Friday, 1 July 2011

Rocking My World Friday ( with bonus items)

I'm working on a project called grounds for divorce...I'm not really, this is the song that has been stuck in my head all week since watching the BBC coverage of Glastonbury..which reminds Elbow CD has gone missing along with the Beatles #1's and Kings of Leon..mmm..think they're probably in Bristol.

Another week has flashed by, and I don't seem to have achieved much, but I do have some gratefuls.

 Warning here...Carmen, if you're reading this, step away from the tea. I don't want to be responsible for any more hot beverage incidents!

First has to be old family friends who took the trouble to phone me on Thursday to check if I was OK. I feel blessed that they thought of me despite their own problems (my Mum would have been 80 - can't believe it's 9 years since she died).

Next is definitely books that make me cry. I know this is an odd grateful but I've been emotionally fragile for a few months now and have felt like bursting into tears at the slightest afternoons this week I've found myself sobbing my heart out, over the written word. Wonderful stories (if a bit naughty) and great characters. 
I do actually feel better for having cried but can't believe that two of the stories were SciFi, not a genre I'm fond of (unless you count fancying Harrison Ford in Star Wars) ..OK ..they were erotic SciFi.

The power of daydreaming is next. I've been casting the films of books that I've recently far I have one with Yannick Bisson, Bradley Cooper and David Boreanaz as the heroes...sigh...keeps my mind occupied whilst doing the "h" word.

DS is up next. Had a long chat to him on Weds. and discovered that he hadn't seen any of the acts I saw on TV from Glastonbury. 
But..the big posed by Joanna was " the muddy washing".

Me: What have you done with all your muddy clothes?
DS: I've already washed them.


He's off to Serbia on Monday for 10 days (music festival) via Budapest and should then be home in time for his b'day.

And now for the bonus items.

Question of the week
Why do female tennis players grunt like pigs every time they serve/hit the ball? Or squeal like stuck pigs in the case of Sharapova?

Tip of the week:
Do not try to melt butter in a microwave in a plastic bowl. The butter will get so hot that it "explodes" and the bowl will tip over, leading to melted butter all over the microwave and surrounding worktop. (Don't ask).

Recipe of the week:
Lemon,pistachio and poppy seed cake as supplied by Waitrose. In a bag like their Christmas cake, so the only things I had to provide were lemons, eggs and butter. It was wonderful. :)

Explanation of the week:
Scrap Tag is a scrap version of Chinese Whispers. The organiser chooses a LO and sends it to #1 who scraplifts it and sends her version back to the organiser, who then sends that to #2 and so on. Really fun and amazing to see how the original changes. I was second to last in the most recent one and my LO bore no resemblance to the original.

Rock Cakes - the saga continues:
Yes, I've been baking rock cakes again. Nice as Delia's were they weren't as DH and I remembered them. 
Cue the Bero baking book (I have two copies - one was my Mum's and one was my Gran's) Much nearer to the original...well they would have been had I had any currants. I had to use raisins, but hey, what's a little dried fruit between friends?

Hero of the week:
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga for beating Federer @ Wimbledon and not being afraid to show his delight.

Virginia  - I haven't forgotten you - will post "Sleeping Beauty" to you next week.

Gill - I'll email you over the weekend. :)

Carmen - thanks for the TB recommendation. You'll be pleased to know that my "research" continues apace and it's likely to yield results soon. :)


craftattack said...

Glad your week was good, even if you did go through the valley of tears, that it often very healing! I just got another large bag of books of all sorts from my neighbour. She reads her books once and gives them to me, no clutter! Now I have enough for the next month, so that will make me happy! Have a good weekend, and hope your son enjoys his time in Serbia! Hugs and sparkles, Valerie

Joanna said...

Music Festival in Serbia? Did he not get enough music at Glastonbury?! Pleased to hear the last lot of muddy washing was dealt with, and not by you!

Books that can make you cry are well worthy of a mention. Any written word that can stir up such strong emotions must be brilliant. Erotic SciFi though?

How many years is it since I ate a rock cake? I honestly can't remember. Sounds yummy.

Ha ha, thanks for butter/plastic bowl/microwave tip. Have you finished clearing up yet?

I'll look out for that cake mix in Waitrose, sounds yummy and EASY.

Have a great weekend, my friend.


K said...

Having a lil cry is good for you, it releases a chemical in us females that actually helps us thing clearer.

Loving the sound of the Scrap Tag, what a fab idea!

Carmen said...

Craig calls rock cakes the most boring cakes in the world. I love them and could scoff a whole batch to myself. Bought a couple at the charity fair last week. They were yummy but had to be a bit smug when Devvie said they weren't a patch on mine - don't think they'd used mixed spice.

Erotic sci-fi eh? Not tried that I have to say! Glad the research is going well ;)

Hi I'm Maria... said...

cool list and interesting tip bits, lol...

maria xx