Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Day Out..that wasn't and some more crafting (thrown in for free)

So, yesterday, supposed to be the day I met Joanna and Penny and saw Tracey Emin's work for myself, in London, a grand day out, sun was shining.....only I didn't make it. Three hours sleep (couldn't get comfortable) and one swollen foot put a stop to my gallivanting. I could scream - literally.
I'd like to blame the "power walking" I did on Sunday...but I know it's a flare up. I've learnt to not plan outings.....friends phone up on the day and if I'm fit I go....less disappointment that way. :(
Penny has another outing in mind.....fingers crossed....I'm not even going to mention where to in the hope if that if I don't think about it, I'll get there. :)

Ah, yes, power walking...I didn't set out to do it..honest. 
DS Nick accompanied me to Waitrose so that I could not only do my shopping but also the vital "going back to Uni food parcel shopping". Bear in mind he's a good foot taller than me (and I only have little legs) and you'll understand why I had to power walk to keep up. Then it was time for me to walk Max (after the football of course) or should I say it was time for Max  to pull me round the estate in search of lovely smells and his doggy friends. Ouch!

Nick was supposed to go back to Bristol yesterday but is still here. Bonus, so is Vicky, his girlfriend. She was at the Wilderness Festival, somewhere in Oxfordshire, and it made sense for her to come here (she arrived at midnight Sunday). They'll travel back to Bristol together...either today or tomorrow...uncertain because A*****l are on TV tonight....and N. wants to see the match. I don't mind watching them either as it's preferable to most of the rubbish on TV at the moment (and it will keep me away from MTV, which will be a relief to the rest of the inmates).

Now for the crafting...
WeScrap are running a Deal or No Deal Challenge at the moment - great fun!
My week 1 suitcase had the challenge "use a tip or technique from the site (worth 3 points).
I chose to do "entwined flowers" as posted by Bev.
It's also for the Scrap Club August challenge, a scraplift:

I used Sassafrass Lass "Indie Girl" papers.

My week 2 challenge was to do "a photo collage using at least four photos" (worth 4 points). I'm also entering this for Sue's "Leave Your Legacy" challenge:

All materials Club Scrap "Scholastic".

And finally another "Joy Fold" card. Made last week but had to wait for it to be received before showing it:

Made using one of my favourite lines - Basic Grey "Ambrosia". 

I forgot to mention that I've treated myself to some new perfume. CKOne "Shock" for her. I did like the "for him" version but went with "her" as it's very summery - smells like burnt strawberries (don't ask).
And it didn't cost me a penny. I used my Advantage card points at Boots (instead of saving them up for Christmas shopping). I know how to live the high life!

Things not to do when half asleep (all learnt this past week):
- grab a can of shaving gel instead of deodorant - messy.
- switch the coffee maker on but not at the socket - you can't understand why, 10 mins, later there's  still no coffee.
- try to do Sudoku - esp. in The Times  - you'll just mess it up.

I shall leave you with another gem from Pinterest (and I'm sure I saw a man on there the other day!):


Diane said...

You do seem to have busy weeks Sue. Such a shame your day out didn`t happen....Love the LO`s and seem to recognize the first lo template., haven`t done mine yet !!

hugs to you and Max,

Diane xx

Joanna said...

So sorry you couldn't make it yesterday. Next time we won't mention it to your body and maybe you can sneak out without it noticing!

You've been a busy girl crafting - the colours on the 'Joy Fold' card are stunning.


Carole said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you didn't get to go on your big day out Sue, that is a real bummer :(

However, your crafting is lovely, I especially like the Ivry one, such pretty colours and lovely layout.

As you know, I am also a Basic Grey fan, so the card you made is right up my street!

Hugs, Carole xxx

craftattack said...

Sorry you couldn't meet up with the girls, that must have been very disappointing, but you have done some marvellous crafting! Hugs, Valerie

islandjacquelin said...

I am glad you at least got a chance to get scrappy - looking fabulous!!!!

Virginia said...

On catch up - I'm so sorry you didn't get on your day out - but will keep fingers crossed for your next potential adventure out that you're not telling your body about!

I absolutely adore your layouts they are simply beautiful! And the card too - I loved that basic grey range of papers when it came out - absolutely lush!

Hope you're having a good week and thinking about you as your house goes back into its normal beat now DS and girlfriend have returned to Uni!


Bev said...

great scrappy projects and love the basic grey birthday cards...

Bad Penny said...

We missed having you with us so will keep to plans for another time & all walk slowly around - you know where ! It wouldn't do to dash there would it ?

Hi I'm Maria... said...

sorry to hear you didn't make it out the other day, extra sparkles coming your way to store up for next time..

fab LO, well done sue..xx

maria xx