Friday, 3 June 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday (and we have a winner!)

Yes, we have a winner for my last giveaway. The random # is 4 ,so congrats to Maria. I'll pop the book (and some scrappy goodness) in the post next week.

Blogger is still playing up so I'm not adding it to my list of gratefuls. :(

So, what did make it this week?

My Kindle..yes, again! I really must get back to reading books I can hold as I have a pile next to the bed that is feeling neglected. I keep discovering new authors on Kindle (so much for keeping costs. down!lol). I've read some quite powerful books this week - great characterisation that really draws you in. As the content might offend some people I'm not naming them here.

Cricket (not talking about the football :() has returned to TV and the England boys are doing well. The Durham boys are doing good too (apart  from T20)  - Dad would have been so pleased.

My mojo, which is slowly coming back - I managed a LO over the long weekend for a sketch challenge:

This is my Junior school football team from 1964/5, our last year before moving to Secondary school. My Dad is the teacher on the left. I used the Adorn It "Soccer Collection"  - love the colours.
I have another one to do (colour photo this time) of the team my brother played in four years later.
Not sure why blogger posted the picture twice but I can't delete the "spare".

And still with all things crafty...collage. The Claudine Hellmuth four week course has started and I'm about to do my first homework. :)

Max, who has been delightful this week and went quite happily to the vet yesterday for his annual check up and booster injections. Clean bill of health apart from..his weight. Poor boy is like his Mum, keeps losing/gaining the same couple of lbs.

The weather which has turned sunny and warm - much too warm to do the "h" and "i" words. :)

My DH, David who managed to rid my laptop of another virus without me losing it for a month. Something involving safe mode and restoring to a time before the virus infected it????

Must mention the Apprentice again. I actually thought the losing team did a better job (their TV advert was fun) . Question of the week: how long can Jedi Jim survive ???

And I think that's all for this week.
I will visit your blogs and read about your gratefuls but whether or not I can leave a comment is entirely up to Blogger. Come on guys, you've been working on this problem for over a week! Get it sorted!!

Hugs xx


craftattack said...

Hi Sue, nice to see you around again! Blogger is really a pain in the ass, they make me soooo cross. Glad you have some gratefuls, though, and your LO is great. Enjoy your collage course! Hugs, Valerie AKA Mrs Grumpy

Joanna said...

Hey Sue,

I agree with you about the Apprentice, I thought the losing team did a much better job overall. We are still rooting for Tom to win (and he makes us laugh in his turquoise underpants!). Jim must be coated in Teflon, although to be fair he only came up with an idea, they didn't have to run with it.

Well done Max for being such a good boy at the (whisper it) V. E. T.'s. Most of us have a few pounds lurking that shouldn't be there, so he's not alone.

Another virus on your computer??!! Blimey, you are very unlucky, aren't you?

I think we should go to the after school club and do our CH homework together. Do you think teacher would notice?!

Have a lovely weekend,


Virginia said...

Loving the list today - fabulous stuff - you must send me your list of unmentionable books because it means they'll be a darn good read! any more vampires yet LOL? Let us know how you get on with the course - must admit I could quite happily do that kind of homework! I love your layout and adore your colour choice! That kindle has certainly been I would guess one of your most used gifts you seem to have completely embraced it!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend


Carmen said...

Ohhhhhhh, let me know what the good books were? My kindle met concrete last week! Bounced several times - I think my heart stopped with each bounce. Still works thank goodness but I think I definitely need to get a cover!

As for the Apprentice, skipped over that bit as we missed it this week due to the girls being hooked on BGT. Will be watching it probably tomorrow in iPlayer!

Have a lovely week :D

Hi I'm Maria... said...

OH cool with me winning the book sue and crafty bits, oh lucky me, you've made my day, in fact my week or two, thanks sue...xx

love your list, sorry to hear blogger is still playing up for you, but love your LO, both of them, lol...xx

maria xx