Monday, 22 June 2009

Strawberries and Cream

That was the theme for the June challenge on docrafts scrapbooking forum.

Set by Millstone Sue, the rest of the challenge was to handmake all embellishments.

Thought I'd managed it ... but, oops! shouldn't have used any ribbon or buttons!

The photos are of my great-niece, Katie, who is 22 months old.

She didn't quite get the hang of ten pin bowling - took great delight in kicking over the skittles and shouting "Goal!" That's what comes of having a football mad Dad and older brother!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Father's Weekend

Yesterday was OH's birthday and today is Father's Day - so he's been spoilt!

I bought him a camera as he keeps "borrowing" mine - usually when I need it! Case in point - I wasn't able to take a photo of the Dad word album I made for my Dad for Father's Day (it should have been ready for me to take with me last weekend when I visited him but I ran out of time!) - had to post it on Friday.

Thanks to Royal Mail for delivering it on time!

All this last minute crafting meant I had to make a really quick b'day card on Friday evening - photo above. Used my bargain Cuttlebug folder (£1.75) for the first time and some stickers from WHSmith. Paper was from scrap folder.

Tonight it's Tandoori mixed grill for OH (delivered to house - so bonus for me too!!) . I did cook him steak last night and he had a lovely b'day cake - Top Gear (with bonus "I am the Stig" stickers).

I've been working on a LO of my great niece today for the June Challenge on the scrapbooking forum of docrafts (as set by Millstone Sue). Glue should be dry on my handmade embellishments now so I'll go and finish it.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

An Award!!

I've only been blogging for a few months but have just received an award! Yay

Conditions of the award:

I must thank the person who gave me the award, list their blog and link to it.
I must list ten honest things about myself.
I must put a copy of the Honest Scrap logo on my blog.
I must select at least seven other worthy bloggers and list their links.
I must notify bloggers of their award.

Thank you Ann and Gill for giving me this award.

The ten honest things about myself ?

Diffficult .... but here goes!

1.I'd rather be living in France than England

2.Manchester United are my abiding passion and have been for 40 years.

3.I didn't want to be a teacher but ended up doing it anyway - and loved it!!

4. I haven't driven a car for over 10 years and don't miss it - I never wanted to learn in the first place and hated it.

5.My ideal job would be in publishing - I love books (esp. Murder mysteries)

6.My favourite pastime used to be cooking - the worst thing about arthritis is that I can no longer stand for hours in the kitchen experimenting.

7.I really hate being deaf - I miss so much

8.I wasn't bothered about having children but am so pleased I had Nicholas - I wouldn't swap him for the world.

9.Our dog Max is my bestest friend - I swear he thinks he's human.

10.I am a shopaholic.

My 7 worthy recipients for this award are:

Tracy Brown (Crafty Tracy)
Diane (Diane's Rambles)
Sue C (Sue C's Crafty Blog)
Dianne(Crazy Craft Shed)
Alyson (Crafting to Stay Sane)
Joanne (Take Life by the Hand)
Ingvild Bolme (My Paper Art by Ingvild Bolme)

Monday, 1 June 2009

Update on Max

My poor boy is not himself tonight. Off to the vet's first thing where they sedated him to take x-rays and blood. Still very wobbly when I collected him and not at all happy with me - why is it always me who has to take him to the vet?!!
Reasonable news on the health front - his spleen is slightly enlarged but not misshapen - sooo no meds but serious weight loss is called for. This should also help his heart murmur and general energy levels. Have to take him back in 4 weeks to be weighed. Wish us luck!

I'm tired tonight as I took the chance to vaccuum downstairs without incessant barking and Max trying to fight the hoover!
This was on top of the extra washing (making the most of the lovely weather!).
Reminds me of the housewive's motto:
"If it moves, feed it - if it doesn't ,wash it"!
Based on the Army motto:
"If it moves, shoot it - if it doesn't, paint it"