Saturday, 30 April 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday

Somewhat later than I'd intended (but it is still Friday) here is my list of gratefuls.

My main grateful is that the trial is finally over and I've finished my Jury Service.  I've been physically and mentally drained by this over the last two weeks - far more than I realised last time I posted.  I'm still thinking about it and hoping we were right. They say that Jury Service is a duty and you have to do it, but boy is it hard when someone's future depends on you.

Next grateful is being able to spend time with DS - he came home Friday and sadly went back Tuesday (when I'd already left for court). I loved seeing him and just wish I'd been more relaxed when he was home. We still managed to watch some footie together and have a laugh.

Sky+ deserves a mention this week. I've managed to watch some of my backed up episodes of Spiral (now only two behind) and also Midsomer Murders. The first episode starring Neil Dudgeon saw me through an ironing marathon this afternoon. I've liked Neil as an actor since he appeared with Diana Rigg in the "Mrs Bradley Mysteries". I appreciate his very dry sense of humour. It was a bonus to see the Cornmarket and the Black Horse pub appear  - yes, they do exist, in Thame where we live.

My Kindle also deserves a mention. I've been taking it to court with me for the times when we were sitting around doing nothing. Very light yet with a choice of over 250 books - yes, I really have downloaded that many...internet        shopping is way too easy! Admittedly lots of them were free/incredibly cheap. I must also admit that I've archived (after reading them) nearly 150 of them. And we're still only in April.

The next one is something I never thought I'd write - Graham Norton. OH and I caught odd bits of his programme during the last series and were quite impressed. Tonight I watched the whole programme and was in tears..from laughing. And we got to hear Adele sing. :) Next week promises to be even better - Hugh Laurie and Robert Pattinson - sigh, drool, come over all unnecessary.

This week wouldn't be this week without a mention of the Royal Wedding. It was wonderful - they are so obviously in love I'm sure they'll make a go of it. It was  nice to hear Jerusalem too - one of my favourite hymns. Just hope they got the hymns they wanted. I'm still upset (nearly 30yrs later) that I wasn't allowed my choice of hymn..mind I did ask for "Fight the Good Fight"...only to be told it wasn't considered "suitable" for a wedding.

And on that thought I'll leave you.

Thanks for dropping by.

Hugs xx

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Head Over Heels (literally).

Yep, I'm now the proud possessor of a very swollen and painful ankle. In my rush for the bus this morning I fell spectacularly. Fortunately there are still some helpful and kind people about and four of them came to my rescue. I was very shaken but could still put weight on my foot so I declined all offers of a seat etc. All I could think was...I must catch the bus, I'm on Jury Service and the judge can fine you if you're late.
Looking back, this wasn't perhaps the best move - as the day went on my ankle got bigger and bigger. Made it back to Thame and managed to buy a support bandage and David came and picked me up. Now resting it.
Tomorrow I won't be wearing heels - I'll be in my red skateboarding shoes whether they're "appropriate" for court or not!
On the trial front we'll be retiring to consider our verdict tomorrow...hopefully it'll be the last day.

I gradually managed to relax over the weekend and even did a little crafting.
I finished the LO I started last Sunday.

This was made using Pink Paislee "Butterfly Garden" papers, stamps, rub-ons, pops and pebbles. The tags were either cut on the Cricut or from IKEA (sent to me by Valerie in Germany - thank you so much, they were perfect for this!). Apart from the one with black ribbon - that's a clothing tag from M&S.
Title is a Dovecraft alpha and the sketch was adapted from the latest issue of Carnets de Scrap.

I also managed to make a birthday card for my step-MIL.
This used the Craftwork Cards Goody Bag from Ally Pally and a Crafty Individuals image.

A quick but effective card.

Whilst I was in court today DS went back to Bristol (he had chance of a lift, saving him the train fare). He went back with a "food parcel" - I'd overshopped as I thought he'd be staying longer. :(

Right, time to get ready for the Champions League match.
Thanks for popping in.
Hugs xx

Sunday, 24 April 2011

A Happy Easter to You All and a Happy Birthday to my Best Boy.

Happy Birthday to Max who is 9 today!
It doesn't seem like five minutes since we brought him home as an eight week old puppy, let alone nearly nine years. How time flies.
He received a Timothy the Turtle toy (Danish and all natural fibres) and a large hide bone - that kept him quiet for 30 mins (I say that because as I type he's out in the garden barking - someone or some dog has obviously dared to approach the fence!).

Happy Easter to all of you!
No cards or ecards this year I'm afraid. Not organised and no crafting mojo. I still have a LO from last Sunday to finish - I've managed to add the embellies but it's lacking the title. I also need to make two b'day cards for 26th and 27th - they're going to be belated b'day cards I think.

I'm enjoying have DS at home - he arrived Friday evening. I know he's home due to my laptop disappearing and the large shoes abandoned in the hall. lol
The good news is ..he didn't bring any washing home.
Seriously, it's great to have him here and to spend time just chilling and watching football.

Hope you're all having a lovely Easter weekend.
Hugs xx

Friday, 22 April 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday

A very early post (01:56) but at least it is Friday.
Not many gratefuls this week I'm afraid as I'm sitting on a jury - don't know which is worse, the physical pain that comes from dragging myself into Oxford (and then home) or the mental stress of the case. Whatever , I'm feeling drained so no crafting this week, very early nights (so little to no TV),no internet apart from checking emails, no housework, ready meals or salad so I didn't have to cook....only half-way through the trial - we're back in court on Tuesday.

So what gratefuls do I have?

... Max for his wonderful welcome as I've arrived home - the full monty, standing on hind legs, front paws on my shoulders and licking my ears. :)

...DS will be home tomorrow and as I haven't seen him since 28th December I'm looking forward to that.

...David for putting up with ready meals and the hugs when I've arrived home distressed.

...BBC 4 for showing the third series of "Engrenages" (or "Spiral" as they've called it). I love this programme so Sky+ it. I'm only four episodes behind now (why are they showing two episodes every Saturday night?)  - it's one of the progs. I record and then watch while I'm eating lunch - when I'm at home to eat lunch that is.

Sorry, but that really is it for this week.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a fabulous Easter weekend.

Monday, 18 April 2011

I Will Be MIA Until the Weekend.

I started Jury Service today and was chosen to be on the jury for a 4/5 day trial with Easter Weekend in the middle.
Unfortunately it's not a very pleasant one and since I'm emotionally fragile at the moment anyway it's left me feeling drained. I also didn't get home until nearly 7p.m.
Plan tonight is some rose, a hot bath and bed.
I doubt I'll feel like posting/communicating for the next few days.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Cropping, Cupcakes and Cute Critters.

I have had a lovely Sunday cropping up at A Maze of Memories. Managed two LOs ..well, almost. I just have to do some stamping and embellishing on the second.
Here is the first (a sketch challenge) of my late cousin Ann (she was 18 moths younger than me).

Today is Pat's Ruby Wedding Anniversary so I went up armed with a card (see photo below)a red miniature rose bush (for her garden) and some cupcakes (see picture below).

This was made using a Craftwork Cards goodie bag (picked up at Ally Pally) and a Crafty Individuals image.

The cupcakes were courtesy of Waitrose and were very, very yummy.

No photos of the cute critters (forgot my camera) but there were cuddly lambs in the field behind AMOM. One ewe was obviously a stressed mother - her twins were trying to suckle and she kept moving out of the way. But they wouldn't give up. I'm sure all us Mums remember that feeling only too well!

I'm off now to have a relaxed evening and an early night. I have to be up ridiculously early to get into the centre of Oxford for my Jury Service. One of the first delights is apparently a video explaining all we need to know. Do you think I could pass on that? I've seen Perry Mason and Judge John Deed.
David reckons it'll be nothing like that. I'm just pleased a particularly nasty murder trial  finished last week.
I'll report back later in the week - if there's anything to report.
Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 15 April 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday (and a bit of collage!)

Where did the week go? It only seems like five minutes since I did last week's post.
So how has life been this week? A bit mixed to be honest - I keep getting moments when all I want to do is burst into tears and it can be the silliest things that set me off. But this post is all about the gratefuls so I won't dwell on that.

First up is A Maze of Memories where it was Scrap Club last Saturday. A lovely peaceful morning and thanks to Christina for a) fitting me in (I apparently hadn't booked??) and b) making my rolled flowers as I had no grip in my left hand. I have so little grip that I have to open packets of crisps with a pair of scissors - I know I shouldn't be eating crisps but you get the point!

Next is Pat and Ally Pally. What a wonderful (if tiring) day. The weather was lovely, being Sunday the traffic was light, I only got us lost once on the way there, the show wasn't too crowded, we had some fabulous views of London (and yes, we did take photos) and money was spent. Round that off with Indian takeaway for dinner and you have an almost perfect day.

Next up is June at Dezinaworld. She has awesome vintage images and collage sheets that are perfect for my course. She is also a lovely, friendly lady from my neck of the woods - say no more!

This next one is something I never thought I'd write..Jennifer Lopez. I've never had much time for her but her chart topping "On the Floor" has wormed its' way into my brain. So much so in fact that I've downloaded it to my laptop so I can listen while browsing. David was in Brighton yesterday so I was able to play it virtually non-stop. Max obviously doesn't share my enthusiasm..after the fifth playing of it he stomped ( I can only describe it as stomping) downstairs. Huh, everyone's a critic!

My other boys (AKA Man Utd.) who  reached the Champion's League semis. Can't decide what pleased me most, reaching the semis or beating Chelsea to do so. Sadly Inter Milan didn't make it, so no Leonardo. :(

My boys (David, Nick and Max) for chats on the phone and hugs and lovely walks in the sunshine.

This weekend brings the FA Cup semi against City, a cropping day at AMOM on Sunday and... who knows what? Sunday is also Pat's Ruby Wedding so I have a card to make and a plant to buy.

Next week's post could be interesting or deadly dull. Why? I hear you ask.
On Monday I'll be in Oxford for the start of my Jury Service.

Thanks for stopping by and please do visit my fellow Rockettes.

Oops! Almost forgot the collage!

One just for fun using a stamp (by Crafty Individuals) I couldn't resist at Ally Pally and a background from Valerie in Germany - thanks Val!!

Sunday, 10 April 2011


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I thought I'd make a slideshow of all the crafting I did whilst without my laptop - some have been seen before, others are new.
Apologies for the blur on some of them.

There should be music but it didn't play when I previewed in Smilebox.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Rocking Your World Friday (on Friday this time!)

I can't believe that another week has gone by and we're truly into April now. At least Spring seems to have arrived and Max and I are enjoying our walks in the sunshine - guess that's my first grateful.

So what else do I have to be grateful for this week?

Have to mention the football (honestly, I do). Last Saturday I was in despair watching our match against West Ham. So upset at being 2 down by half-time I live paused the TV and stomped off to my laptop. It worked though! Returned 20 mins later and fast see Rooney score! Managed to watch the rest of the match in relative excitement. Continued my "helpful avoidance" strategy on Tuesday when we played Chelsea in the Champions League. Watched the first half, saw Rooney score again then watched "Castle" on Alibi instead of the second half. Result!

Have to be grateful for creativity - I spent a lovely four hours cropping at A Maze of Memories on Sunday (the results of this are already on my blog). Then my mojo went missing for a few days so I sought inspiration from the internet. Now, thanks to Joanna (aka Fiddlesnips) I am enrolled in a mini book swap organised by Lenna. Something a little bit different for me but I already have some ideas thanks to Valerie - esp. since I've sourced some structure paste. Amazing what Amazon sells! And tomorrow is...Scrap Club! I have my Spring photos ready.  And Sunday is.....a trip to Alexandra Palace ,for the craft show,with Pat.
Joanna is now tempting me with a four week Collage course run by Claudine Hellmuth.....I'm resisting so!

David gets his usual mention for generally being supportive etc. but also this week for his help on Monday. The Nuffield Orthopaedic rang about midday to say I could have an appointment at 15:00 that afternoon. He got me there and I am almost pain free (touching wood here). Despite my GP telling me my blood tests were fine ( the important one had actually doubled)I'm having a major flare up. One massive steroid injection followed with the promise that if it didn't help....I'll be sent for ultrasound and have injections into the problem joints at my "official" appt. in May. Eek!

The joy of baking returned this week as I mentioned in my last post - unfortunately so did the joy of eating the results! Oh well, we all need treats from time to time and someone, mentioning no names but there are only three of us in the house , ate my chocolate! I've been very good about only having a few squares each day but when I went to the cupboard chocolate. Personally, I think this is a punishable offence.

And finally, my gorgeous boy Nick who sent me a very sweet Mother's Day card and a message on Facebook asking me to call him (no credit on his phone).We had a lovely chat and he's threatening a visit during the Easter break.
Off now to link up on Virginia's blog.
Hope you've all had a great week and have an even better weekend.

p.s. Max doesn't like chocolate - not even doggy who does that leave?

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Break-ins and beads

OH had a meeting in Birmingham this morning and phoned me at 13:00. I was expecting him to call as it was his appraisal meeting with his line manager but no, he wasn't ringing about that but to ask me to order a new satnav. Yes, you've guessed it - his car had been broken into and his satnav (plus charger and mount) had been stolen. The front passenger window had been smashed  to get into the car.
Now, he had stored the satnav away, so it wasn't on show, but apparently thieves these days look for the dashboard/windscreen mount (or even just the marks from one on the windscreen) and break in.
He was actually parked in a car park not on the street and yes, it was one of his car parks!
Window is now repaired and new satnav will be here tomorrow (thank goodness for Amazon).
He's now home (just had a quick break for coffee there) with further news. The thief was spotted (and is also on CCTV) and one of the attendants did give chase. They also kindly cleared up the broken glass inside the car.

Whilst all this excitement has been going on I've been home enjoying the sunshine and finishing off a LO that I started on Sunday.

This was made using the WeScrap March kit and is a photo of my Mum and Dad in around 2000. I did the stitching and beads this afternoon whilst listening to "The Best 60's Party Ever" - brought back lots of memories.

The next LO is the one I finished off on Sunday.

Photos of me with my Mum in the 70's. My Mum was one of the few people I was taller than.
The large flowers on this one were made using pages from an old book, TH "Tattered Flowers" die and distress inks, as seen in April's "Craft Stamper" magazine. The other flowers were made using punches and scraps of paper from the kit.
Both LOs were for sketch challenges.

Now for a couple of books.
 This week I've read two really,really good books.
JR Ward's "Lover Unleashed" , book 9 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series - the ending set things up very nicely for book 10. Thanks to Virginia for recommending this series - I'm officially hooked!
The other I read on Kindle but it has been published in paperback. It's "A Taste of Magic" by Tracy Madison - a lovely light read with some funny moments. Set in Chicago, the heroine is a baker and the descriptions of the cakes she makes inspired me to do my own baking yesterday - a rice cake and a rhubarb crumble cake. The latter is more of a dessert so we had it with ice cream - yummy!

Tonight is Champions League Quarter Finals and we're away to Chelsea - I  shall be watching, very nervously.

Hugs xx

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mother's Day Scrapping

Have just spent a lovely four hours scrapping at A Maze of Memories.
As it's Sunday (yes, I've got the day right this time!lol) it was quiet and I could spread my stuff over two tables.
Managed to finish a LO I've been working on for a couple of days,complete a challenge LO and start a third one.

This LO is for  a sketch challenge on Sketchy Thursdays and a Leaving your Legacy Challenge . Still have the journalling to finish (inside the heart tag) - it's called "The List" and will include at least ten things I love about my husband. Yes, that is the OH/DH I occasionally mention in my blog. Managed to tear him away from the computer screen long enough to snap his photo last night.
Papers are by Daisy Bucket "Posh Posies", ribbon and buttons from shop and the fancy,layered edging was done using lots of Martha Stewart and EK Success punches. Heart tag and title cut using the Cricut - "Tags,Bags,Boxes and More", "Don Juan".

I'll post the other LOs later in the week.