Friday, 15 July 2011

Rocking Your World Friday

Another week has flown by and what a strange one it's been. It started with a migraine (after months without one) and me on auto-pilot, which saw me sending emails with totally inappropriate sentiments (there are some emails that should never be sent with "Hugs xx"). I just hope the recipients appreciated the love.

Next came two very upsetting days which saw me wanting to run away from home. I seriously think that if I hadn't been expecting DS home later in the week that I would in fact have gone. I still have a key to Dad's house (it hasn't been sold yet) so could have gone there - no furniture or anything in it but I'd have coped. This led to the realisation that not only do I miss him, I also miss my weekends away. The chance to be "home" again (DH hates when I say that but even after spending half my life down here, I'm not a natural southener and the NE is still home) and all that entails (wild nights out and catching up with friends) kept me grounded.

Wednesday was a day of quiet reflection (9 yrs to the day since Mum died) as, let's face it ,I'm not much use for anything else on a Wednesday.

And then the good stuff started!
 My boy is home!
 He phoned from London on Weds. afternoon to say he was back in the country and would it be OK if he and girlfriend came straight up to us - he was 24 hours earlier than expected. Wonder what he'd have done if I'd said no? Further texts and calls followed asking me a) could he borrow...? yep, the bank of Mum and Dad is open again and b) could I look up train times? Just as well I did as he would have ended up at the wrong station. He wanted to go to Paddington (trains for Oxford) but needed to go to Marylebone (trains for our local station which happens to be in Bucks.). 

I am so grateful for him being home for the following reasons:

- he arrived early so I didn't have chance to tidy his room
- I had my lunch made for me yesterday
- someone other than me emptied the dishwasher
- he refused to let me do his washing (?!!)
- he and Vicky are cooking for us tonight (Thai green curry - prawns)
- Vicky and I are going to a card class together on Saturday pm.
- the three of us are booked to see Harry Potter part 2 in 3D in Aylesbury on Sunday
- that means I have to watch part 1 this afternoon 
- I get to make Delia's improved pavlova again (by special request of DS)
- comfort food - they'd been eating junk whilst away so I made chicken casserole last night.

He won't be here long as he has to be back in Bristol by 22nd so I'm making the most of it.
I'm amazed that the tiny scrap I had almost 22 years ago is now a thoughtful and caring young man. He's also now taller than his Dad (which he didn't get from me).

No crafting this week although I have found a use for the pegs that were left over after I'd altered the clipboards for Christmas. :)

And now for the questions thrown up by this week:

What has Liz Hurley done to Shane Warne? And why????
Why when you lose weight* does it always come off the bits you don't want it to? In my case my boobs - it's taken me over 20 years and a pregnancy to get them like this.
Was it very daring of me to wear one of my shorter skirts yesterday? You could see my ankles and....ooh, 2 inches of leg. It's not my legs I'm hiding by the way it's my knees. 
How many times in one day can MTV show the top20/40 and is it sad that I watch most of them?
What is the difference between the top 20 and the Urban top 20? 

* I am not trying to lose weight but the self-imposed ban on buying chocolate/red wine/chocolate biscuits is having unforeseen results.

That's it for this week.
Do check out my fellow Rockettes.


craftattack said...

What a mixed bag! Errr, I meant your post! Sorry you are still missing your Mum & Dad, but I know that feeling about running away, just got no place to run to, and couldn't afford the fare if I did! Enjoy your weekend and Harry Potter, I am going on Tuesday, can't wait! Hugs, Valerie

Gina said...

Hello Susan :D Thanks for your lovely comment on my post.......
formal stuff over. No i didn't know the gold ink won't come out of my table cloth haha! But I have learnt this week that people get extremely worried about you, if you forget to wash ALL the purple paint off your hands and arms before going out :D
Weight comes off??? Can't say I've ever had that problem....maybe I should give it a try(maybe not...)
Sounds like you have a uni student like mine...comes home from Notts for washing and to tap the bank haha! He went walkabout this week around scotland?
Miss that freedom :D XXX

Virginia said...

Wow that was a roller coaster of emotions to read, my thoughts are with you on what has obviously been a difficult week for obvious reasons - but fantastic that DS headed home early, brought girlfriend and has obviously made your week a Rocking one after all! You sound like you've got an action packed weekend ahead as well and I hope it is truly beautiful and absolutely blessed. I must say however, that it sounds like perhaps your DH needs additional training - why? The comment on the dishwasher - I gather you are the only that ever empties it unless you have your visitors LOL! Hope the next week brings you some crafting too! Oh to start losing weight but I agree we should be able to identify the specific areas where it's allowed to!

I have had a thoroughly good morning shopping of the retail variety haven't done it in soooooooooooooooooo long spent a fortune but I don't care - off to attempt the Zumba on Wii now - wish me look going to need it!

Bev said...

hi Sue .. just popped in to check up on you.. love reading your Journaling.... so fun and full of life... hugs Bev

K said...

Hi susie, I have the same problem as you, I see the plus side (excuse the pun) of putting on weight is going up a bra size or 2, unfortunately the rest of me goes up a size or 2 as well, lol, & ofc soon as I lose the weight it disappears off up top first whereas its needed to drop off more on my lower half.

I'm glad your week improved & I hope it keeps getting better.
((bigs hugs))

Joanna said...

The rollercoaster of life, eh? Sounds like you've had some real ups and downs (have to say though that the inappropriate 'hugs xx' comment made me laugh!), but I'm glad to see it's ended up a high. How lovely and thoughtful of DS and his gf to cook for you, sounds yummy.

Hugs to you for Wednesday, I think I can imagine how you felt.

And I agree with you about the unfairness of weight coming off the boobs rather than the tummy/hips/thighs. I don't have enough boob as it is and when I lose any weight they go decidedly scrawny, ugh!

Enjoy HP - DD Hope is going tomorrow armed with her 3D glasses. I have no idea what the difference is between top 20 and urban top 20, MTV is a total mystery to me. Some of those girls really need to put more clothes on, they'll catch a chill!


Allison Cope said...

I see lots has happened this week Sue! Glad to hear your son is home. Hope you and Vicky have a nice time at your card class.

Carmen said...

I know exactly what you mean in almost everything you say here. I was born in England but spent the majority of my childhood in Scotland and do feel scottish in my bones even though I'm not and miss it SO much. OH doesn't understand. I also know what you mean about your mum and am sendin you big hugs.

As for Liz Hurley/Shane Warne - I have no idea what you speak of - are they an item now? See I go round with my head in the clouds.

The skirt - ooh you floozy you!

The music, turn it on, whack it up no it's not wrong at all missus! :D

bad penny said...

I wish my weight loss would go off me boobs ... I've now got slim legs & hips, a fat tum & big boobs !
Yes what has she done to Shane ??? what a shame !!!

hugs to you to !!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

hugs sue, I don't think about the day I lost my dad (OK, that's hard as it was 3 days after their wedding anniversary)... but I try and think of the happy times, OK we didn't always see eye to eye, but that's the fun... remembering him as he was, it's hard and so raw like yours but it helps a lot... SPARKLES...

as for DS, how lovely to be waited on and HIM doing his own washing (do you think he was trying to impress the girlfriend, lol..

have fun at HP... I'm seeing it weds, when steven is at respite, so like you, I'll be watching part one tuesday evening, lol...

hope you have a good week,

maria xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Susie, it sounds like you have had a week of ups and downs indeed. its nice it ended up positive and i do hope you are enjoying your time with your boy ... they get grown way to quickly,. mine are both early thirties now ... lol scary
hugs June xx