Friday, 10 June 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday

Good Morning Rockers and Rockettes - can't believe it's Friday again.
So, what has rocked my world this week?

Books again, but"real" ones this time. Thanks to Carmen for recommending "The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy" by Anne Rice (and Amazon for delivering in 24 hrs even though I ordered them on a Sunday). Once I'd got over spitting my coffee out (don't ask!) I really, really enjoyed them. Read them all in 24 hrs - sadly that kept from doing any of the "h" and "i" words...oh, well, these things are sent to try us. :)
Thanks also to Gill for sending me "Black Swan Rising" -  more vampires - yay! Looking forward to reading this (when I can let go of my Kindle).

The joy of email, especially when you can make people laugh and giggle (you know who you are!!). That was a wonderful response to me revealing a somewhat hidden side of myself and it made me happy. Thanks girls. :)

Sky+ has been much used this week. David and I started watching "Injustice" on Monday - intriguing and a little convoluted. As David was away overnight on Weds. (trip to Colchester, Ipswich and Norwich) I set it to record the last three episodes using series link - we'll catch up over the weekend.
The link is also providing me with my lunchtime watching "Un Village Francais" from TV5 Europe. Two episodes a week and we're up to Oct 1941. I also discovered that even if you record with subtitles off you can play back with subtitles on and they appear as if by magic. Bliss for the hard of hearing.

MTV has provided the soundtrack to my week again. I'm wondering if anyone has thought of doing a course on the videos of Lady Gaga  - what a weird mix of imagery.

Max, who was wonderful company while David was away - some lovely hugs .

Waitrose for their latest must try recipe - Heston's Lemon Tart - will be trying that this weekend.
Delia Smith for her rock cake recipe. David has been muttering about rock cakes for a few weeks now and has been hunting for them every time we've been shopping - no-one sells them any more. I finally gave in and made him some..and yes, I ate some too - yummy but no good for healthy eating-- hello, the 2lbs I'd managed to lose, I see you're back!

The joy of finally getting around to booking an appointment with the hairdresser and having a decent cut again. Colours to follow in two weeks - including the return of my red streak (primary red not auburn).

And, finally, it's Scrap Club tomorrow. I'm hoping this will kick start my mojo. No crafting to show you this week. All I've managed is to download my collage courses and print off the images - no actual work done. :(
Oh, and I did tidy my craft table...sadly it's stayed tidy all week.

Hope you've all had rocking weeks.
Hugs xx


Myzdamena's World said...

Emails can definitely lift the spirits.. been stuck in here weeks and soo many people have said they would pop in ... and nobody has.. pfff..people are tiring anyway :P the delecious carmen has been the one to keep me going with emails and texts (til I made her run out of credit lol) so then more emails...

Isn't it funny how someone so far away can think of you, send something and it can be with you in seconds

I'nt technology maaaarvellous? :)


craftattack said...

Sounds like you had a good week, Sue! I had a windfall this week, my neighbour brought me a bag with 43 paperbacks, all recently published, everything about mord, mayhem, greed, you name it, it's there. So I have plenty to read. She buys 2 books a week and doesnt keep them (no clutter!) so I always get them! Talk about lucky!
Have a great weekend, Sue, hugs, Valerie

Virginia said...

Brilliant posting as always - giggling at the Anne Rice books and the e-mail again!

Joanna said...

Max is gorgeous, give him a hug from me. Bet you feel better for having a hair cut, that always lifts my spirits (unless it's been blow dried so I could be an extra on Dallas, then I'm not happy!). I've got the recipe for Heston's lemon tart, I might try and have a go at the weekend, maybe we could compare results.

Have a lovely weekend, sounds like you've got plenty of reading material to keep you going........

ps have you done your Claudine homework or have you been a naughty girl?!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

fab list sue and cannot wait to see your hair...xx

maria xx

DGgirl said...

Brilliant list as always Susie - especially for reading inspiration!

Hope you enjoy Black Swan!


Carmen said...

Just catching up on last week - in time for this week :p

You are brilliant, your emails were laugh out loud but in delight and glee definitely!

Can't wait to see your red streak! Primary red? Wow! I need some colour - mine has faded and am starting to see grey. not good!

As for the mojo - think it must have run off with mine!

Be back later today hopefully. Big hugs for Fathers Day - am the same on Mothers Day x x x

Carmen said...

p.s Rock cakes... ROCK! I use my Mums recipe. So easy. So yum!