Friday, 5 August 2011

Rocking Your World Friday (with gratuitous eye candy)

Groans..not another week..and not another 2 a.m. least this time I have had some sleep, just not enough.
Eye candy first. 
Thought I'd follow Joanna's lead with her random pics of David Tennant...

Double chocolate mocha cupcakes. :)

Now for the gratefuls:
The dreaded s***r test is out of the way for another five years (unless it didn't work and has to be redone). The nurse and I had a good moan and decided that yes, it probably was a man who came up with the instrument of torture. At least it's not made of metal these days.

Our local Indian takeaway that delivers. I was going  to take the boy out last night as D. was supposed to be away (in Ipswich) but he came home. Totally disrupted my plans but at least we ate well...the fridge needs refilling (as expected). When do boys stop eating so much?

Amazon for delivering "The Watchtower" on time - won't spoil the story Gill but it's set in France this time. 

MTV for record of the week - Emeli Sande "Heaven" - very soulful voice. Sadly, not released until 14th, so can't download it to my Sync list.

Sky+ - I wanted to watch the Proms last night on BBC 4 but wasn't allowed control of the remote - at least I was able to record it.
I'm also working my way through the eight episodes of "Un Village Francais" that are on there - my usual lunchtime viewing has disrupted of late by various sporting events.

My blog followers for their lovely comments. I enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing the posts. I can be "me" on here, or at least the "me" I used to be before life etc. got in the way. I'm trying to reclaim this part of myself, in keeping with my word for the year - laughter. I know I'll never be the naive 17 year old who left home for Uni again (too much has happened, both good and bad) but her memory lives on, even if her thought processes could be (and have been) described as "irrational"*. 
Special thanks to Diane who sent me hugs (after Tuesday's post) in the form of a wonderful card. It made me smile. :)

Descriptions of me that have made me laugh (usually contained in the comments mentioned above ). It was Noel Coward and devilment this week - goodness knows what Carmen would have said if she'd been online. Missing you C.-  can't wait for you to be connected.

The anticipation of parcels.

Random thoughts: 

How do I get to watch all the sport that I want to see on Sunday since at least 25% of the household will object (Max just watches what I watch - another reason for him being "favourite boy")? I may have to commandeer the boy's room. Football, T20 cricket and IRL - bliss.

Is silk rope like the tiebacks used on curtains?

I chickened out of the Asian noodle and prawn recipe - I really didn't like the look of some of the ingredients.  Made Penne with Tuna and Prawns instead. I did discover that amaranth is red though.

Moving yet joyous moment of the week - Edwin van der Sar's testimonial match. Just hope it doesn't take Fergie as long to find a suitable replacement as it did when Schmeichel left.

I think I need to cut down on my caffeine intake. This morning's coffee was very, very strong - so much so that D. only had one cup, leaving me with three. I forgot that I was using Strength 5 and put the usual number of scoops in. I thought it was lovely at the time but I was bouncing of the walls by 11 a.m.

I think that's it for this week. And, as you've made it this far..some more eye candy for you:

 Ryan Reynolds.

* I am claiming this as my favourite description of me since the day my A Level English teacher said that I was the best producer of red herrings he'd ever known. :)


craftattack said...

Sounds like your week wasn't too bad! Like your eye candy, too! I am waiting for the postman, who will be bringing me my latest Amazon order, how did we ever do without them? Take care of yourself, and have a good weekend. Valerie

Gina said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! IT'S FRIDAY ALREADY?!!!!?? Guess I should just be grateful I've survived the week hahahahaheheheehe..........(hysterical laughter) :S XXX

Virginia said...

OOh your list is always a beautiful read, I too am missing Carmen and she would have definitely had her two penneth in about the noel coward comment that had me rolling around in the kitchen!

Glad your sky box is in overdrive and giving you the opportunity to catch up on all the things that you would otherwise have missed the joys of modern technology at their best.

Now I don't think I'd consider you irrational to be honest, now how would I describe you? Actually Susie you verge on "Eccentric" to me - now this is a positive - we are (me and Craig that is - aspiring eccentrics and always have been, the people who do things because they want to do them and not because it 'fits' with everyone else! So yes flamboyantly eccentric is the way I think of you! Now what were these red herrings at school?

SusieJ said...

I love it Virginia - "flamboyantly eccentric"..I shall pass that on to the awarder of "irrational" (male of course!).
Hugs xx

jackie(worcs) said...

Where has the week gone?!
Lovely eye candy and cupcakes.
'Oo ah Van der Sar'!!!
Im hoping Berba stays else I will be very sad indeed.
x :-)

Clarky J said...

Love love your list - the randomness makes me wish I could think or rather remember my random thoughts for the friday post - me thinks I need a random journal :0) I love the description Virginia has given you and agree 110% - i fear I may too boring to be classed as eccentric maybe I need some lessons gal!!!
huge hugs for a super weekend x Janet

K said...

Sorry, saw Ryan Reynolds & forgot EVERYTHING I was gonna write ....... Hellllllllllo Ryan!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great list and great post again my friend, love to read this, thanks for linking to fun friday too :)
Hugs June x

bad penny said...

Blimey, Ryan Reynolds looks like he's about to pop ! Is he compeating with Matthew McConaughey for six packs ?

Joanna said...

I don't know what's making me drool more - the pic of the cupcakes or Ryan Reynolds! Although as Penny says, Ryan does look like he'd burst if you pricked him with a pin!

Still on for the 15th?