Saturday, 30 April 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday

Somewhat later than I'd intended (but it is still Friday) here is my list of gratefuls.

My main grateful is that the trial is finally over and I've finished my Jury Service.  I've been physically and mentally drained by this over the last two weeks - far more than I realised last time I posted.  I'm still thinking about it and hoping we were right. They say that Jury Service is a duty and you have to do it, but boy is it hard when someone's future depends on you.

Next grateful is being able to spend time with DS - he came home Friday and sadly went back Tuesday (when I'd already left for court). I loved seeing him and just wish I'd been more relaxed when he was home. We still managed to watch some footie together and have a laugh.

Sky+ deserves a mention this week. I've managed to watch some of my backed up episodes of Spiral (now only two behind) and also Midsomer Murders. The first episode starring Neil Dudgeon saw me through an ironing marathon this afternoon. I've liked Neil as an actor since he appeared with Diana Rigg in the "Mrs Bradley Mysteries". I appreciate his very dry sense of humour. It was a bonus to see the Cornmarket and the Black Horse pub appear  - yes, they do exist, in Thame where we live.

My Kindle also deserves a mention. I've been taking it to court with me for the times when we were sitting around doing nothing. Very light yet with a choice of over 250 books - yes, I really have downloaded that many...internet        shopping is way too easy! Admittedly lots of them were free/incredibly cheap. I must also admit that I've archived (after reading them) nearly 150 of them. And we're still only in April.

The next one is something I never thought I'd write - Graham Norton. OH and I caught odd bits of his programme during the last series and were quite impressed. Tonight I watched the whole programme and was in tears..from laughing. And we got to hear Adele sing. :) Next week promises to be even better - Hugh Laurie and Robert Pattinson - sigh, drool, come over all unnecessary.

This week wouldn't be this week without a mention of the Royal Wedding. It was wonderful - they are so obviously in love I'm sure they'll make a go of it. It was  nice to hear Jerusalem too - one of my favourite hymns. Just hope they got the hymns they wanted. I'm still upset (nearly 30yrs later) that I wasn't allowed my choice of hymn..mind I did ask for "Fight the Good Fight"...only to be told it wasn't considered "suitable" for a wedding.

And on that thought I'll leave you.

Thanks for dropping by.

Hugs xx


Joanna said...

Well done for doing your bit on Jury Service - hopefully that'll be a once only experience (I've never done it).

We are recent converts to Graham Norton - he is so funny and I like the interviewing technique of having all the guests on the sofa at the same time. And, like last night, he always has great guests! Didn't you just love Adele's poncho story??!!

I think 'Fight the Good Fight' would have been a great choice for your wedding!

Enjoy your long weekend,


craftattack said...

Glad you are a *free woman* again, have a good rest. Your choice of hymn was great, and I think anything with fight in it very suitable for a wedding! Have a great weekend, Valerie

Virginia said...

Oh that gave me a giggle - you sooooo should have been allowed the fight the good fight LOL! So glad the jury service is over and done with, as part of a jury it was a collective decision so don't stress too much and try and ease yourself back into some normality! Glad you managed to catch up with son and got through the ironing pile - mine is growing into a mountain at the moment but i'm choosing to ignor it in the hope it goes away. The wedding was lovely albeit that I was at work - had it playing in the background! Hope you have a beautiful bank holiday weekend!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

pleased all over in the jury line and now you can relax...

shame about your hymn, lol. sounds good to me, my daughter has just chosen hers for her wedding next year... and that will here before we know it, lol...xx

maria xx

DGgirl said...

Hi Susie

Glad you survived your jury service - been there and done that - not easy at all.

You've really given me a giggle with your comments about wedding hymns. I thought the wedding was just lovely - banished OH to the garden during it as he wasn't sharing my appreciation!!!

Will keep an eye out for your mojo - must be hiding with mine.