Friday, 12 August 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday

Friday..again ..and another week has passed in, seemingly, the blink of an eye.

So, onto the gratefuls.

First this week has to be the boy. For his hugs and his help. He's shopped for me, walked Max for me, collected my prescription for me   and keeps asking if there are any more jobs he can do.  He's also in charge of lunch for the two of us today - tuna melt paninis (yummy!!). It's been lovely having him home for two weeks (he goes back to Bristol on Monday) especially having someone to watch sport with (DH is purely  a motor racing fan). He's not happy with the way things are going @A*****l but is enjoying the cricket - aren't we all? 

Next up are the WeScrap girls. Yesterday I received a parcel of crafty goodness from Ally

Some cute Canadian stamps in there and....peanut butter cups....they didn't last long....very, very tasty. :) Thanks so much Ally - you certainly brightened my day.

Later on yesterday I logged into Pinterest to find that Sue (Sykes) had posted something especially for me:

I don't think any comment is needed apart from ...thanks Sue, you know me too well!

Next are my other online friends. I'm meeting Joanna and Penny, fellow crafters and bloggers, on Monday  (riots and trains permitting) to see the Tracey Emin exhibition "Love is What You Want".
Thanks go to Virginia, the Queen of the Rockettes, for her lovely comments on my posts, her tips re the "i" word, her descriptions of me and the title for my graduation LO - "Made It!"
Hopefully on Monday we'll have Carmen connected and back online amongst us - missing you girl!

Ah, yes, the "i" word. I managed to clear half of the mountain on Tuesday thanks to Sky  and "New Moon". I know I have the film on DVD but it's not quite the same as coming across it in the listings and watching it without planning. It did help that I missed the bits that made me cry (in the book and every other time I've watched the film) so I wasn't sobbing over shirts etc. This afternoon I'm hoping to clear the rest by using one of Virginia's tips (don't think I'll be using the same tip for the Christmas cards V.!!).

I've managed to do some more crafting since Scrap Club but can't show the results yet - a birthday card and a secret project.

I've also got my phone back! This was achieved by the simple expedient of buying the boy another (really cheap - £ 15) phone. Yes, he's had to change his network and number but he doesn't seem to mind. :)

Things to look forward to...
-  another weekend of sport -  cricket, football and Indy Car
-  my day out in London
-  not having to play hunt the laptop after Monday.

Things realised this week...
-  for the coffee maker to work it needs to be switched on at the socket (I'm useless without my coffee) - wish it had a timer.
-  36ins is a bit too long skirtwise, for me at least. I bought a beautiful flowery skirt (online in the sales) and can't see my feet when I'm wearing it. More hippy chick than "Little House on the Prairie" though so I'm keeping it even if only to wear at home. :)
-  a picture can float about your worktable for weeks but will disappear he evening you actually want to use it. :(
- using Sleep Easy bubble bath during the day is not a good idea unless you really do want to collapse onto the bed and have a nap.
-  books are more reliable than people. They don't promise things,get you interested and  then abandon you, well not usually. And if they do you can just stop reading.

Think that's it for this week. I know next week will be  depressing for a few days (when the boy leaves) but hopefully other things will come along and cheer me up.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh its been so lovely for you having your boy visit. I know you will be sad when he goes. Ohhhh and Books ??? Nothing is better than to lose oneself in a good book. I can not go to sleep without one. And i agree, they are more reliable than people
hugs and happy weekend

craftattack said...

I think I will have to send you a straw hat to match the little-house-on-the-prairie skit. Glad you have had a good week, take care of yourself, and think of thos - like me - with a *Hexenschuss* - sciatica! Enjoy your visit to London, I am very sad that i can't be there! Hugs, Valerie

Virginia said...

Oh what a beautiful list this week hun you sound like you've had such fun with the boy home and lunch being made - can't be bad - wish someone would make me a panini - can he send one up? LOL! I'm currently listening to said 10 year old playing with his cars on a car mat in his bedroom and it would appear that they are all emergency vehicles - much woo wooing is being had at the moment.

Not a fan of sport myself but can understand how it must be nice to have someone to share that with!

the crafty goodness from Ally looks awesome - crafting goodness and chocolate - honestly - my idea of heaven!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend, enjoy your boy!

Gina said...

I'm building up for the "I'm off mum" nearly hug too. Shorty gets the keys to his new uni home on the 19th, and has booked his dad to move him out on the 22nd boo hoo :( On the upside, I get to use his room as a dumping ground til he comes back, so my home looks much tidier with very little effort :D Hope you have a lovely time at the art exhibition :D XXX

Joanna said...

I'm so looking forward to Monday too!! Be prepared to be shocked (although I suspect not much shocks you!).

Lovely to have spent some quality time with your boy, who will always be your 'boy' however hairy he might get.

Ha ha to the Sleep Easy Bubble Bath!!

I think I'll try Virginia's i***ing plan - either that or I'll have the spare room bricked up and just buy new clothes!!

Have a great weekend, and I'll see you Monday :o)


Bad Penny said...

I love that bit about books & not letting you down ( will have to remember that one ! )

Hope to meet you Monday xx