Sunday, 27 November 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday...on Sunday

Sorry for the late arrival of this post but on Friday I just couldn't summon up even a shred of positivity.

Things are (like the weather) a bit brighter today.

First grateful is my SIL Judy (David's sister) who not only took him to his hospital check up on Thursday but has also collected D and Max today for an outing. It will do both of them good and I have some alone time..I had big plans for the "h" word then decided against.....I tackled the "i" word yesterday, which is more than enough for one weekend.

Mother nature is my next grateful. As I'm now banned from smoking in the house (D hasn't smoked for two weeks now - he's finding it difficult but is persevering) I had my coffee outside this morning and watched the seagulls and red kites gliding on the thermals. The red kites I was expecting but as we're about as far from the sea as you can get in the UK the gulls were a surprise. Beautiful sight anyway.

Amazon is my next one for excellent service. I ordered the boy's Christmas presents (from his wish list) last night at about 9 p.m. This morning I had an email telling me they'd been sent off and they'll be here tomorrow. Sorted! Now I just have to finish my wish list....

Royal Mail delivered this week too - I sent my Secret Santa parcel off on Friday and it arrived yesterday. I'm just hoping the other four parcels I sent arrive too. They also delivered parcels to me...crafty parcels at that!! The RAKs I won on WeScrap and Janet's blog. Wonderful goodies that I've a made inroads to - I've managed all of one Christmas card this week. :(

Friends are my final grateful for their emails and phone calls checking up on us.

Friday, 18 November 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday

OK, Friday again and time to list my gratefuls at the end of a strange week..

Firstly I'm enormously grateful to the particular the South Central Ambulance service and the staff of the Oxford Heart Centre (based at the JR hospital in Oxford).
They, literally, saved DH's life last Sunday when he had a heart attack.
He's home now with the right artery unblocked and with a stent in place to keep it that way.
You hear so many bad things about the NHS (and we've experienced them too) but in an emergency they ROCK!

Next up is the boy who came home on Tuesday to see his Dad and to help me.
It's been lovely having him for company...watching the football, working our way through the Twilight films (at his girlfriend's suggestion - think she must want him to take her to see "Breaking Dawn") and  sharing housework etc.

Friends have helped offering lifts, texting (even if I didn't recognise their  # - sorry Jo!!), phoning to chat, emailing ...generally just keeping me connected to the world....bringing books for DH to read (he's so not used to sitting around and resting) and healthy treats.

I'm waiting for Sainsbury's to deliver as, apart from walking Max and hospital visits, I haven't left the house this week.

I've tried to craft but ended up binning my not in the right frame of mind.

As yet, we don't know how long DH will be off work. We do know he's not allowed to drive for a week.

I'll update when I have more news.

And finally...people have said I must have panicked when DH was having the attack...
I didn't panic....'cos I didn't realise what was happening and neither did he.. 
Just got on and made the phone call.....

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wednesday Update

A big thank you to all of you who have been in touch since Sunday.

For those of you who haven't seen my FB status...David had a heart attack on Sunday and has been in the JR Hospital in Oxford.

It was sudden and frightening but we were lucky that help arrived within 5 - 10 minutes of me making the emergency call. We didn't realise what it was (he had no pain) but knew it was serious. They call it a "silent" heart attack.

The blocked artery has been cleared and a stent inserted. He's looking so much better, albeit very weak and is due home today. He'll be off work for about a month and can't drive for a week at least.

Obviously some lifestyle changes are imminent too!

The boy came home yesterday to help out for a few days. It's lovely to see him just wish it was a nicer reason for his visit.

Max has been very subdued and bewildered at being left alone for longer periods than normal.

I'll keep you all updated as and when we have more news.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday on Sunday

In memory of  Uncle John, the Uncle I never met.
He was killed in North Africa at the age of 19.
We don't know where he's buried but his name is on a memorial in Libya.

My first grateful of the week is him, and the many others like him who have given their lives for our freedom. 

Friends who have been keeping an eye on me by phone and email.

Family who have also kept an eye on me and have tried to help by issuing invites to stay.

The calming effect of crafting..this week I've been making Christmas tags and getting my fingers inky and messy and prompted this question:
Why do Glossy Accents become black when they dry on your fingers?

The pleasure of baking. I made the Black Magic Cake that I found on really is a contender for "best chocolate cake ever". Thanks to my guinea pigs..DH and Pat's DH and son. :)

A Maze of Memories for Scrap Club where I did this LO last Saturday:

Things to look forward to....especially Christmas in the NE....train and hotel booked. :)

The boy - for understanding why I'll be in the NE for Christmas and not with him...first one without him which makes me sad but it was going to happen one day.

That's it for this week, which has been another week of very mixed emotions and intense discussion.

Off to link up to Virginia's blog.

Friday, 4 November 2011

What's Rocking Your World Friday

OK....another Friday has rolled around and it's time to dredge for gratefuls in what has been a very rocky week.

First is family.....I had a brilliant weekend adventure in the NE....the party was a hoot, despite me being used as a guinea-pig for the punch*.
They were all waiting to see what happened to me before anyone else would drink it....well, I was still standing when we left at 10:15 and I even managed a couple of brandies in the hotel bar where my evening continued with lots of laughter, before a rather lovely end to the night.

Photo of all the mad costumes - this is the clean version...the light sabre was in a rather rude position in the next version!

Princess Leia's costume was finished off with a pair of army boots - very fetching!! Mark has just arrived back from 6.5 months in Afghanistan - he's a navy medic.

*The punch...I only found out late in the evening that it was pure lemonade or soda or anything resembling a soft drink.  Funnily, I didn't have a hangover's the mixers what cause the problems!! lol

Friends are next..from the one I met for coffee in London on my way home to those who have emailed and left supportive messages on FB.

Lots of thinking was done over the course of the weekend and decisions were reached.

Sadly, DH and I are separating after 30 years. No final decision on divorce has been reached and for the foreseeable future we'll still be in the same house (for financial reasons).

Obviously, this past week has had painful moments and lots of discussions.
We've  spoken to the boy and he's taken it reasonably well, although he's concerned for both of us.

I'm sad but relieved at the same time...and trying to look forward.