Saturday, 19 September 2009

He's Gone!

Well ,I behaved myself today - was only allowed to accompany Nicholas and OH to Bristol on the understanding I didn't get emotional!
Had a good journey down and fortunately two of his friends were waiting for him at the student flats - they helped unload the car - just as well as his flat is on the 6th floor and he had loads of stuff.
His room is pretty basic but the kitchen and living area are well equipped. Got him settled and he was obviously keen for us to go as he wanted to go and buy tickets to a music festival - social life beginning already! Have had one phone call - " Mum, what's my pin number?"! He'd already cooked his first meal - pasta - I'm sure he must have some Italian blood as he'd quite happily live on pasta!
OH and I wandered around for a while and had coffee. Really vibrant area - think he's made a good choice as far as social life is concerned. Took me back 30 odd years!
So, I didn't get emotional or fuss too much.
Feeling proud that he's made it this far but will no doubt find it strange not having him around. Max seems to be missing him as he's not his usual cheery self.
Have a LO to do tomorrow as I've been tagged and have 72 hours (now down to 48) to do it and pass it on.
Will upload the result when everyone taking part has finished.
Off to bed now to continue reading "The Lost Symbol" - a real page turner.


craftattack said...

Enjoy your ncreased free time now, and you will surely be able to get more crafting done. Your boy is doing well for himself, I am sure he will settle well and be happy and enjoy his own pasta!

jan said...

Hi Sue,yes agree with Val, enjoy your increased free time. your DS settling well in with friends and social life starting well with music.Good to see where he is living and the area, all helps to settle you both and Max too. Jan x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

oh lucky you having extra free time sue, enjoy it, do all the things you couldn't do before..

He'll have fun in Bristol, I lived there after I got married (hubby is a from Bristol)...

maria x

jackie(worcs) said...

Hi there, sounds like hes got it all sorted at Uni then with his friends too. Will you be sending 'Red X food parcels'. I used to love it when my parents sent them when I was training.