Friday, 8 July 2011

Rocking Friday Update - a slightly tarnished halo.

Yep, my halo is tarnished, my self control has been lost...

Here is a photo of the culprits:

I couldn't resist them - they were half-price in the sale and they fit beautifully (size 4). I did battle with  the little voice asking if I really needed four pairs of red shoes (hell, yes!!) for all of, ooh, must have been 20 seconds. And they've got bling! The perfect scrappers shoes.

I only went out for coffee with Pat..came back with these and a bottle of gin (it was on offer in Waitrose) which I managed to buy without accosting any random males.

Now a couple of answers to questions posed by Joanna:

1.The vibrating strawberry sponge - nothing to do with where I live. It came home with me from the NE after one of my weekends away. All I'm saying is hen party , Ann Summers, rolled back to Dad's @3a.m. 

2. The erotic sci-fi - my hysterics had nothing to do with gravity or the lack of it, they were caused by (and how do I put this politely?) the,erm..."appendages" of the humanoid aliens and what they could do with said appendages.

I'll leave you to ponder that one. :)


Joanna said...

Oh no, now I've got images in my head of humanoid aliens with vibrating strawberry sponge appendages..... bleuuuugghhhh!

Red shoes with sparkly bits ESSENTIAL purchase (FACT) and so halo remains intact.


Carmen said...

Red shoes and gin! Good girl! :D

As for the sci-fi - am in fits of giggles and disturbingly intrigued!

Bev said...

so funny .. but love the shoes...hugs Bev

SueB said...

LOL! Sue you do make me giggle, love your humour :)

I WANT THOSE SHOES!!!!!!! They are just yummy!!!! I adore them! Just fab!!!
A gal can never have enough shoes, well, that's my excuse anyway :)

Have fun with them, and in them!

Suzie xxxx :)

Virginia said...

Another post to have me giggling, the shoes are gorgeous though!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

LOL sue, you do make me laugh...

and you've never got enough shoes, lol...xx

maria xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Susie, i woulda bought them too lol. just my size and i dont own any red shoes lol so if ya get tired of them ....
Hope you have had a lovely weekend
Hugs June xxx

Beebeebabs said...

LOL - great shoes tfs!!!