Friday, 19 August 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday

Another rocking Friday means another week has slipped by in the blink of an eye.
So what are my gratefuls for this week?

I had the house to myself (apart from Max) yesterday!! Woohoo! Time to do all the things I can't do when DH is working from hoovering (bleugh!) and other more pleasant have MTV playing all day..and other naughty  stuff..

DS Nick is high on the list for the laughs and hugs.
Conversation between him and me whilst MTV was showing Beyonce's "Wedding" video:
Me: I want a new body for Christmas
N: yeeeees...?
Me: Yes, I was thinking of JLO but now I think I'd like Beyonce instead.
N: (whilst looking me up and down) Be realistic Mother.
It was the "mother" that got me. He very, very rarely calls me that. The last time was when I took Vicky to the card class and he told me a. to look after her and b. to behave myself. He knows me too well....though I'm hard pressed as to how he thought I could misbehave at a craft class. :)
The house is still quiet since he and Vicky went back to Bristol but I'm getting
used to it now (and secretly enjoying it).
I'll need to use his room on Monday evening for the football (Man Utd. v Spurs).

Max is next for the way he joined in a game of frisbee with two total strangers yesterday. He's been used to a stream of boys through the house while N. was growing up and thinks that he knows all the older teenagers/20 year olds we come across - this can lead to inappropriate behaviour. Not the leg humping sort as he's been "seen to" (and guess who took him to the vet's for that...the boys refused for some reason) but more the "ooh, a ball/frisbee..I'll just run off with this and get them to chase me" sort..

Jamie Oliver for his Punchy Pork Chilli recipe (which we love and hadn't had for a while) - I made it yesterday. Don't think you're meant to have naan bread with it but that was what was in the fridge. I forgot to get the garlic bread out of the freezer, which is in the garage and it was raining..

Speaking of which...I was going to do the "i" word yesterday (had got the film choice down to "Mamma Mia" or "Dirty Dancing") when the rain stopped and the sun appeared. Good time to walk Max thinks I.....hah! Half way through,  the heavens opened and two drowned rats came home. Such a good look and perfume..eau de chien trempe. Much too late to do the "i" word then.....

Other people's blogs have entertained me this week. I found this link on Sue Sykes's blog and did the quiz: Who Am I Meant to Be?
Apparently, I'm intellectual and a nurturer and teacher was one of the jobs I should do - there's a surprise!

Question of the week:
Why do batteries run out at the most inopportune moments?

Realisation of the week:
I should not be allowed anywhere near sharp objects (as people do not like blood in their cheesy potatoes). I sliced my thumb while using a mandolin to slice the potatoes. N. kindly took over (for the reason in the brackets above).

Music of the week:
David Guetta's "Little Bad Girl" for the video
Emeli Sande's "Heaven" for this line..."Oh, heaven I wake with good intentions, but the day it always lasts too long.." So me.

Things to look forward to:
Cropping on Sunday
Football on Saturday & Monday - yes, I'll watch A*****l v. L*******l.
May watch the cricket, but it's a dead rubber really.

I'll be reading real books this week as I've exceeded my (self imposed) monthly limit on Kindle. So back to murder and mayhem instead or erotic romance. DH will start worrying again...he thinks I'm planning the perfect murder as that's normally all I read.

Have been busy on Pinterest this week and found this little gem: 
And on that note I'll leave you and log in with Virginia, the Queen of the Rockettes...

Nearly forgot....welcome back Carmen!!! 


craftattack said...

The best thing, for me, was the saying at the end. I will use this one in next month's journal! Pity you didn't have time to do the i*****g yesterday, you must have been very sad! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Valerie

Virginia said...

Oh your posts make me smile all the time - from the drowned rat discussion to the bloody potatoes - i winced at the thought - no idea what a mandolin is - thought it was an instrument so now I've visions of you wandering around the house in a kaftan using musical instruments to make food - no wonder your son tells you to behave even in craft classes - what instruments do you take for them?

OK warped sense of humour kicked in - sorry! I promise to behave I promise to behave - no sod it it's more fun being mischievous - adoring your pinterest quote - might also be using this one when I get chance!!

Hope your weekend is amazing as always - and where is Carmen - she elusively did a sly post reviewing a book last night and then she's gone again - now is this an intermittent internet connection or do we think she's still drowning in boxes?

DGgirl said...

Susie - reading your blog is my guaranteed smile time on a Friday - love it!!!!!! Been off for a week and still no blogging so that might be my plan for later. Getting through the Watchtower and really enjoying it.


The Crafty Elf said...

First visit but it won't be the last! I laughed from beginning to end! Thany you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Another brilliant Friday Susie,
thanks so much for posting on fun friday too.
Love your posts always
Hugs June x

Joanna said...

Sounds like you had a giggle this week, Sue! Underwater dog walking, sliced fingers, being naughty in a craft class (although I suspect you could be naughty anywhere!), no wonder the i***ing didn't get a look-in!

How sweet of Max to think that every teenager wants to play frisbee/football with him :D

Have a great weekend.

ps sorry, haven't put the postcards in the post yet, will try and get round to it tomorrow!

Carmen said...

I'm typing while simultaneously shuddering at you and the mandolin. I loves me my monsters and ghoulies but people with sharp objects have me shrieking and hiding behind something large(larger than me anyway!) Hence how my horror watching is resctricted to werewolves and zombies and vampires - usually with a bit of humour thrown in (Ah Simon Pegg how I love thee!) No slasher flicks for me, oh no sirree.

I'm back, drowning in spam and all the stuff I'm behind on but am away again tomorrow night for our Scotland holiday that they kindly pushed back for us! ROAD TRIP! Plus the kids keep nicking my pc because apparantly their need is greater than mne! Hurrumph - you need to email me with all the juicy goss I've missed out on!

Carmen said...

p.s Thank you for your gorgeous card!

p.p.s I just did your test and got this...

You are an artist: You came out of the womb with a paintbrush in your hand. Or maybe it was a flute or a castanet or a fountain pen to go with your poet's imagination. The point is, you're an original, and you know it. Even if you don't have a singular gift, you're drawn to the arts—anything creative, for that matter—and you have a unique way of looking at the world. Your need for depth and authenticity in relationships can lead to both great joy and profound sorrow, depending on whether others reciprocate. You don't care so much about adapting to group or societal expectations; your independence and sharp intuition propel you on your own path.

What to watch out for: When fear of conformity overrides your creativity, you can assume the role of "outsider" or "orphan" and end up feeling alienated. You may even go so far as refusing to vote or pay taxes. This lone-wolf stance might be a defense against feeling vulnerable. Try to be aware that blaming others for your banishment, or pushing away those who want to get close, only makes things worse. Also, dramatizing your emotions can interfere with your creativity.

Looking ahead: As long as you genuinely express yourself, you feel like the person you were meant to be. How you do it is irrelevant. A chef or architect can be as much of an artist as a painter or sculptor. Many advertising and public relations executives are also highly imaginative. Beyond work, there are opportunities everywhere you look to coax out your inner artist: Design your own jewelry line, create an innovative blog, dream up a comic strip. Relationships are another avenue for self-expression.

Woohoo - see, if Oprah says I'm an artist it must be true!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

fab list and post sue, OUCH sorry to hear about your thumb though, yuck...

keep up the cheery posts, I always look forward to reading yours, lol...

maria xx

jackie(worcs) said...

Love reading your blog. I may have to pinch that quote for FB!
Jackie :-) x