Monday, 4 July 2011

Issues of Self Control

On Friday it was suggested that I may benefit from exercising more self control over certain aspects of my life (response:smiles sweetly, grits teeth and says thank you R).

In the course of a largely sleepless night I pondered whether I could in fact use more self control in other situations. I am known for rushing headlong into things without thinking and instant gratification is my middle name (actually it's Jane, but you get the drift).

So...starting on Saturday a new regime came into being. Since then I

- have not bought any of the new Basic Grey lines despite them being even more lush in real life than on the internet.

- limited myself to two glasses of red wine on Saturday evening

- limited myself to one glass of red wine Sunday evening (OK there was only one glass left in the bottle but the thought was there)

- have not sworn at the person who rang me 5 times in three mins. this morning despite me saying I wasn't interested and hanging up. Sign that I was really, really annoyed? The fact that I almost swore at him 'cos I don't swear, ever. "Knickers" is my "go to" word for expressing annoyance and the occasional "bloody" can be heard during football matches but there are words in the English language that I have never said....mainly four letter words beginning with f,s,c..... Just the way I am.

- did not buy chocolate despite fruit and nut being on offer - and chocolate apparently being better than sex. :)

- lost self control in the wine dept. and there is now a bottle of Rose chilling in the fridge.

- the above is actually another form of self control as I know I need to relax this evening or I will say s'thing I regret and can't take back to someone who has been winding me up all weekend. Don't think it's deliberate but I. HAVE. HAD. ENOUGH.

Will tell you on Friday if I've managed to keep this up all week.....

Update on DS who promised to phone before heading off to Serbia. Text message from the airport (he was bored) with list of suggestions for his b'day.

He will be home for his b'day, probably with girlfriend, which means...I'll have to tidy his room. I washed his towels and bedding and then quietly closed the door on it. Apart from the odd watching of Champions League football I haven't touched the room since. Knickers!!

Hugs xx


Joanna said...

Good luck with the new regime - personally I think they are all totally unachievable and should not be attempted. It might even be dangerous for you to attempt them. Has R thought of that, I wonder? Maybe this is really R's suicide bid, knowing what you will be like without proper quantity of red wine, chocolate and Basic Grey supplies.

'Knickers' is a brilliant word. Maybe not to be used in conjunction with 'bloody' though ;o)


Diane said...

Really don`t know what to say Sue, except GOOD LUCK MATE !!

hugs Diane xx

craftattack said...

New Regime - not for me! Good luck, though. My fave saying is *I gave up coffee, sex and chocolate - it was the worst ten minutes of my life!* Hugs, Valerie

SueB said...

I love this post Sue, I sooo need to apply self control to my own life, but it's so much fun to be naughty some times too :)
So sorry I've not been able to comment, I've had major problems with blogger :( but today, finally I'm back in, horray!!!
Suzie xxxx :)

Anonymous said...

Lol i need to take lessons from you hehe, hope you enjoy the wine :)x
If you get chance to pop by my dezinaworld blog please do, and grab the magical midnight background freebie and check out the challenges etc.
Have a wonderful day
hugs June xxxxxxx

Carmen said...

Ooh I see what you mean!

I'd have shut the door too. I can't believe you left the fruit and nut on the shelf - that is well impressive!

DGgirl said...

Susie - this is just the best post every - it really did make me laugh out loud. You're an absolute star!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

LOL have to agree with gill, this post made me smile...

especially with the 2 and 1 glass of red wine on sat and sun, yet you have a WHOLE bottle of rose in the fridge...

it's funny how the kids know our phone number when they are bored, lol..

have fun and look forward to seeing if you and the new regime survive, lol...xx

maria xx