Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Back on a More Even Keel (well, as even as I'll ever be).

This a much happier post as I've come to terms with my MIL's death and have tried to stop thinking about the anniversary coming up (one of them at least...I'm still dropping "pearl" hints about the other one...sadly, I think the hints are falling on deaf ears).

Sunday afternoon was wonderful. It was ever so quiet and I was able to spread all my stuff out...I'm not the tidiest of scrappers. It was also lovely to see my friend Jan and have a chat and a laugh.

I managed to finish one double LO, a single LO and almost complete a second double. All were for the monthly challenges on WeScrap. I can show you two of them - the other still needs a title adding.

This was for a "recipe" challenge and I managed to use up all my primary school photos.
A companion piece "Growing Old...Disgracefully" is to follow.

This one was for a "Keep It Simple" challenge. Photos of my uncle during WW2 - journalling to be added by either my aunt or my cousin.

So what else has been happening here?

Some excellent sports results in both cricket and football (3 - 0 and, with my immaculate timing, I completely missed the first goal).
A prediction that West Brom will win this weekend - I've put Stoke to win in the Sky Sports competition that I take part in. After only two weeks I'm joint 6th with -3 points....b****y Arsenal have let me down both weeks. Actually, bearing in mind what happened during the World Cup, I jinxed them.

Kitchen incidents of a harmful nature - 1. 
Accidental stabbing of hand with fork (preparing jacket potatoes). No blood spilt.

Parcels to get excited about - 3.
All arrived at once yesterday...my Man Utd membership pack and some clothes from the sales @M&S online.
What does it mean when the thing that excites you about your new pj's is not the lovely colour (red), nor the lovely price (£5) but the fact that they have a gorgeous, broad cream bow and ribbon round them?

Burning questions:
Why do egg yolks always break when you need them whole (frying and poaching) but stubbornly remain intact when scrambling or making omelette?

Dare I take my Kindle into the bath with me? I'm a bit wary after the paperback incident last year (answer to question posed then - 3 days).

If Oprah says something is it true?
I ask because Carmen (who has disappeared again!) did the quiz I linked into last Friday's post and Oprah said she's "an Artist". 
She also said that I'm "intellectual and nurturing....."
We both think that ,if Oprah says it, it must be true. :)

Today I really, really must tackle the "i" word. I've run out of excuses and displacement activities. Although..... I do need to make a sympathy card....mmm.......nah, that won't take all afternoon....


Anonymous said...

Hi Susie, I am glad you are feeling a bit better today. its such a hard time for you all.
I love your layouts especially the first one. what a great idea.
hugs June x

Gina said...

Gorgeous layouts Susie :D and I found buying crinkly clothing solved the "i" word problem :D
Your strange excitement over the packaging is just natures way of showing you that your a true crafter, clothes are for wearing(or painting/altered arting) but ribbon.....oooowwwww....ribbon! :D XXX

Joanna said...

Glad you're feeling a tiny bit brighter today, Sue.

I'm LOVIN 'that LO with all the photos of you from school - close-ups please please please. The 'Growing Old .....disgracefully' sounds fun!

Yes to bonus pj ribbon excitement, I have been swayed to buy a particular pair of pj's in Primark because they were wrapped in lovely ribbon. Re the eggs - how come they break in the box and yet turn into bars of iron when I'm trying to break them on the side of a bowl?!

Kindles and baths are a DEFINITE NO! I just hope I'm not too late!

I decided to get stuck into my i*****g pile today, did half a dozen t-shirts then had to stop when hubster informed me he'd invited people over for coffee. What else could I do? I just had to stop (and emergency clean the bathrooms!).


craftattack said...

Glad you are feeling better Sue, and love your new LOs; I am looking forward to growing old disgracefully! Hugs, Valerie

Lee-Anne said...

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog Sue. So sorry to hear of your MIL. Hoping that you have brighter days ahead. You always put a smile on my face with your sense of humor. I love the idea of growing old "disgracefully" and your layouts are wonderful. I especially love your "recipe" challenge layout. It feels so great to get a lot of scrapping accomplished. Hugs my friend! Have a wonderful day!

DGgirl said...

Hi Susie

Just catching up with blogs from the weekend. I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL, but am so proud of you for the way you're dealing with it and maintaining your normal "disgraceful" humour LOL!!!

Sending you hugs and sparkles (and hopefully The Watchtower when I remember!).


Hi I'm Maria... said...

fab LO sue, love the photos of you when you were young, so sweet, lol..

as for growing old, I've decided not too, I'm staying young, so there, lol...

maria xx

Carmen said...

I'm here :) Just finding it incredibly hard to get back into the loop, I've missed so much! Kids are back to school monday so hopefully that will help - I may email you a long waffly email explaining later so beware ;)

Love your pages, especially love the army title *g* I need a day scrapping or something - haven't done anything crafty at ALL since end of june! Back later to finish catching up - off to see Craig's mum and Dad in Hastings now xx

p.s Oprah is right *g*