Tuesday, 8 September 2009

He's Leaving Home - Part 1

Well, DS set off for Croatia tonight - away for a week, 2 days at home, then off to Uni. Guess he's trying to break me in gently to the "empty nest".
The mood he was in tonight I'm not going to miss him!
Talk about trying to teach your grandmother to suck eggs!
Looking back, not only was I going on long coach trips at his age (I lived in the NE so had to travel for hours to London before moving on) I was living in France doing my year abroad ....you'd think this meant I knew what I was talking about .... but no! Wasn't even allowed to help with the packing - now, everyone knows that women do this better, squeezing things into impossible spaces so as to get that all important, totally unnecessary item in - but not my son!
Even my farewell call of "Don't do anything I wouldn't do.." (which, let's face it gives him pretty much free rein- short of GBH and murder) was met with just a grunt.
My craft room is about to become a reality!!lol


sue-bubbles said...

Aw..I hope your son has a fabby time in Croatia, and then has the best of time at Uni! A craft room isnt bad therapy for empty nest syndrome though eh lol!
Hugs & sparkles, Sue x

jan said...

Hope DS has a lovely time in Croatia, what a life experience, and fantastic time at uni,a new phase in all your lives. Yes craft room is good therapy when they leave, i have DS2's old room with sofa bed, hugs Jan x

craftattack said...

It sounds like your son's wings are now strong enough to carry him safely away from the nest. Hope he has a good time on holiday, and then settles in well at university. Start tplanning your craft room!

dagbird2001 said...

ah bless, hope he has a fab time in croatia, and he will love uni.
hugs for you :)

jackie(worcs) said...

Hope your DS has a lovely time in Croatia and at Uni too.

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Hope he has a lovely time in croatia and uni sue...

maria x

SusieJ said...

Thanks for all the good wishes girls.
Had a text message this afternoon - they were in Switzerland with Italy to come next. Just hope there aren't any problems in Croatia because of the football!
Sue xx

DGgirl said...

Hi Susie

I'm sure he will love Croatia. I was there many years ago before the troubles and it really is quite beautiful - though whether he's of an age to appreciate that bit of it is another matter LOL!!!

Hope ge gets on well at Uni too.