Friday, 30 July 2010

What's Rocking My World Friday

Greetings fellow Rockettes!
Time to kick back and reflect again about the past week and what a week it's been.
First I am grateful to my friends Carole and Gill (and to Stephanie Meyer who wrote them!) for introducing me to the world of Twilight (see previous post as to how obsessed I've become). Books 1-3 kept me happy fromTuesday lunchtime, through nauseous Weds and Thursday morning. Book 4 has now arrived and is waiting for me..sigh. Plus the DVDs arrive tomorrow (I hope!).

I am grateful to my friend Pat who took me to A Maze of Memories this afternoon for two peaceful hours of cropping - bliss.

The deli/farm shop near the craft centre also made me happy today - they sell wonderful meringues. I thought the capuccino was great but today's mango,passion fruit and tangerine ripple was out of this world. Of course the real reason we buy them is because they are tied up with ribbon that we can recycle on our LOs and not because we're greedy!

My son actually managed to phone me today - he'll be home on Tuesday with his girlfriend, so I'll get to see him for, ooh, 3 days before he heads back to Bristol to move into their new house - all 10 of them (doesn't bear thinking about as I remember student houses from my own Uni days).

A short list but a positive one today - short because the sooner I get the fish pie made for dinner and walk Max, the sooner I can start "Breaking Dawn".
Until next week...hugs and sparkles,
Sue xx

Thursday, 29 July 2010

"Resistance is Futile" (the Borg)

Oh yes - this Borg quote (Star Trek The Next Generation) is sooooo true!
I should have known better - I resisted Harry Potter, I wasn't going to get sucked in to the Media hype - oh no ,I was beyond all that - until I caved in and read the first two books - after that I was queuing at midnight outside our local bookshop to get the new releases and  fighting my DS for who would get first read. We also have all the films on DVD.
So what was I expecting when I said I wouldn't get sucked in to the Twilight furore?
I did resist until one night when there was nothing on TV we wanted to see and we watched "Twilight" - fair enough it was an OK film but little did I know what would follow...

Having cleared the book mountain in my bedroom I was left with only a few books to read, so I asked for suggestions as to what I should get next. The overwhelming opinion (thanks Carole!) was the Twilight books... I dithered, and then thought "s*d it!" I'll order them.
The first three books arrived on Tuesday (boobed with book 4 but have since rectified and it's arriving tomorrow)  '...I have now read them and I am hooked..oh boy am I hooked! I have lost myself in these books to the extent it's hard coming away from them and getting back to the real world - I'm living through everything that happens to Bella - I literally feel her pain and OMG isn't Edward to die for? (disregard the fact I'm not only old enough to be his mother but also his grandmother).
These books were written for teenage girls apparently (well, I still feel 17 inside) and some critics have been snotty about adult women reading them and becoming fans - so what? We're reading aren't we along with numerous teenage girls? If only someone would write such gripping books for teenage boys (you can tell I'm Mum to a boy can't you?!).

I am sooooTeam Edward!
I've also ordered "New Moon" on DVD -will most likely watch on my own as I cried buckets over the book.

Enough for now - I'm hopefully going to have sweet dreams tonight.
Sue xx

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Woof Woof!

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I have finally finished my "Woof" book for Max.
Used Basic Grey "Max and Whiskers" papers, embellies and stamp. Other stamps by Imaginisce.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

A Picture Post

Today's post is all about pictures.
This first picture is of my naughty crafty buys - well, it would have been rude not to buy as Christina was having a sale! A Cricut Solutions cart for £10 - Christmas tags - a real bargain!
Plus Basic Grey bling @ 99p and stamps @£1 AND grungeboard at amazing prices ...I went home very happy!

The LOs are both for challenges on WeScrap.
Button Box uses K&CO papers (I think) from a QVC bargain buy (the papers came in a solid file box) plus scraps of BG "Urban Prairie",a Fancy Pants alpha,some buttons from stash (I only have a few!lol) and some of the BG bling and stamps.

Tea With The Romantics was made with BG "Urban Prairie" papers and alpha and more buttons from stash plus Bazzill and Coredinations cardstock.

The final photo is my prize from the lucky dip b'day draw at AMOM - Fancy Pants chipboard - Pat , you chose well!

We had a great time last night at A Maze of Memories....the Pimms was flowing, there were nibbles, the laughs kept coming and I managed the two LOs (plus a small amount of shopping). I didn't use the kit provided (sorry Christina!) as I didn't have any suitable photos ..I do have plans for it though - it's black and white with shocking pink,so very girly. And, there was a man scrapping with us - it was lovely to meet Andrew - he's off to Finland on holiday soon - hope he enjoys his trip.

Hope you're all having a fab. weekend.
Sue xx

Friday, 23 July 2010

Rocking My World Friday

Time to reflect on the week just gone (at great speed again!) and I'm grateful for this thinking pause - time to act and not just react.

First thing I'm grateful for is my DS who is now 21 - he was a tiny scrap when born but is now towering over me at 6ft+. The champagne is still in the fridge to share  - enjoy your time with Vicky in Kent.

I'm also grateful for the authors who have entertained me this week - a missing mojo and draining humidity and heat have combined to leave me feeling limp and uncreative. I've been able to sit back and lose myself in some light and funny novels. OH is not impressed with my latest read though - as the weather has cooled I've gone back to my first love and am now reading "Five Ways to Kill a Man" by Alex Gray - he asked if I was hinting!

I am grateful to the weather in that it has allowed me to tackle the washing mountain - it is no more, it has disappeared and everything is ready to go back to Bristol when needed. Shame the same can't be said for the ironing basket...but that's for next week!

I'm grateful for my luck which this week has been good. Pat phoned me on Monday to say I'd won a prize in the AMOM b'day draw. She chose for me and I'll see what it is tonight. Yesterday I found I'd won a customised mini album from Ally on WeScrap - I've chosen "Soccer" as I have some fun photos for that. Thank you you lovely people!

And finally... tonight I'm going to an evening crop at A Maze of Memories - four hours of scrapping, gossip and goodies. Bliss! I have my photos and supplies sorted and I even know what I'm going to do with them!!

Hope your week has been good to you.
Sue xx

Monday, 19 July 2010

Calling All Dog Lovers Who Love Reading!!

I've just finished this book and had to recommend it  - it's a great read!
Had me laughing out loud in places and sniffling in others.
If you're looking for a feel good read and love dogs ...try this one!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Celebration Time!

First photo of the day is the fun cake I bought (thank you Waitrose!) for DS.
We did the fully iced fruit cake for his 18th (it was iced as an Arsenal shirt - the year they wore maroon not red).
Can't believe my baby is now 21.
Happy Birthday Nicholas!!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

A Quick Post

This picture is the kit ("Grandma's Attic") that I won on WeScrap - full of yumminess!

This is my latest LO for the 5th July challenge on WeScrap - "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" as set by Ally - we were challenged to use clouds on a LO. I hand cut the cloud behind the title and decided to do a full cloud LO after taking photos of our quickly changing sky on 6th July. Used up papers from my scrap folder and the lace is a charity shop find. Alpha by Making Memories.

This is a  quick post in between hanging out loads of washing - the end is in sight! Also need to nip into town to get a birthday cake and a final present for DS - I'm thinking a wok as he loves stir fries etc.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Rocking My World Friday

Can't believe it's Friday again - some of my meds have days on the packaging (in case you forget whether you've taken them or not - I think - well that's what I use them for!) and I start panicking about Weds. when I realise how fast the week is going by.

Today I am thankful for this chance to just sit and reflect - I was getting wound up and feeling resentful at the washing mountain DS has brought home - I've taken a few deep breaths and told myself to ease up - it doesn't all have to be done today ..or even this week. I know some of you will say he should be doing this himself.. and yes he probably should.. but the sight of it all on his floor was making me edgy and the past two days have been great drying days. I don't normally mind the washing, it's the ironing I I don't do it!!

I am thankful for my DS who has kept me supplied with hugs and coffee - even if the fact he turns 21 on Sunday is making me feel old. Don't know how long he's home for as his girlfriend will be back from Majorca on Monday - so he may be off to the wilds of Kent. I'm making the most of him while I can.

WeScrap, as always, for setting challenges and stretching my comfort zone. Also for the fabulous kit that arrived this week (my prize) - note to self:take photo and post it on blog!

Pat's friend Pam who organised our visit to Le Touquet. We had a great day out and managed some stash buying - mainly magazines but also buttons and thread - I'm grateful that French high streets aren't as uniform as ours and that they still have small independent shops like the haberdashery we came across. I'm sure there are towns like that still in England but  not round here.

A short list this week but I've had a few bad days this week so haven't been out and about much.

Must just mention Max though as he made me laugh this lunchtime. DS came into the kitchen complaining that Max had peed on his foot. Asked how that had happened and he'd been standing next to a post in the garden - told him he should have had more sense than to stand next to a post. He then asked if that was all I was going to do? and went away muttering about "knowing who the favourite is in this house". Priceless!!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Le Touquet

I'm back!!

Saturday was a fabulous (if long!) day.
Up at 04:30 and on the coach by 06:20 for our trip to Le Touquet.
Arrived at lunchtime to find the town covered by sea mist...warm but not too hot..just right for browsing the shops...the sun finally appeared at about 17:00 just as Pat and I were sitting on the sea wall...perfect!

A picture of the scrappy stash I managed to find..a selection of magazines for inspiration (there were 9 to choose from!!) and some buttons and thread found in a little haberdashery shop.

We joined some of the others for lunch (9 of us in all)..yummy!!
Pottered around the town (there are photos but mainly on Pat's camera - they will appear on future LOs) and generally had a good time.

Le Touquet is often called "Paris by the sea" - the road into town passed by some really fabulous houses (weekend/holiday homes for Parisians) all set in woodland - how the other half live.

Then came the journey home - the killer bit (for me anyway). We didn't get back until 23:30 and then I couldn't sleep straight I spent yesterday in a fog of tiredness and aching everywhere. Today I'm still a bit achy but not so tired - no excuse now for avoiding the washing mountain brought home by DS!

I found the pic. of the b'day card I made for my BIL (it was still on the camera and not uploaded to PC  as I thought - doh!).

Friday, 9 July 2010

Rocking My World Friday

This week has been a strange one (and hasn't it gone by so quickly) but I still have things to be grateful for.

The thought of tomorrow when I shall be spending time in Le Touquet with friends. Looking forward to a nice lunch and have my map with all the bookshops marked on it. We set off at 06:20 so I'll be up at 05:00.

My DS is home again along with his girlfriend Vicky - this is the first time we've met her. Thanks to her for driving him (and ALL his gear - incl. washing) home. She's going home to Kent tomorrow.

My fellow dog walkers - Max and I come across some lovely people during our walks and, of course, their dogs - very playful too most of them - so Max gets plenty of exercise and I get to have a natter.

The Holland and Spain football teams who have given me the final I wanted (after we went out). Best of luck to both teams - they'll be pleased to know I'm not using my special powers this time. For those of you who don't special power is putting the mockers on any team I support (sorry Germany and Uruguay!).

I'm sure there's more but that's not a bad list of things to be thankful for.
Sue xx

Thursday, 8 July 2010


My cunning plan continues to work and we have the final I wanted.
I don't mind who wins now as neither team have won the World Cup before - so I shall leave it up to them and not use my "special skill".

I have been doing some light crafting  this week  - a b'day card for my BIL who turns 65 on Saturday and one LO - all my swollen fingers could manage.
The LO is for a challenge on WeScrap - we were challenged to scrap something not involving people or pets. I decided to scrap my love of crime novels. All papers and embellies are Club Scrap, alphas from stash.
I'll show the card after the w/end (when I can find where on earth I've uploaded it to!!).

Talking of WeScrap - my LO of DS "Year 3" was chosen as LO of the week and I won the June Challenges  - just waiting for my prize to arrive - a yummy kit called "Grandma's Attic". Yay!!
They are also running a Fabulous Photos Contest. Each day (for 28 days) we are given a prompt (could be a photo, a quote..) and have to take a photo of whatever the prompt means to us. It's been fun - so I've been taking lots of photos of sometimes strange things - though I have managed to get Max into the contest!

And finally... some really good news...DS is coming home today. His girlfriend is bringing him and will be staying overnight. This is the first girl he's brought home (as a girlfriend - he has a large group of "mates" some of whom are girls) - looking forward to meeting her.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

My Cunning Plan Worked!

Yay!! Argentina and Paraguay are out of the World Cup.
For the semi-finals I shall be supporting Germany and Uruguay.
If all goes to plan that means a Spain v Holland Final!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Rocking My World Friday

A little late but it is still Friday .

This week I am grateful for my DS - he's disappeared back to Bristol, to clear out his flat ,but not before making me a Banoffee pie - yum!!!

As always - my friends - for cropping with me, gossiping with me, having coffee with me, sending me funnies on a Wednesday to make me laugh...thank you all.

Max (our beloved dog) for the reception he gave Pat when she called on Weds. evening - honestly you'd think he was human - paw over her arm, head on her shoulder gazing into her eyes..all this after almost knocking her over in his keenness to get to her and trying to lick her to death - showed me the true meaning of love and affection.

Scrapinette in France for sending our stash parcel so quickly - only took two days and the papers etc were truly yummy!!

WeScrap (where I won the June Challenge prize - their April Kit called "Grandma's Attic) for keeping me busy - we've just embarked on a 28 day Fabulous Photo competition. The first prompt was a Canadian flag (July 1st is Canada Day) - this saw me scouring the estate for England flags for my photo whilst walking Max. Found a great one that had been tied to the top of a very tall tree - I presume that's why it still hasn't been taken down.

And finally all the jokes on the internet about the England football tree - kept me laughing for most of the week.

ATC Swap - July

Hi girls!
As you know some of our members have ,sadly, had to drop out for a while.
Below is the revised list - we're down to 9 participants - me plus the  8  people who emailed to say they wanted to continue.

This month's theme has been set by Bev and it's another good one...

Favourite Holiday Destinations

SusieJ to Val
Val to Alma
Alma to Carole
Carole to Karen
Karen to Donna
Donna to Fiona
Fiona to Maria
Maria to Bev
Bev to SusieJ

Have fun! And remember you only need to make one ATC but are welcome to make more and send the extras out randomly.

A participant has suggested putting out  the list of themes for the rest of the year so people know what's coming up and can make the ATCs at leisure/in advance. Please let me know what you think.
If that's what everyone wants I'll allocate months to people and will co-ordinate the responses.
Sue xx