Saturday, 2 July 2011

A Blog Award

Many thanks to Valerie  who sent me this award.

 The rules are that I must share 7 things with you about myself and pass the award on to 8 other bloggers (who must then do the same).

OK ...
1. I hate "h*******k" 
2. I really, really hate "i*****g"
3. I'm planning a trip to the NE so that I can go and see "Breaking Dawn" with my nephew and his partner (they don't know this yet but having seen "Eclipse" with me I'm sure they'll be up for it)
4. It is now 45 years since I started supporting Man Utd. Blame George Best.
5. #4 makes me sound ancient but I'm still only 18 inside.
6. I stopped growing (upwards) aged 13 - I never grew into the school coat bought for me that year.
7. I retired from teaching aged 42. :)

And now for 8 people worthy of this award:
Virginia -  for organising Rocking Your World Fridays.
Carmen - for being my partner in crime with regard to books (esp. For Sleeping Beauty!!).
Janet - for being first and foremost a friend and also an inspirational crafter.
Slightly South of Sanity - for the funniest blog around - full of parenting tips and surreal adventures.
Bev - for being a talented scrapper and a great member of the WeScrap DT.
Ally - who guided me  through my scrapbooking design course and has since become a friend.
June at Dezinaworld for her wonderful downloads and inspiration - she  has also become a friend.

And last (but by no means least) Joanna who introduced me to the world of collage and mini-books and who has the second bestest dog in the world. Sorry Rosie-Mae but Max holds the "bestest" title in our house - you're a close second. :)


craftattack said...

I think we have some things in common! Thanks for playin' along, enjoyed reading your deets! Hugs, Valerie

DGgirl said...

Well done Susie on your blog award. BTW - guess who I met on Wednesday? You'll never guess!

None other than Sir Alex (Ferguson). He received an honorary doctorate at Stirling Uni and I met him when he was touring the sports facilities which are my domain. Seemed a nice enough man.


Joanna said...

Aww, thanks Chuck! I forgive you for thinking Max is the best dog, silly you.

I'm pretty busy at the moment (over committed again!) so forgive me if I don't join in, but I really appreciate that you thought of me.


Carmen said...

See? I said I couldn't believe she hadn't got any rude cowboy stuff yet! At least I'm not the only one with a filthy mind :D

Thank you very much Susie :D Will have to get my thinking cap on now! Hmm.

June said...

Ohhhh Susie, sorry so late getting here. (its my old email addy this one and only check it once a week lol ) Anyway congrats on the award, wow its so lovely of you to think of me too. And i love your things about you, I am very similar. cept for man united lol. Hey if you visit the north east then you need to pop by and see me too lol i live in County Durham :)
Hugs and many thanks for the award my friend

Hi I'm Maria... said...

well done on your award and great list...xx

maria xx

Virginia said...

Ooh thank you for the award - I shall have to think hard and come back in a while with my post on the same!