Friday, 17 June 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday

Sorry for the lateness of this - I'm not quite sure what happened to today, it sort of got away from me. Oh well, it is still Friday so on with the list...

#1 has to be DS for passing his second year exams - pleased and proud Mum here. :)

#2 MTV again. I must try and limit my viewing of this. Whilst the various chart shows do provide good background music they're having a bad effect on me.. I've found myself singing "I want to make you Sweat" on more than one occasion this week and joining in the arm waving on the "Beautiful People" video. Since Snoop Dogg and Chris Brown are not people I think of as role models (and the arm waving unsettles Max) I fear I may be losing it. Some would say I've lost it already.

#3 Good books that have kept me occupied during the rainy weather. This week I have been reading about vampires, fairies and shapeshifters. I can recommend "Black Swan Rising" (and many thanks to Gill for sending it to me) and can't wait for the follow up in August. Can also recommend the "Triple Trouble" series by Tymber Dalton - identical shapeshifting wolf triplets - yum!!
Next week it's fallen angels....

#4 Friends who left me some lovely supportive comments on my last post - I'm not looking forward to Sunday and they did help. Thank you all.

#5 the writers of Bones. I know the last episode of the current series went out last week but we only watched it tonight and what an ending! All nicely set up for the next series...I had to laugh  though, David had totally missed the sleeping together bit of the previous episode (how, I can't imagine as he watched it with me) and was therefore totally flabbergasted.
Same must be said for the writers of NCIS too. Can't wait for series 9

I think that's it for this week.
Hope you all have a good weekend.
No crafting to show you - I did make the two new home cards I needed but forgot to take pics before I sent them. :(



Hi Sue
Thankyou for paying a visit to my blog and have a lovely weeknd,
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Carmen said...

Well done DS for the exams.

I have been banned from dancing in front of the kids. Devvies indignant "Mum, no child wants to see their mother do that!" comment only had me gyrating against the cupboards even more! Bwahahaha! She should leave me alone when doing the dishes and boogying to the kitchen radio then!

Book titles have been noted thank you very much ;)


Virginia said...

a beautiful list as always, sorry I've been late picking up on it! Reading on rainy days - great fun - just about to join hubby for an hour in garden with a hot milky coffee and a good book!

Sending you huge hugs


Hi I'm Maria... said...

lovely list sue... sending you more sparkles for tomorrow...xx

maria xx

Clarky J said...

hello sweet friend x I dont know what happens to blogger but it never updates me on your posts which is sad when you have so much to share :0( Wow the books sound brilliant - i am out of reading just now so could do with one i will have to pop on to amazon me thinks. shapeshifting wolves sounds just my thing :0)
Well done DS on the exams too - I can feel the proud mum love shining through your blog xx
Music its the queerest thing isnt it how a song gets into your mind without you inviting it in. I always told my kids they brain washed me as I sung along to Averil lavigne, pink and good charlotte um prompted!
Sending you massive hugs today I know it will be very hard hun love and sparkly vibes Janet xx

craftattack said...

I thought you did your thank you's on Friday, but I must have imagined it! Glad your son did so well in his exams! Hugs, Valerie

bad penny said...

I sing along to Jess's music in her car... one of the lines I like blasting out is ' Teenagers scare the living s**t outta me ' !!!

Bev said...

hi Susie, hope you mojo returns.. love your work.. and hope you have a great week too... hugs Bev