Friday, 30 August 2013

Artistic Readers Club - August

My blog has re-appeared - it went missing for a few days but eventually came back ...and not only that , I can now comment on most blogs...yay! Perhaps it was in blog hospital having surgery.....

This month's book is: 

I'd had this book on my Amazon wishlist for quite a few months when I was lucky enough to receive a voucher for it came all the way from USA (if anyone knows of a way of converting gift vouchers between the Amazon sites please let me know).

I wanted this book as I've received some wonderful pieces of mail art from friends but hadn't got beyond stamping on envelopes in reply.

The subtitle says it's a primer ....

There are lists of suggested tools and some good ideas of where to look for ephemera (and what to look for)....both lists are useful.

The history of mail art is covered in depth and I found this fascinating as I'd thought it was a recent definitely isn't!

There are also lots of pictures of mail art, some of which I loved and some of which left me thinking..meh..(to borrow the boy's favourite word)

I was expecting more from the book to be honest. Perhaps I knew more about mail art than I thought ..certainly the pieces I've been privileged to receive would not look out of place in the book.

It's definitely for beginners but I'm pleased I read it as it gave me the kick start to experiment that I obviously needed.

I'd award 3.5 stars...the extra half mark is for the useful stickers and postcards at the back of the book.

What could I produce in the way of art this month...?
Mail art of course...

Here is my decorated padded envelope.....I have a recipient in mind...insert evil laugh here...

The main images are a colour illustration for an article on the decline in our bee population from the Saturday magazine of the Daily Telegraph a few weeks ago...I knew I had to cut it out and keep it as it was so striking.
"Spot the difference" is from the same source; the edging is Kaisercraft washi tape; the little arrows are the closure from a Maggi chicken bag;the mail art sticker is from the back of the book and the "recycle" piece is from a serviette included in my Graze box.

I used Decopatch glue/varnish to stick everything down and provide a layer of protection.

I'm now looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been reading..and to actually being able to leave a comment.
I do enjoy all the reviews but it's particularly satisfying when I know the book concerned and can "compare notes" with other readers.