Friday, 11 September 2009

He's Leaving home - Part2 - I think he's already left!

No updates since he told me he was in Switzerland - don't know if he's avoiding me (OH says I fuss too much - more of that later!) or can't get a signal.
Texted the scores throughout last nights match - no response - let's face it England don't win by that margin too often - it deserved a reply.
Didn't bother telling him the scores of the Women's Euro Cup Final (DS thinks it's like watching League 2 teams or the old 4th Division for those of us that know our football!! This is despite the fact that Arsenal Ladies dominate the English game).
I resorted to phoning tonight (as opposed to texting which I'm useless at) and still no response.
I can only cling to the old saying "No news is good news" - which doesn't help when grandparents are asking for updates (well, my Dad is -only grandfather my son has).
I'll detail my "fussing" tomorrow - most Mums will see nothing wrong with it - they'll think it normal i.e. part of the job description!


dagbird2001 said...

i dont think you are fussing hun, its understandable he is your 'baby' after all.

Diane said...

Sue, boys will be boys !! He`s having a good time and mum is the last thing on his mind....even if you are worried to death !! Hope he does get in tough soon....

hugs Diane xx

craftattack said...

I think Mothers can never really let go of their kids, it's very hard, but you get used to it in time. But he'll be back after having a lovely time!

sue-bubbles said...

Aw...join the 'no news is good news' gang Sue - Im a fully paid up member of that one! But I do hope you hear soon Sue...his phone does work abroad does it? They probably all do now, but I know one that I had didnt, and I reluctantly had to upgrade!
Hugs & sparkles, Sue x

jan said...

Hi Sue, yes join the club, as the others say, no news is good news, and Mum is the last thing on their minds, he will be having a wonderful time, and you would have heard immediately anything is wrong ok, Jan x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

like the others said he's having a fab time sue... and before you know it, he'll be home...

maria x

DoodlesDumpkins said...

Hi Susie,
As a fully paid up member of the club all I can say is he will be back!
They all like to make a stand, take control of themselves and their futures.
We just have to stand back and be patient, Oh and have plenty of tea, coffee and biccies ready for when they come back home xxxx