Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Well I need s'thing to cheer me up!
Haven't felt well for a couple of days now but was due to go for my blood test this morning - thought I'd better ring the surgery for advice and to cut a long (being passed from helpline to helpline) story short, they think I have Swine Flu as it's doing the rounds in Thame. Because of my other meds my GP had to issue a prescription (had to check that I could take it) for Tamiflu.
Audrey kindly collected it for me, lent me an easy read and took my important letters to be posted - Thanks Audrey!
I'm off back to bed again (as I don't feel quite so ill lying down) but in DS's room - we now have Sky multi-room in there so I can watch the football etc.
Hope to be back blogging soon.
Sue xx

Sunday, 15 November 2009


I'm back!

Seems so long since I last blogged.

The new page was started about a month ago at the October Friday Crop at AMOM. I finally managed to finish it yesterday.

Photo is of my parents in 1997 (they were visiting us for N's 8th birthday). Papers are Basic Grey "Ambrosia" - love this combo of navy and dark orange (reminds me of a dress I had way back in the 70's - yes, I really am that old!).

Nice to be crafting again - I've even made some Christmas cards - now have 10 ready.

David and Max came up to Dad's to collect me. Dad is improving every day - planning to visit again before Christmas.

Since getting back we've been busy with the house and finances - neither were helped yesterday when D. managed to cut through both the hot and cold water pipes in the bathroom while repairing the floor - ouch! The emergency plumber was Italian (well, Sardinian - as he insisted) - and very expensive!

Still only have limited access to the garage due to broken door and the necessary part being obsolete - now saving for a new one. This means I can only do limited washing (both washer and dryer are out there) - thank goodness N. is away and doing his own washing now.

N. finally has a new phone so I can contact him if necessary. Hoping to visit him in Bristol in the next couple of weeks when D. makes a work visit - apparently I can take him out for a meal - I wonder why?lol

Today D. is going into the attic to retrieve my Christmas Craft hamper . I actually forgot about it last year so bought new papers etc - well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Happy crafting everyone.

p.s. if I owe you an email I'll be in touch in next couple of days.