Monday, 21 September 2009

Hanging on the telephone.

I haven't had chance to miss Nicholas yet as we've spoken on the phone every day!

I had to phone him yesterday as the text I'd sent telling him where he needed to register (the most important bit of paper that was ,of course ,left at home on Saturday) was met with the reply "What?" - think I need to improve my texting skills! He'd found a pub and was watching the Manchester derby .
Today he phoned me and I had to go online for him to find out times etc of registration tomorrow. He has his computer with him but no internet yet - apparently the vital lead (?) was missing from his room and it's going to take them a week to replace it - not very efficient or helpful.
He has a container full of pasta and sauce in the fridge apparently. He's used to me buying fresh from Waitrose (250 gr.) and cooking it all. I'd sent him with a large bag of dried penne and he'd cooked the lot ! I know he was cooking for 2 ,his friend (who'd travelled down on Friday and happens to be in another flat on the same floor) and himself ,but honestly! Oh well, he'll learn!

I had an excellent Sunday - the Manchester game was the best I've seen all season - esp. as we won! England also managed to win a cricket match (at last!!). Trust Durham to prepare a wicket that we could do something with (can you tell I'm from Co. Durham and more than slightly biased!lol).

Today I've been to the dentist and not much else. The injections knocked me for six and as they're wearing off I'm in a bit of discomfort. What did I have done you ask? What wonders did he perform? He simply replaced the missing bits of teeth with fillings. Not exactly earth shattering or rocket science. My question is ... why couldn't the emergency dentist have done that last Monday? He could have saved me from a week of sore mouth and problems eating.
I think it all comes down to money. The dentist last week didn't seem too impressed that I'm a Denplan patient, i.e. covered by insurance and therefore he couldn't charge me the earth. What happened to the "caring professions"? When I was at Uni there was a big Medical Dept. and the ones studying to be dentists had opted for that rather than becoming Dr's as it was more of a 9-5 job. To me that's like becoming a teacher because of the holidays. My father always said to choose a career because of what you'd be doing while at work not the time off.
And on those wise words I'll leave you.
Sue xx


craftattack said...

You are sooooo right, the dentists here are not much difference. If you are a private patient, you get seen straightaway and have every possible treatment. If not, well NOT!
Glad your son knows how to cook pasta, perhaps he still has to learn weights and measures! I remember the first rice I made was enough to feed the 5000 and a few more!

SusieJ said...

Lol Val! Never thought to get him a set of scales!oops!
Sue xx