Friday, 22 July 2011

Rocking My World Friday (and a slightly tarnished halo)

 Another Friday and time to look back on the week that was - not sure 2 a.m. is the best time to do it but I can't sleep so I may as well.

This week has been much better than last  due in no small part to my first grateful and that is family, in particular my boy who turned 22 on Monday (the weather was definitely better 22 years ago - we were having a heatwave).

It was wonderful having N home with his girlfriend. He's gone back to Bristol now but is threatening to come home again in a couple of weeks via Majorca.
He left his room tidier than it was,unfortunately, and I can actually see the carpet...which means...a little more tidying and I'll be able to start Zumba on the Wii. This is in place of the Pole Dancing lessons I wanted to try - apparently I'm nowhere near fit enough. I do have a back up plan though - my nephew's girlfriend has a pole in her living room (I kid you not!) and has been properly trained....

Good films are next on my list. The four of us watched "The King's Speech" last Friday - I thoroughly enjoyed it and can see why it won at the Oscars (and it has Colin Firth in it..sigh).
Saturday was Harry Potter part 1 - a bit long and tedious I thought but at least I stayed awake to the end. :)
Sunday was Harry Potter part 2 in 3D - wow! Amazing effects and really fast paced - the three of us loved it. Sad that it's the end though.

The joy of food, especially home cooked, is next. The Thai green curry was yummy - thanks to N & V for cooking it.
I made Delia's strawberry and vanilla Pavlova again and it was just as good as the first time..and,no, Christina, I haven't forgotten..I'll email the recipe this weekend.
The "cake in a bag" from Waitrose (I should be on commission) turned out beautifully - chocolate and hazelnut this time. 

The internet has proved helpful this week both in the ordering of books and the finding of new friends - how did we manage without it? N is indeed studying Fascism next year so he wanted some background reading - Hemingway and Orwell on the Spanish Civil War. The books were here in time for him to take them with him - probably because Amazon didn't use Royal Mail. It took 5 days for a card from my brother to arrive even though it was posted 1st class. I know Newcastle is North of here but it's not that far North.

And now for the tarnished halo. :(
No chocolate has been bought or chocolate biscuits (much to N's disgust) but red wine has been purchased and drunk - slapped wrist. In my defence it was in reaction to my decision to clear out the drinks cupboard, starting with the cooking stuff - there were quite a few bottles with only one or two glasses worth in them. So over the space of several evenings I had the delights of sherry ( trifle), Spanish brandy (various uses) , ginger wine (sauce for ginger sponge) and Cinzano (risotto). I  needed some normality.

Surreal moment of the week #1
V. wearing one of N's T-shirts. What's odd about that? It was a T-shirt bought in Florida in 1998 when he was 9 years old and it fit her..perfectly. Women will understand this ..any men reading may not.

Surreal moment of the week #2
Edith Piaf sitting between Muse and Rammstein (very heavy metal German band - and yes, it's mine). Max knocked a CD rack over and I made the discovery when putting the CDs back. I'm a bit OCD with books etc. - they have to be in alphabetical order by author/artist and then chronological order.

What I have learnt this week:
- to make a pop-up card. V made two (well, I had to check the shop for new stock and I only needed one) and really enjoyed her first ever class. Thanks to Christina and Rachel at A Maze of Memories for a great afternoon.

- when it says on a bottle of Cinzano "make  a long drink with your favourite mixer" they do not mean American dry ginger (bleugh).

- confession may be good for the soul but it's also a pain in the butt.

- I can look at photos of babies and not feel broody. I've suspected this for a while as I never really felt broody before.

- the joy of being organised. I have parcels ready to post tomorrow: "Black Swan Rising" and "Passion" will be heading for Scotland (Gill);"Sleeping Beauty" is off to Yorkshire (Virginia - remember the hot drink warning!);cards for the Poppy Appeal are also heading for Yorkshire (Janet) and finally..Joanna I'm going to risk Royal Mail and your surprise project will be heading down to Kent ...Yee Haw!

- things to look forward to..German GP, IRL from Canada, test cricket(please let it be more lively than today - I had to resort to MTV again) 

That's enough rambling from me. Hugs (especially to new friends).xx


Joanna said...

Hi Sue, 2am? Ugh!! Lovin' the list, girl! We always seemed to have heatwaves back then, didn't we? No risk of one now :o( Re your 22 year old son, all I can say is that you must have been a child bride. I'm very sorry but I ever so slightly HATE V for being able to wear a 9 year old boy's t-shirt. And it bloody fits, yes of course it would!
Hope you enjoy Wii Zumba - I think I over did it last night at my Zumba class, ooh me 'ips, they're aching! No strip tease last night though. A pole in the sitting room? That'd be a talking point when the vicar pops round for tea!
The kings Speech is brilliant isn't it - funnily enough Colin features on my post today........
DD Hope really enjoyed HP as well, and yes, she cried.
Halo NOT tarnished, in fact sparkling as much as ever. You were being a domestic goddess and merely recycling your alcohol like a good upstanding citizen. I think we should, in fact, be thanking you.

Looking forward to receiving my real living cowboy (oh I hope he's wearing spurs!).


craftattack said...

Sounds like you had a good and cheery week! I loved the Harry Potter film, too, but must admit that I have a cupboard full of wine bottles, all full, and never touch them! Time to give them away, I think! Enjoy the German GP - I HATE it, and we get nothing else on TV worth watching this weekend! Hugs, Valerie

Virginia said...

Wow that was a list and a half and had some significant similarities to mine - from the Harry Potter side of things and then the home cooking, although our home cooking doesn't include the delights such as cake at the moment on the grounds that it gets stuck to my hips as soon as I eat it!

Zumba on the Wii is great - get that room cleared (so speaks the woman who has still only managed one session on it LOL), pole dancing is not something I've ever considered predominantly because always have visions of my bringing the ceilings down in this place LOL!

Giddy about the book arrival will take note of the hot drink warning and make sure there are none near on page one LOL!

I keep wanting to do some cards for Janet but no poppy images - may have to think slightly more literally on this one so I can do some to send to her!

Finally your things to look forward to made me wonder why a visit to a German Doctor was something to enjoy LMAO - forgot your into all your different sports and my brain not computing shortened initials for anything apparently this morning

Oooh and finally finally was also struggling to think where you saw Edith Piaf, Muse and Rammstein together particularly when I kept thinking that Edith Piaf had passed away LMAO - very tired today - still wondering whether to have day off or go into work? I know I know but work will be quiet today I might get loads done (then again I might not!!!)



Diane said...

All in all a good week then !! Nice to see you Sat, but a shame we didn`t get a chance for a natter !!

hugs to you and Max xx

Diane xx

bad penny said...

When my back is better, I plan to get back to Zumba class !
I have to confess I've been drinking vino - purely medicional you understand. The weight has gone on a bit thanks to Mr Bad back but I hope to be dashing ( slowly ) around again soon.

Still haven't seen The King's speech !

Gina said...

HAHAHAHA!! I sooooo misread the "Joy of being ORGANISED"!! I know I get excited about posting treats to people but not that excited hahaha!
Glad you had a lovely time with your son being home :D XXX

Oh, and a good mix I found by mistake was whiskey and iron bru!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh sounds like a very full week. Happy birthday to your son.
Pole dancing ? wow wish i was that fit.
sounds fun.
and well done on the chocolate front Susie.
Hugs June xxxxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

WOW fab week sue, so pleased it was a good one for you..

I ALWAYS cook with alcohol, from Somerset sausage casserole (with cider) to even having our roast roast cooked in red wine, it adds so much flavour...

oh, yes also my daughter gave me a plague for the kitchen 'I COOK WITH FOOD and some times I even add it to the cooking' lol...

maria xx

Bev said...

So just popping in .. and love reading your Friday updates. So looking forward to viewing some scrappy projects soon.. get that mojo working and share my friend... hugs Bev

Clarky J said...

Wow sus what a list - mine was all rushed even though it was a more reasonable time (9am). Loving the emptying of the drinks cabinet - what a perfect reason to be a little exotic with the menu! I tend to have that sort of clearout around November and most of it ends up in Christmas cakes!
Really looking forward to seeing your Poppy cards - i am loving the huge variety i have received already - Tickets for the concert have just gone on sale and the phone has just not stopped ringing - my hubby is delighted :0)
Zumba and pole dancing :0)
Have a fab weekend special lady x Janet

Plush Possum Studio said...

Thank you for your Follow!
Wish all insomniacs could write the way you have here--they'd all at least feel productive afterward. I'm speaking of myself, of course. (erherm)
Anyway, just thought I'd pop over and poke around a wee while. I really like what you've got going for you here.
I also like your unique pinned effect. Very fetching.
You may bring leftover wines, etc., overseas to my door and cook for us anytime. I'll even pay the airfare. (Well, not really, but it's a nice fantasy) ;)
Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

DGgirl said...

Hi Susie

A flying stop by and your Friday posts just keep getting better and better sweetie!

The books arrived on Saturday (or was it Friday - seriously losing tracks of days far less weeks at the moment?).

Think perhaps I should take to the drink.


Anonymous said...

Just popped back to let you know I have a freebie on my dezina blog if you want to snag it :)
hugs June xxxxx

Carmen said...

"- I can look at photos of babies and not feel broody. I've suspected this for a while as I never really felt broody before." That had me LOLing this end. Which makes me happy as I am sitting here nursing a cup of tea, twisted ankle and bruised ego after miscalculating the last step off the stairs with a rather large and heavy box of books!

Am very very late but am catching up as may not get chance to post/read this week. Shall miss the internet but will love catching up with you again Afterwards. (Capital A as it now seems to be a far off event on the horizon.)