Friday, 30 December 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday (and Christmas Part 2)

Before my list of gratefuls ,as promised, part 2 of my Christmas.....

Lots of wonderful presents and good food and silly games on the Wii...
We didn't have Turkey this year as I found a recipe on Pinterest for Cranberry Glazed Ham......very, very yummy.
And it was the only day I had to cook!!! Out for pizza on Boxing Day and then an Indian meal on Tuesday...our now traditional meal out with the boy before he goes back to Uni.

Santa Max looking not very happy......oh, the indignity of it!! Silly hat!

The boy went back to Bristol on Weds and I went to Stoke Mandeville Hospital..twice. Consultation in the morning and then biopsy in the afternoon - it was pure chance that they had a cancellation that day  - the biopsy wasn't that urgent (fingers crossed). That is why I have stitches in my tongue..sorry Gina, I wish it was 'cos I'd had my tongue pierced! lol Follow up appt. in three weeks...during which time I'll no doubt frighten myself by researching on the internet etc. etc. I may also lose some weight as eating/drinking is painful and I'm on the warm salt water diet for 7 days...bleugh!

But enough of the doom and gloom..... we have 2012 to look forward to..January is already busy with hospital/GP/blood test appointments for both DH and me.....and now I have a mammogram appt. too......yay!! And I still reckon a man designed that machine. :(

Gratefuls for 2011:

Family; friends (esp. my online/crafting ones); Kindle; good books; authors who are accessible and friendly on Facebook; Pinterest for new recipes (as I do get bored making the same things over and over); Man Utd for being Champions again; John Bishop for making me laugh; BBC1 for Sherlock and  Zen;BBC4 for Spiral 3 and Montalbano; Sky Living for Bones and FX for NCIS; the England Cricket team for regaining the Ashes in Australia and for sending me a Christmas card.. :) and finally Max for being my constant (in both senses of the word) companion.

All that's left is to wish you all a very Happy New Year..will see you Rocking in 2012.
Hugs xx

Thursday, 29 December 2011

So that was Christmas...part 1 (Secret Santas and Drunken Reindeer)

Greetings fellow bloggers! 
Hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to 2012.....let's face it, it can't be worse than 2011...can it?!

Apologies for my absence from blogging but Christmas did not go as planned.
I did not go away but stayed home with DH and the boy.

The boy ventured into the attic to retrieve the tree (and decorations) so the house did look fairly festive.
DH put the lights on the tree and was responsible for the "fairy" on top....
..a drunken reindeer! This is actually one of Max's toys...:)
Well, it's different!!

I was naughty and opened my Secret Santa parcel long before the 25th...but I did think I'd be I was allowed!

This was the lovely decorated box that my Santa (aka Virginia!) sent.

First I found this wonderful scarf......wonder how she knew I like purple?

Then a ready prepared Journal with a tin of prompts..I'll be starting on Jan 1st!

Then some handmade goodies....wonderful!!

And finally...some yummy stash in the form of stamps, rub-ons candi....oh wow! 
Virginia you thoroughly spoiled me - it was such fun to open and you really know me well...thank you, thank you.

Thanks too to Carmen for organising the whole Secret Santa event - you did a brilliant job!!..

I'll be back with part 2 on Friday......the day itself and why I now have stitches in my tongue....

Saturday, 17 December 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday (better late than never..)

I'm back!!! Apologies for my absence but life is still nowhere near normal....I have, however, managed to find some gratefuls this week...

The boy is coming home today...yay!! Earlier than expected too.....probably 'cos  a) he's run out of money (begging phone call received yesterday) and b) his girlfriend is going home today too. Whatever, it'll be lovely to see him and we can watch both footie matches together tomorrow..:) Just as well that I tackled his room earlier in the week....

Friends who have sent me wonderful hand made Christmas cards that have brightened my days. Apologies here for the lack of cards from me..I only managed to make 10 cards so that's all that were sent (now I know why Virginia made hers in Jan/Feb - sensible girl).

Other friends who let us join their Pub Quiz team on was a really relaxing night out and such, we didn't win (came 4th I think) but it was good to exercise "the little grey cells".

I'm still not feeling the Christmas spirit but have managed to do most of my wrapping and only have last minute pressies to buy and I can't get them until I'm in the NE.

David has started his rehab - he has 10 sessions in a gym under supervision. He came back from the first session very energised and took me off to Bicester Village to buy a dress for Christmas - totally unexpected.
This week's session didn't go quite as well due to blood pressure problems. The problem in his case is low blood pressure so his GP had to tweak his meds yesterday. Hopefully this will get rid of the dizzy/feeling light headed spells.

Another grateful....the low fat/low cholesterol diet....whilst challenging (in the sense of making it tasty and not too bland) we are both losing weight. So is Max.....D's answer to cigarette craving is to drag Max out for a walk....I haven't heard any complaints from Max!

The Wii has been "rescued" from the boy's room and is now up and running I'll have no excuse after Christmas to not try Zumba....oh, joy!

Tonight is the Strictly final......any of the three couples could win....but I have a liking for Harry (drummer with McFly)...fingers crossed.

Next week's post will come from a hotel room in the permitting. I've been stockpiling books on my Kindle (and two more are pre-ordered for 23rd) so am looking forward to just chilling.....and to seeing my brother and his family.

Off to link to Virginia's blog...