Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Wanderer Returns

Nicholas finally arrived back at 7:30 yesterday evening. Apparently the battery on his mobile died en route to Croatia.
He was shattered after a week of very little sleep and 33 hours on a coach - just about managed to stay awake for the Arsenal match.
I did manage to get some sense out of him:
The music festival was brilliant and Croatia is beautiful.
Nicest country travelled through - Switzerland (despite getting lost in the Alps!).
Most impressive duty free - Luxembourg.
Worst country - Italy (due to a four hour hold up at the border while sniffer dogs etc. did their job!).
He's decided to wait until Saturday to travel to Uni. Gives him time to recover and me time to do his washing!
As for me this has been a mixed week.
Managed to break two teeth last Saturday - not in pain as such, just very uncomfortable and diff. to eat. My dentist is of course on holiday this week and the emergency dentist prodded and poked, took X-rays, then decided he wasn't going to do anything. Gave me a letter for my dentist and told me to make an appt. for next week. What a waste of a Monday morning!!
Rest of Monday and all day Tuesday was spent on the ironing mountain - it is no more! Took me that long as I had to keep having rests - my arms and shoulders were not amused at all this activity.
Max has had an ear infection (silly dog keeps poking his head into hedges - you'd think he'd learn!). He is also now officially on a diet (revolting dried food) so his exercise has been upped - don't know what it's doing for him but it's wearing me out!
Lots of football (good results) and cricket (less said the better about England but well done to Durham on retaining the Championship) have been watched with more to come as Man Utd are on T.V. on Sunday and next Weds. Also have an Indy Car race this w/end (that will keep OH happy!).
Will now have to venture to Waitrose as DS has cleaned us out of fruit juice and milk.
No time (or energy) for crafting I'm afraid - hope after this weekend things will settle down.
I have some special cards to make before I can start scrapping.
Watch this space!


Crafting to stay sane! said...

Hi Suzie! Lovely to catch up with your news! thank you for the comments on my blog they are much appreciated! Sopunds like your son had a wonderful time despite the worry you must have had if you couldn't contact him! Hope he gets off to uni ok at the weekend and that you finally get some time for crafting!
hugs Alyson xxxx

jan said...

Hi Sue, Glad Nicholas has returned safe and sound, and all well despite mobile problems. Hope all goes well for uni for him and he enjoys himself amongst the work too. Another phase in life. Also as Alyson says you will be have more time for crafting,Hope too your teeth are sorted asap. hugs Jan xx

dagbird2001 said...

hey hun, glad he is ok, boys a? dont realise that their mother is worried sick! lol
so sorry to hear about your teeth, hope your dentist can help next week.

craftattack said...

Hi Susie, glad your *big baby* is back, and sorry that the other one keeps poking his head into hedges and getting injuries. Dogs on diet is worse than humans, my dog used to pinch food everywhere when she was supposed to be on diet, was not easy, but the excercise should be doing you both good. Sorry you had such a lot of ironing, I try not to do any i******, as I just hate it. Have a nice weekend!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

pleased he had a good time sue, but I cannot believe you didn't make him do he's own ironing after all the worrying he gave you...

maria x

SusieJ said...

Ah Maria - I very rarely iron - I've washed his clothes and folded them up that's all! I've put a box of washing tablets in his basics box - in the hope that I don't end up with a term's worth of washing at Christmas!lol
Sue xx

Clarky J said...

I recognise the ironing mountain Susie! I did 7 hours of ironing between sunday and Monday last weekend and have now announced to them all I dont do ironing any more so they have to do their own. I expect I will fall soft and do it again by christmas! Hope your son has fun at Uni think I will be glad to see Monday morning when hopefully I will have cried my last tears!