Wednesday, 15 June 2011

What am I doing right now?

Weds evening 23:15

listening: to my Amazon MP3 downloads - everything from Adele to Chicago to JLo to Snoop Dogg
eating:  nothing
drinking:  gin and orange (purely for the vitamin C of course!)
wearing:  black leggings and black "hanky hem" top and pink fluffy slippers - spoil the look but I have cold feet!
feeling:     sad but energised  (first Father's Day without a father)
wanting:  to dance
a weekend away to really relax and have "me" time                                                      thinking:  how proud I am of DS (he passed his Second Year exams and passed them well)
enjoying:  the music and being alone in the computer room
learning: to pace myself and not feel guilty if things don't get done
wondering:  when my mojo will come back
procrastinating:  clearing the "i*****g" mountain
loving:  MTV and TV5 Europe
anticipating:  new neighbours next door (after 16 years)


Lee-Anne said...

Great list Susie! Sorry about your father. Enjoy your gin and orange. My son will be here any minute and I will be having a vodka. Have a great night!

Virginia said...

ah hun Father's days without Father's are never fun but do provide time to 'reflect' if you want or need to. Loving your list the idea of you sat in pink fluffy slippers drinking gin and orange made me giggle. My mojo came for a fleeting return the other night but appears to have sodded off again - maybe it's gone to meet up with yours for a holiday - perhaps it would like to return and help me sort the horrific layout out that I was trying to do last night - cut paper move paper, cut move paper move more paper, result - ruined paper!

Sending you hugs

Joanna said...

Many congratulations to DS, WTG!

It's coming up to the anniversary of my dad passing away (2nd July), so I totally understand your feelings of sadness.

I'm sure the pink fluffy slippers totally completed the look!


craftattack said...

If you'd told me I would have popped over and joined you for the gin and orange! Hope you soon feel better! Hugs, Valerie I am sending lots of mojo sparkles your way, ythey should arrive - NOW!

craftattack said...

I just wrote a long comment and it went....where?

DGgirl said...

Susie - I just love this list and as with others, am loving the idea of the pink fluffy slippers. I can hwoever pass on the gin and orange - really can't stomach gin. Am a definite Glayva girl.

Hugs and sparkles.


tea_bag said...

I love the idear of Gin and orange just for the vitamin C lol I will use that one I miss my Dad o father Day it was also his birthday on same day so I know where your coming from hugs alma x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

love the list, like the others, love the idea of the pink fluffy slippers, (I think we need a photo to cheer us up on a down day, lol)...

hugs and sparkles for sunday,...xx

maria xx

bad penny said...

Sad about your Father. Well done to your son ! Hoping your Mojo returns son... I think they all get together on a Mojo holiday.

Anonymous said...

Aww thats sad about your dad, I am so blessed to still have my dad around especially after he has been so near to going. Love your list my friend and hope you are having a fab week.
hugs June xxx