad penny said...

Crafting drought still bad here but glad it rained for you!!!

Carole said...

Loving your cute kitten card (looks quite like my Arnold did when he was little) - see, cute can be good!!!

Fab layouts too - THREE in one go? Hats off to you - each one takes me ages!

Good try with the pink phone, but sounds like it was still a fail!

Hugs, Carole xxx

Virginia said...

Your posts are simply a breath of fresh air - always and so honest! Having seen a later post I now know that your thought about 'hunt the laptop' proved to be correct!

The Sleeping Beauty trilogy are proving an interesting if not a slightly eye opening read - to say the least!