Sunday, 3 July 2011


I spent all day yesterday at A Maze of Memories where Christina was running one of their regular Stashbuster sessions.
The idea is that we all take our own stash (in an attempt to actually use it rather than just stroke it - lol) and they come up with ideas for cards, LO,mini books etc.

It wasn't overcrowded and quite a few us stayed all day, with others coming in for the morning or afternoon sessions.
We chatted,laughed and generally had a really good time. We also had lunch from the Farm Shop and I got to chat to my new next door neighbour,Elle, as she was working there for the day.

And amidst all this joy we did actually do some crafting!
I spent the morning making cards for the Poppy Appeal:

Poppy paper by K&CO, stamps by Hero Arts, border punches - EK success.

In the afternoon our table was joined by Jan - it was lovely to see her as our paths don't often cross these days.

I made an envelope album:

Front cover - I need some small magnets for the closure.

Opened up.  There are five envelopes (in alternating shades of burgundy and cream) into which you can put photos,seed packets,whatever.
I used Pink Paislee "Butterfly Garden" papers and embellies.

So, what am I up to today...have been watching the cricket but it's slow going and England keep losing wickets. I removed myself from the room on the offchance it was my presence affecting them...this usually works - there have been football matches where I've missed every goal using this technique.

After that I have some of the "i" word to do....but it may well be left until tomorrow as I started a 6 week workshop (online) called "Colour. Or is itColor?" run by Nic Howard (she's Australian hence the spelling question). This week's colour is red so I'm dying to get started.

And now a message for Joanna who queried my "erotic sci-fi". Normally sci-fi is not one of the genres I read but I've loved the other books by Tymber Dalton so gave them a go. Now let me just say that if they hadn't been so well written (and they'd have to be well written to get me to read them in the first place) and I hadn't already "bonded" with the characters, there were scenes that would have had me ROFL in hysterics at how unbelievable they were. I'm still giggling now. :)
And still with Joanna - I have a project in mind for you and your love of cowboys. Apparently there's a song called "Save a horse,ride a cowboy"..imagine what I could do with that. :) Well it makes a change from vampires and fallen angels.

Hugs to you all and thanks for dropping in.


Joanna said...

Ha ha ha ha! I suppose unless you've tried getting jiggy in zero gravity (which I haven't and I'm guessing you haven't) you shouldn't knock it! Just have a strange mix of scenes from 'Barbarella' and Woody Allen's 'Sleeper' in my head, and they aren't particularly erotic, I'm telling you!

As for the 'save a horse, ride a cowboy' - if the cowboy looked like the one in my last Postman's Knock post, then I'm totally up for it. I've always felt sorry for those poor hosses. What must it feel like with those spurs in your side to make you go faster........

On that note, I'm off to do the ****ing ironing.

The colour course sounds interesting, looking forward to seeing what it's all about.

craftattack said...

I'll join you girls, but there are more horses living round here than cowboys! Glad you had a lovely day yesterday Sue, love your album and poppy cards! Hugs & sparkles, Valerie

Carmen said...

I love Barbarella! One of my favourite oldies! Hmm, may have to see if Amazon have that one in their cheapy section!

As for your makes, all just gorgeous. Love all the poppy stuff in particular.

Carmen said...

p.s - been doing the I word today. Trying to get into the habit of doing it every sunday in the hopes of keeping it less mountainess. Bah. Still hate it.

DGgirl said...

LOL Susie - your posts just keep getting funnier and funnier!

Some very strange images came into my head while reading this one!!


p.s. Going to email me re cryptic post the other week?

Hi I'm Maria... said...

pleased you had a good day at MOM, love your poppy cards, well done...xx

Virginia said...

Poppy cards absolutely gorgeous - giggling at your statement at the end of your post - think I'll stick to the Black Dagger series - re-reading at the mo LOL! I'm finding a common theme among all us crafters we all hate ironing LOL!