Monday, 18 April 2011

I Will Be MIA Until the Weekend.

I started Jury Service today and was chosen to be on the jury for a 4/5 day trial with Easter Weekend in the middle.
Unfortunately it's not a very pleasant one and since I'm emotionally fragile at the moment anyway it's left me feeling drained. I also didn't get home until nearly 7p.m.
Plan tonight is some rose, a hot bath and bed.
I doubt I'll feel like posting/communicating for the next few days.


craftattack said...

Sorry you're not feeling good, Sue. Take care of yourself! Lots of husg and sparkles, Valerie

Diane said...

Luck wasn`t with me either Sue when I did jury service, I was second out of the hat for my first case and third with the second case!! I really feel for you as you`ve got a bad`en.....

hugs Diane xx

Joanna said...

You could have done without that, Sue. Look after yourself.


Virginia said...

Ah hun - courts are not great places at the best of times - I used to be a legal secretary and often had to take notes whilst sat behind the Barrister for cases we were covering, there were a few I asked not to have to attend due to their content - hope you've survived the week - sending you cyber hugs !