Friday, 29 October 2010

Rocking My World Friday

Can't believe it's Friday again - where did that week go?
I've spent most of the week home alone while David was in Scotland - he got back last night @ almost 11.
So..gratefuls this week...
David for "putting up" with me for 30 years - we've now been married for 29 years (and yes, I know you get less for murder!).
My online crafty friends who surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my birthday - thanks girls, they were a wonderful surprise (and a great start to my b'day!). Thanks too for all the handmade cards ,ATCs and other goodies that came my way - love you all.
Special thanks to Sue-bubbles for "inventing" the b'day season (rather than just a day) with the rule that you HAVE to buy stash. I've done my best Sue - photos to follow! 
Max deserves a BIG thank you this week for keeping me company,keeping me warm and generally just being his usual cuddly self.
My DS and OH who despite being far away from me kept phoning to check I was OK. Love you both very much.
My friend Audrey and her OH who fed me food and wine on Tuesday and generally cheered me up (sorry you had to watch the footie at the same time!).
My parents for collecting a wonderful Denby dinner service - I've brought it home and intend to use it every day and enjoy the happy memories it brings back.
My mojo which has returned and saw me crafting yesterday evening for the first time in months - I'm so glad you're back!
Now I just need to retrieve my camera(it's been awol in Scotland) and take some photos for the Autumn class I'm taking at A Maze of Memories tomorrow - a good end to the week.:)

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Birthday Flowers.

This gorgeous bouquet arrived at 08:30 on Monday - quite made my day! It was from five of my "crafty friends" and was totally unexpected. Thank you all - you know who you are! Also showing are some of the beautiful cards I received - thank you again, esp. for all the handmade cards - they'll be going in my treasure box.

In the afternoon my friend Audrey came to visit with her son,DIL, their 3 girls and 2 dogs. Max had great fun in the garden with Pepper and Roxie.
The girls presented me with two bunches of glorious roses - thank you!

I had a good (ish) day and the house looks wonderful with all these flowers.
Did you guess that I LOVE flowers!lol

Friday, 22 October 2010

Rocking My World Friday

It's been a strange week again but I do have lots of gratefuls.

My DS who flew up to Newcastle from Bristol (it was waaaaay cheaper than the train) to be with us for Dad's funeral - you were a great support.
My OH for being there for me too.
My family (brother, SIL and nephew) for a great night out before the funeral - yummy Italian food and wine and laughs.
All the people who came to the funeral - it was comforting to know how loved and respected Dad was.
Dad's local "The Grand" where we had the "wake" - the staff and regulars looked after him so well (I love their tribute on Facebook).
Friends who continued to send hugs and sparkles (real and virtual), cards  and messages - thank you all.
My own home and bed - it feels as though I've been away for months rather than weeks and it's taking me a while to adjust but I'm getting there.
And finally..Crafty Steals for keeping me supplied with stash - I may even use it one day. At the moment it's enough to just look and stroke! If you haven't visited the should (I know Gill will agree with me!lol).

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Thank You!

A big thank you to all of you who have sent me hugs,sparkles and prayers, whether via this blog,Facebook or email.
They are all very much appreciated. I'm sorry I'm just not up to individual replies at the moment - still feeling numb and very, very tired.

The funeral (cremation) will take place in Durham on Monday morning.
All being well I will be home by Tuesday evening with all my boys (DS is travelling up from Bristol on Sunday). That will be weird as ,by then, I'll have been away for five weeks - I just hope for some normality.

We've had to start clearing the house - Dad has lived here for 55 years and even though we did some sorting when my Mum died (2002) there is still soooo much "stuff". Sorting through it has brought back lots of memories - for some reason all my school reports (from Infants to A level) have been kept - they made very interesting reading!lol

We're going down to Dad's local tonight to organise the after funeral tea - though I have a feeling it will be a proper wake.

Until next week.
Sue xx

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Friday, 8 October 2010

Rocking My World Friday

A quick post (I keep losing internet access still - very frustrating) to update you all.
I'm still grateful to the same people as last week, for the same reasons, but have to add:

Online friends who've sent me hugs, sparkles ,prayers and messages - I'm grateful for them all.

Other friends who phone to check on how I'm coping and to ask after Dad.

My brother who took some time off work to share the load at the beginning of the week - we had a wonderful walk on Tuesday with Sam and Max (our dogs) - the sun was shining and it was great to be out in the fresh air - even though our route took us through the local cemetery. 

Dad's friends from his local who took it in turns to visit him last weekend - he was really pleased to see them and he brightened up.

Dad is getting weaker by the day, can no longer sit up and is sleeping most of the time. I had a sitter from the local hospice last night and it was bliss to be able to sleep through. Thanks Denise.

More district nurses are calling now (he has an injection to help him settle for the night) and I am in awe of their gentleness and professionalism.

And finally ...thanks to Max for being my constant companion..he is becoming very well known...every nurse and carer who visits knows about him having been told how friendly he is ... Max just laps up the attention as his due!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

I Know it's Not Friday but...

I tried to post this yesterday but my internet access is variable at the moment and I lost a very long post (was timed out as I'd lost internet access) so here goes.....

I do have some gratefuls even though it has been a very hard week.

Basically, my Dad is dying and all we can do is make him as comfortable as possible. He's getting his wish, to die at home and I've signed a non resuscitation form (saddest thing I've ever had to do).

I'm grateful to..

 his GPs who sprang into action at the beginning of the week and organised medication and care.
 my OH ,David, who stayed with me as long as he could and left Max with me when he had to return south for work.
my nephew,Anthony, who has shopped for me and sat with Dad so that I could walk Max.
my brother for also sitting with Dad so that I could walk Max (and pop into the pub for a couple of drinks and a chat) and for coming home early with Sue, his wife, today and organising a Chinese take away (eaten whilst watching Strictly).
my SIL who is taking me out tomorrow, probably to the Metro Centre, for some respite and fun
to Max, my "hot water bottle" and comfort
to the District Nurses who have been wonderful with Dad
to the carers who have treated him with dignity
to my friends who have sent me sparkles and hugs and generally let me know they are thinking of me
to all Dad's friends who have visited over the last couple of days to let him know how well thought of he is (but why so many females?!!! I gather he's been a bit of a charmer at the local pub ).

I am definitely not grateful to the hospital he was in recently (no names but the initials DM will have meaning to people in the area) - they did an ultrasound scan of his kidneys which showed that his prostate cancer had spread into his would have been nice if they could have passed this information on to his GP...they didn't, so Dad was at home for three and a half weeks without the appropriate medication (morphine, as it is incurable).It also meant that we had to break the news to Dad - thanks Anthony for volunteering.
Sue xx