Friday, 29 July 2011

Rocking Your World Friday

Friday again, but a much more reasonable time this week. Sitting here with my coffee (strong and black) in my favourite mug (Drama Queen) and thinking back over the week.

So what am I grateful for this week?
It is now 5 mins later and I'm still thinking..I know there are things but my brain is refusing to cooperate..a bit like me and authority really.

Erm, erm..oh, yes. Books (again? I can hear you groan)..yes, again. New author alert for Carmen...Sophie Oak.  Two great series and lots of humour - "Bliss (Colorado)" and "Sirens". And yes, there is lots of what you described me as (twice). I don't know why you think of me that way and I'm sure that Joanna will be able to tell you that I'm a picture of innocence after we meet up on 15th..oh, look, a pig just flew past the window.
Good luck with the house move Carmen - will miss you online until you're re-connected.
And, just to show that my brain has not turned to complete mush, I've been reading George Orwell this week too - "Down and Out in Paris and London".

Phone calls are next ..specifically phone calls from friends that cheer me up :)

And... I bought a dress this week ..and it's a short one (just below the knees)...why is this momentous? let's just say I have a problem with dresses, I'm short waisted so they don't often fit properly and I'm always fidgeting when I wear them. This one is designer no less - George @ ASDA is a designer isn't he? I have to admit that I also bought a pair of black linen trousers (much more me and no, I'm not going to admit how many pairs of black trousers I now have). Couldn't resist them as they had my name on them - "Perfectly Petite". Well, one out of two ain't bad  - I'll let you decide which one. :)

Pinterest has been keeping me amused and busy this week - I keep coming across wonderful sayings..

This one is courtesy of my friend Diane.

Recipe of the week...Heston's Ice Cream Sandwiches with Salted Caramel Popcorn Ice Cream - heaven.
I'm going to try another Waitrose (where's the commission?) recipe on Saturday if I can get my hands on some amaranth. I know it's a plant ..

Cricket has mainly been good this week. England won, my boys lost to Somerset but are still top of Division 1 thanks to Notts. who beat Lancashire. Two points in it and five matches to go.

Bejeweled 3 has been occupying me, a lot. Poor Max had his walk an hour late yesterday as I lost track of time. This new, improved version (I lost Bej. 2 when my computer was poorly) has a badges board and I only need one and a half badges to complete it. The whole badge will happen when it happens but the half is driving me would help if I knew what I was doing. I've somehow managed to achieve bronze and silver but still need gold and platinum. I could read the instructions, I suppose, but the fall out to being the only girl for two generations is the very masculine trait of not "doing" instructions.
N.B. The need for achieving badges is in no way, shape or form related to being a Brownie or Girl Guide. I was never either - I was too subversive for them and they were too "organised" for me.

Surreal moment of the week : drinking coffee from a Christmas mug. It was either that or an Arsenal mug and that is soooo against my religion.  Other mugs were clean (I'm not a total sloven) but were still in the dishwasher.

Upsetting moment of the week: a tiny dead bird in the garden. I think it fell from the nest, at least that's what I'm hoping, rather than being savaged by one of the three million cats we have around here. OK, a bit of an exaggeration, but the cat lovers round here don't stop at one cat, oh no, they have two or three or four.....why?

Things to look forward to:
Sunday - cropping all day at A Maze of Memories
Monday - the boy will be home from Majorca (very late so I may not see him until Tuesday)
Tuesday - the six weekly visit to the vampires
August - Charity Shield, return of the Premiership - lucky socks and new shirt ready.

And the final grateful is Sky for letting me have MUTV for £1 a week for six months. Just don't tell the Arsenal supporters in the house.


craftattack said...

Your week doesn't sound too bad, even if you did have to think first! I have designer clothes from Aldi's, I love them! What's in a name?
Have a nice weekend, Hugs, Valerie

Virginia said...

Wow to say you were struggling with a list you had a sudden flurry of activity and came out with an awesome list of gratefuls this week!

I got the books I got the books - sent an e-mail but it bounced back - sorry only just relooked at outlook think there are new gremlins in the PC its getting slower and slower at the minute.

I haven't started them fully yet just read past the hot coffee moment and giggled - understand the hot coffee moment avoidance tactics as being a necessity!

It will be strange not having Carmen around for the next two weeks, she's sent me her new postal address so may send some snail mail to keep her in the know as it were LOL!

Now what is the six weekly visit to the vampires? I'm intrigued?

Love the Pinterest poster - my kind of humour!

Right off to check the other rockettes before I decide on whether to clean another kitchen cupboard or going for the ironing board - waiting in for the gas central heating man is no fun is it!

Gina said...

Well Susie, it looks like your week was busier than you realised:D Love the surreal moment ha! In my house it would have been because there were no clean mugs...I am the dish I too am the only female in the house(not a supporter but will be wishing your team all the best, especially when playing against The Arsenal :D)XXX

Carmen said...

My favourite cup has a photo from anAlice Cooper concert on it we went to where he is shaking his maraccas :P It says Carmen's Tea on it :D

I will note that author down!

I'll miss you all too, Craig is letting me on his lappy that's got mobile internet to check my emails but I don't tend to get on with lappy's and I have a habit of breaking stuff so he is supervisiing me LOL! Will miss you all too! (And Pinterest!)

Oh and it's Zuma Blitz on FB that addicts me! Have been late picking the girs up from school acouple of times with that one! Naughty, naughty!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

cool list sue, would love the recipes for all those yummy sweets, but we are being good with no eating puds, boo hoo...

have a good week...xx

maria xx

Carole said...

I am totally divided as to whether I am a dog or a cat person - love them both, and I am SO glad that we got two kittens this time (would have more too, but not allowed!) Maybe they are a bit like stash, can't stop at one ...

Great list, and remind me again how much commission it is you are getting from Waitrose?!!! Must try those ice cream sandwiches!

Hugs, Carole xxx