Friday, 2 September 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday...halo demolished, gratuitous eye candy..'s Friday again..very, very early Friday but I can't sleep... and I'm going to have to dig deep this week....

It's not been the best of weeks as I've been almost permanently in pain. It's all right the hospital saying that fibromyalgia treatment is  a question of "mind over matter"....but if they don't teach me how and refuse to prescribe drugs (some sufferers are on morphine ..thankfully I'm not that bad) I'm going to take it into my own hands.... halo totally smashed.. this week I've had chocolate (bliss), red wine (even more bliss) and cream cakes...yummy!!

No alternative therapies on offer this Wednesday, sadly, so I spent most of the day lying down and reading.....
This week's books are totally to blame on Joanna...yes, I've been reading about cowboys..Yee ha!! Modern cowboys, 19th century cowboys...who cares? ..they're all least they are in the books I've been reading. :)

Puppies are my next attention as this may get complicated..amongst my Facebook friends I have two with exactly the same name. One is my SIL (brother's second wife) and one is someone I came across via the Andrex puppy (how sad is it that one of my FB friends is the Andrex puppy?) both of them bear my maiden name (and yes, that does complicate things when I'm amongst family). The one who's not my SIL has two dogs - Clyde, a lab/collie cross, and Chloe, a golden retriever. They've just had puppies...10 of them...and they all take after their dad....they're black with the odd white marking. They're now nearly three weeks old and absolutely gorgeous. I want a mini Max!!

Pause here whilst I unwrap a bar of Lindt Creation Hazelnut was on offer at Waitrose and I couldn't resist..mmmmm..dark chocolate and nuts...heaven.

So what else springs to mind?
The football on Sunday - I took no great pleasure in the result (Man Utd 8 - Arsenal 2) as it was embarrassingly easy and I felt for the boy. Spoke to him before the match to say, "May the best team win" and his reply was, "You're going to win. Frankly I'd be happy if we kept all 11 players on the pitch.." ..they didn't..I must be feeling sorry for him, I've just ordered all his course books for the year through my Amazon account.

Cricket.. my boys made the semi-finals of the 40 over competition (no advertising here..well, I can't actually remember the name of the sponsor) and England won the T20 match v. India...exciting final over..still can't forgive them for the way they've treated Collingwood but Durham are benefitting. 

Music this week is stuck in the 80's. For some reason I'm singing ..."up where we belong.." with eagles flying etc etc...

I have managed one LO which I'll share:
The boy and Vicky - they've seen it on FB and like it. All papers,ribbons,stamps and embellies -  Little Yellow Bicycle "Love Letters" and can you see that I've just bought a heart punch??

Website of the week "Chocolate Baroque" as featured (with a discount code) in Craft Stamper - I had to buy..honest (it would have been rude not to).. Steampunk Christmas here we come!!

My friend Audrey deserves a mention as she's going to look after Max while we're at the funeral on Tuesday and then doing "whatever"on Weds. I suppose I'll just have to shop....

Can't think of anything else so I'll leave you with some gratuitous eye candy:

Hugs xx



Hi Sue
A gorgeous LO and have a fabulous weekend
Hugs Dianne xx :)

craftattack said...

Hi Sue, sorry you're not feeling so good. Chocolate and red wine are very good when you don't feel good. Here I take chocolate and coffee as my medicine! Love the LO too. But I must confess my ignorance. Who is that gorgeous man?? Hugs, Valerie

Diane said...

Sorry to hear you`ve had a bad week, but try and keep your chin up and the chocky is good for you !!

hugs Diane xx

Kiss to Max xx

PS Any reason you can`t have a mini Max ?? Or is it because of Max.

Gina said...

Put your halo back on girl, I'm positive they have cream buns in heaven, topped with cherries soaked in red wine and dipped in chocolate!!! Off to check out the Chocolate Baroque thingy :D XXX

Joanna said...

Well done for digging deep and managing to find a list of gratefuls when you're feeling rubbish. Hot (in looks rather than armpit) cowboys, chocolate and red wine, what more could a girl want?! And don't blame me for your cowboy fetish, that's all of your own making, girl!

I just about followed the puppies connection (!) - Andrex puppy FB friend?! - they sound absolutely gorgeous. I don't know what Max would think about sharing his Mum. Hope he enjoys his sleepover with Audrey!

Thank you for pic of gorgeous man, though he is far too beautiful for his own good;o)

Hope you feel brighter soon and can enjoy your weekend.


Virginia said...

Hope you are feeling a little better, don't worry about the smashing halo I've given mine a damned good kicking this week - it may never recover!

Still on with the books, had little time to read this last week because we were simply so busy we had wine and crashed into bed fairly early to make the most of full days out!

Will post a blog post later (might be much later ie tomorrow) but heading for a nice shower now between washloads!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

sending you lots of hugs sue...xx

fab LO and enjoy your treats as sounds as if you need them...

maria xx

Carmen said...

Have been in a bit of an '80's mood this week myself, what radio station have you had on? Heart have been playing Up Where We Belong non stop!

Love the page, love the gratefuls, love the gratuitous pause to rub our nose in the facts that WE don't have chocolate. I will rock this week, it will be late and it will be long...

DGgirl said...

How the hell did I miss this one? My favouritest ever (ignore the grammer Susie) TV doc - he was my avatar in the good old bad old DC days!