Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A Tuesday Post (with free puns)

Following Virginia's lead, thought I'd be organised (for once) and share my scrapping and happenings rather than saving them all for Friday....I'm really trying to avoid the "i" word as the size of the mountain is unnerving, especially as I'm sure I cleared it last month. Note to self, stop washing everything that doesn't move...as per the mother's version of "If it moves, shoot it. If it doesn't, paint it"..."If it moves, feed it. If it doesn't, wash it".

Had an (almost) great Sunday of sport. We beat City in convincing fashion (WTG Nani!) and Dario Franchitti (he's from Edinburgh, as you can probably tell by the name) was second in the IRL race, thus extending his overall lead to 62. Only one blip...the Durham boys went out of the T20..well, Collingwood was injured.

Last night saw me at Scrap Club @ A Maze of Memories. 
Had a totally fun evening - lots of laughs, lots of scrapping,some stash buying and...cakes, kindly provided by Linda who has her b'day today.

First up is the LO I did for the July optional challenge (there really was nothing on TV Saturday evening):

 The boy's first visit to Silverstone (think it was the touring cars). 

Next is the LO from last night, which is technique heavy..masks and misting, stamping and perfect pearls, edge punching, ribbon....

The theme was a"Special Occasion" and I discovered how few recent photos I have of me ..so it was back to 19?? and my graduation photo. I still need a title for it - all suggestions gratefully received. And, there are "mistakes" as I managed to botch a couple of things. Can't decide whether I'm happy with it or not...

What about the stash shopping I hear you ask? Well (and I can't quite believe I did this)........I bought my supplies for this year's.....Christmas cards. In order to avoid a repeat of last year, when half the people on my list got e-cards (there were extenuating circumstances), I thought that if I start now I might get them all made in time for posting. Even worse though is what I bought - I'm doing "cute" this year....I can't resist rabbits, esp.  rabbits in snow scenes (although in my experience, domestic rabbits aren't that keen on snow - well, ours weren't).

Other exciting news.. Max has a new cousin. He's called Nigel, he's a chihuahua and he lives in Durham with my nephew's girlfriend. He looks so cute and very, very small (esp. compared to our 30k boy) in his photos on FB. :)

Hoping the riots in London get sorted as I'm due to meet Joanna and Penny there next Monday to visit the Tracey Emin exhibition.

The ongoing saga of how best to describe me continues. It has moved on since Friday, the latest being "flamboyantly eccentric" - I think that means I've got to an age where  "...frankly my dear,I don't give a damn" to quote (or misquote?) Rhett Butler.

And I'll leave you with an other find from Pinterest :

Quick question - is Pinterest  a totally "female thing"? I don't think I've ever seen anything posted by a man on there.


craftattack said...

Now my hearing is still well above my age average - what does that say about me? I like your graduation picture, and the LO is good. I don't even have a photo of mine, they sent me my certificates per post! Hope the rest of your week goes well. BTW, you asked about my images - they are vintage scrap *Oblaten* or *Poesie-Album* pics. They are cheap and cheerful! Hugs, Valerie

Anonymous said...

Wow Fab photo's and fab layouts.Love your work and in answer to your question, Yes i agree it is a female thing :)
hugs June xxxxx

Virginia said...

Oh that's a great blog post to read first thing in a morning, love the layouts, the second one depending on how hard it was to achieve your degree (and you might have breezed through it in which case this title might not work) I'd probably say something like "made it!" I love the layout all those gorgeous masks and the colours fabulous!

Fingers crossed these riots get sorted very unnerving watching it on the TV.

I think the description of you fits very well (well I would wouldn't I) and yes I do think it's "Well frankly my dear..." but I don't think it's age related but attitude related I think I'd have always described you this way!

Right off to do some work



PS On the ironing front set yourself the challenge like I do - now hows this for extremes - set the dreading ironing board up and collect 10 items out of the mountain and do them. Then go do something else, challenge yourself to do 10 items per hour but as soon as they are done go and find something else to do - set a timer so you don't get lost in creativity, kindle or sport and then come back, the other factor is usually to have something on the TV that you enjoy as a distraction even though technically watching it would lead to burnt fingers.

Plan a 'treat' just for you once you've reached a certain point - if the pile is too big to manage in a day - set aside one half and decide that once its done you get a ... - and the term sod the halo comes to mind - this is ironing and we need motivation to get through it!

Good for you on buying your Christmas card supplies and if you find them hard to do - attack them the same way as the ironing pile - although 10 per hour might be a bit much LMAO!

Hope the above helps - yell if you get stuck behind the pile and we'll call for help - but I'm not sure there will be anyone available as everyone seems to be busy trying to stop rioters/looters and arsonists at the moment!

Joanna said...

I'm a little bit deaf...............!

Good to see you crafting again, Sue. I really like your 'Special Occasion' LO - that's a WOW colour and the masking looks super. Sweet picture of your little lad with the headphones on, and you've chosen perfect colours in your LO to go with it.

It's looking good for Monday................:o)