Friday, 24 June 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday

It is still Friday, so I'm not "really" late with this post...I do have a good reason though...I was waiting to try s'thing and report back (and please get your minds out of the gutter, it was nothing like that!!). 
And so....

First this week is the Goddess that is Delia Smith. Her strawberry pavlova has been a family favourite for over 30 years.It gets made between Christmas and New Year, using the egg whites left over from the custard in her trifle.
She's only gone and improved the recipe!! 
A recipe card idly picked up in Waitrose, all the ingredients handily in one place...and we had it for dessert tonight. It's now a strawberry and vanilla pavlova with mascarpone and creme fraiche instead of double cream and strawberry puree dribbled over the top. OMG - it was orgasmic. And there's more for tomorrow. :)
Note here that I did try Heston's lemon tart and I liked it but it was waaay too big for two people - def. one for when DS and his friends are home.

Next is the joy that comes from hearing from DS five times in as many days. Two were phone calls wishing David Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday.
One was a phone call telling me not to expect any phone calls 'cos he was off to Glastonbury (very last minute). Next came a phone call asking to "borrow" some money (chances of us seeing it again - nil) as he was running low after paying for Glastonbury and still had the weekend to get through. Finally came a text message thanking me for said money and his battery was low so I wouldn't hear from him until next week. I've heard from him, I'm happy, he's only young once and he's having fun (plus I remember my Uni  days :)).

Then we have the surprise parcels in the post that shouldn't be surprises. I have certain authors that are more than favourites - I buy all their books - so as soon as I hear of a new one (often months in advance) I pre-order on Amazon. This week I received my fallen angels book "Passion" as expected and was all set to abandon Kindle and read it (before sending it up to Scotland and Gill) but I'd got another book the day before "Smokin' Seventeen" by Janet Evanovich and couldn't decide which to, I'm back on Kindle for the moment.:) 
I'd completely forgotten about this one (probably ordered sometime last year) but I love the whole series. Would you be surprised to learn that this is  book 17 in the series? No?  What gave it away?  
Love all Janet's work - very funny and with characters you care about plus  a sarcastic streak that appeals to me.

Next is the joy that comes from no longer having any grey hair, even it is only temporary. Had highlights done today in three shades of blonde and feel brighter in myself - sad that I didn't get my red streak but it was going to cause too much fuss and waste time. Why, oh why, is it that you no sooner find a hairdresser who cuts it just how you like and knows all about its' quirks, than they up and leave and you've got to "train" another one.

I've even managed to do some scrapping but can't show it yet as it was for a scrap tag and I've got to wait for the reveal.

My final grateful is an example of "you don't know what you've got until it's gone" -  in this case pain inhibitors. Amongst the cocktail of meds I have to take every day is one that I've never been sure about, I've never really understood what it does...until I ran out last week. I now know that it inhibits pain. I do my prescription renewals online so timed the latest one for collection on Tuesday when I'd be at the health centre for my blood tests. That left me without said tablet for four days. Never again as I really noticed the difference. :( I'm grateful that I now have a supply of them. :0

Hope all my fellow rocker and rockettes have had a good week and I leave you with a message for Virginia and Carmen.

I've been studying the subject we talked about by visiting websites and blogs (purely in the interests of research you understand) and have come to the conclusion I'm not what I thought I was. I think I'm a switch (at the softer end of the spectrum). :)


Clarky J said...

What a fab list Susie x glad the tag reached you xx Sons are a blessing of the heart and a curse on the purse but we wouldn't be without them x Huge hugs friend x janet

Joanna said...

Well the last bit is a mystery! All sounds a bit dodgy. And on the subject of orgasmic (pavlova) I'll do a When Harry Met Sally and ask for whatever you're having!

Sons, you gotta love 'em! Have you seen the mud at Glastonbury?! I do hope you aren't going to get the washing to do afterwards........;o)

Good to hear your highlights have put a skip in your step. Let's hope you can keep this hairdresser for a long time.

Have a great weekend, Susie.

Lotsa love,


craftattack said...

Sounds like your week was not too bad, except fr the days without pain relief. I love all the books from Janet Evanovitch, I have sometimes screeched with laughter in the middle of the night whilst reading, wonder what the neighbours thought! Havea nice weekend, Hugs, Valerie

Carole said...

Great list Sue, contains all the important things, food, phone calls, parcels, books, crafting ... what more could a girl want, except not to run out of those pills :(

(FYI my friend made Heston's lemon tart but it didn't set! She said it was delicious but not as she had hoped - glad yours turned out well).

Hugs, Carole xxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

fab list sue, sorry about the pain, sending you tons of sparkles..xx

maria xx

DGgirl said...

Fab list Susie, apart from the pain meds obviously. Thank you for the note about "Passion" - so looking forward to that one!

My hair gets cut and coloured next week and I just can't wait - it's such a mess and I'm so grey!!!!!! All the more noticeable when you're naturally dark!

Not sure what the last para's about - do tell?


DGgirl said...

P.S. Edward back to being a stick-in-the-mud! Boo hiss............

Carmen said...

Bwahahaha! Why do I sit with a cup of tea in hand when reading these posts? Snorted through nose and all over keyboard!Purely in the name of research my arse! Can you imagine, touch wood nothing happens, but can you imagine should you pop your clogs and the kids are going through your computer? HAHAHAHA!


Composing one's self.

Blimey how I wish we all lived closer - I think we'd make one amazing crop. Can you imagine the laughs?

Sorry to hear about the meds but at least you know what they do now. Not a nice way to find out though (was that a clue in helping you find out about being a switch?)

Pavlova sounds yumsome but not something Craig would try, he is very mistrustful of soft cheese.

Have a fab week!