Sunday, 21 August 2011

A Not So Happy Post

Today's post was  supposed to be a happy one about my afternoon spent cropping and with photos of the the LOs I did.

Sadly, my step- SIL phoned  this evening to let us know that David's stepmother (my MIL) died at lunchtime. She'd been ill for a while but it was still a shock.

I had to phone DS Nick and tell him. He was quite shaken as she was the last of his grandparents (he only ever had three as D's father died before he was born).

It's also brought my Dad's death back to the forefront of my mind. I'm not in a happy place right now and don't know when I'll feel up to posting again.

Hugs xx


Diane said...

My heart goes out to you Sue...keep your chin up babe !!

hugs Diane xx

Joanna said...

Very sad news, Sue. However expected it is ALWAYS a shock. Keep strong, my friend.

Love to you and your family.


craftattack said...

Sorry to hear your sad news Sue, it is always hard when someone dies so unexpectedly. Take care f yourself, sending you lots of hugs and sparkles! Valerie

Gina said...

Sending you love and strength to remember the happy times not the sadness XXX

Virginia said...

Oh sweetie I am so sorry for your sad news, take time to just be, I know it will bring everything back regarding your Dad so be gentle with yourself, allow yourself to simply be and accept that it will take time to go through the motions of grief a bit at a time and that it's absolutely not a problem to just feel sad and low or upset, all the emotions that we go through when someone we love is no longer with us. Remember we will all be here if you need us, if you need a rant or a moan, if you want us to listen, if you just want to be off doing your own things we will all be here when you are back and we are thinking of you!

Biggest cyber hugs!!!!!!!!!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

just wanted to send you some tip up sparkles sue, hugs...xx

maria xx

Carmen said...

Only just seen this. So sorry to read the news Susie. Big massive hugs, take your time. (With the hug and with coping!)