Friday, 8 July 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday

Friday again - eek! The way the year is going by I may have to mention the "C" word and start cardmaking - sooooo not in the mood.

This is a long one so you may want to settle down with a drink - preferably not a hot drink.
First grateful of the week is the Internet and the various people it has put me in contact with:

- the WeScrap girls who are planning a weekend crop in May next year in.....San Francisco.....if only!

- Joanna who has come up with the idea of going to the Tracy Emin exhibition. Not so bothered by TE but  looking forward to meeting Joanna. :) J. my project for you has cleared the planning stage and goes into production today. :)

- Carmen who made me laugh with her wonderful (if slightly overstated) description of me. C. I'm still giggling!

- Valerie who keeps coming up with funnies to brighten the day and who has a wonderful way with tags.

There are others but they know who they are and I'd have to change their names to protect the guilty. :)

Amazon has been brilliant again this week - ordered the books DS wanted for his b'day on Monday and they were here by Weds. Either he's studying Italy next year or I should be worried about him. Two books on the Italian Mafias (who knew there was more than one?) and one on the rise of Fascism.
Also didn't know you could order random things from Amazon, such as toilet seats.

Google search engine for showing me exactly where DS is - in a fortress in Serbia no less. Two years ago it was an island off Croatia. Also showed me who was playing - Arcade Fire..jealous!

Waitrose for their recipe cards. This week it was Scandinavian Chicken - it was nice  but I think I was a bit heavy handed with the fresh rosemary - not the only thing I'm heavy handed with unfortunately. Also picked up another "cake in a bag" - chocolate and walnut this time. Keeping it for DS's b'day on 18th.

The Apprentice for finally getting rid of the lying bitch that is Melody. And she did lie - she totally lied about the replies given during the task in France. And I should know.

And finally, Max for making me laugh. It is now official - he will eat anything given half a chance. I put some cake crumbs out for the birds and 20 secs later he was there and had them all hoovered up. I sort of knew he'd eat anything already. As a puppy he chewed up a strawberry vibrating sponge before I'd had chance to use it. :(

Things to look forward to: one day cricket tomorrow; two motor races on Sunday - British GP, which we used to go to until they started charging silly money (Silverstone is just down/up ? the M40 from us - I really do have no sense of direction) and Indy Racing from Toronto;Scrap Club - Monday evening session this month as Pat is off to Bruges tomorrow; new neighbours moving in on Tuesday.

Books read this week (and I do mean proper books this time - I gave my Kindle a rest): "Passion" by Lauren Kate  - this will be on its' way to Gill in Scotland soon- now have to wait a year for the final part of the story;"Smokin' Seventeen" by Janet Evanovich - as funny as ever and only have to wait until October for #18.

Self control update: No chocolate has passed my lips, no wine has been drunk since Tuesday,no stash has been bought. Can you see my halo?

Next target: to stop accosting random men in Waitrose and have the patience to seek out a member of staff when I can't reach something. It's not much fun being only 5ft tall - esp. when the other humans in the house are all 6 footers. Even Max is taller than me when he stands on his hind legs and puts his paws on my shoulders.

Things learnt this week:
- Chris Brown and Justin Bieber does work as a pairing (great song and video)
- abstinence does not make the heart grow fonder
- Sunderland really will be Man. Utd reserves next season
- never again will I plan to cook mince on a Wednesday - bleugh.
- stripping the bed when all you want to do is crawl back in is not a good idea - you'll end up on the couch and feel even worse.
- a visit from the window cleaner heralds rain.
- channelling "Little House on the Prairie"* is not a good look, even if you're only walking the dog in the rain. Comes of owning only ankle length, floaty skirts and a shorter raincoat.
- in one week I achieved 50% of skirt wearing total for the whole of 2010. 

* This label was first applied to me by some girls at my last school - don't think they meant it as a compliment.
Do visit the other Rockettes.
Off now to link to Virginia the Rocking Queen. xx


craftattack said...

Glad you had a good week. I would soooooo love to go with you all to the TE exhibition, but it's too far for a day trip! But to console myself, the next Harry Potter film will be starting soon!
Have a good weekend, Hugs, Valerie

DGgirl said...

Susie, your posts just keep getting better and better - and they really make me smile. You should write some chick-lit - you'd make a fortune!


bad penny said...

These posts make me giggle xx

Carmen said...

You made me larf again!

I totally agree about Melody. I have a little geeky crush on Tom.

Amazon - I love Amazon I could spend so much money on there! I finally ordered that book I have been after for months - £20 and now with my news today am frantically trying to change the address as it's estimated delivery time is Aug/September!

BTW I am one of the random people that gets accosted by titchypoo's wanting stuff off the top shelf :P It always makes me smile!

Joanna said...

I'm puzzling over the strawberry vibrating sponge.....?! What on earth goes on where you live?

Susie, great list and I'm really happy to be part of it. I'm excited to be meeting you too and I'll start sorting out dates soon.

I TOTALLY agree with you about Melody - couldn't bear the woman. Absolutely obnoxious and SUCH a liar! Lord Sugar wouldn't have been able to trust her as far as he could throw her. Tom is still my favourite, although I can see that Jim and Helen are probably better candidates.

I can see your self-control halo from here, the light is almost blinding. 3 days, you are my hero.......!

ALWAYS accost random men in Waitrose, they clearly have good taste, liking the finer things in life.

Now, please explain this vibrating sponge..........


K said...

Nother one here wondering about the sponge .... dare I ask!

Isnt there some random stuff on Amazon!

Wow, well done you on the self control.

I normally take OH shopping with me if I think high shelves will be involved .... otherwise I go climbing, lol

Virginia said...

Oh that's a fabulous list - had a cuppa whilst I read it! Hope you are having a beautiful and blessed weekend