Sunday, 17 April 2011

Cropping, Cupcakes and Cute Critters.

I have had a lovely Sunday cropping up at A Maze of Memories. Managed two LOs ..well, almost. I just have to do some stamping and embellishing on the second.
Here is the first (a sketch challenge) of my late cousin Ann (she was 18 moths younger than me).

Today is Pat's Ruby Wedding Anniversary so I went up armed with a card (see photo below)a red miniature rose bush (for her garden) and some cupcakes (see picture below).

This was made using a Craftwork Cards goodie bag (picked up at Ally Pally) and a Crafty Individuals image.

The cupcakes were courtesy of Waitrose and were very, very yummy.

No photos of the cute critters (forgot my camera) but there were cuddly lambs in the field behind AMOM. One ewe was obviously a stressed mother - her twins were trying to suckle and she kept moving out of the way. But they wouldn't give up. I'm sure all us Mums remember that feeling only too well!

I'm off now to have a relaxed evening and an early night. I have to be up ridiculously early to get into the centre of Oxford for my Jury Service. One of the first delights is apparently a video explaining all we need to know. Do you think I could pass on that? I've seen Perry Mason and Judge John Deed.
David reckons it'll be nothing like that. I'm just pleased a particularly nasty murder trial  finished last week.
I'll report back later in the week - if there's anything to report.
Thanks for stopping by.


craftattack said...

Hi Sue, lovely work as always. You are lucky to have AMOM, wish there was something like it here! Thanks for the nice comments you always leave on my blog, as you saw, you are in my gallery. Your Tag is becoming part of a Tag frame I am making, but it will need some time till it is finished! *Enjoy* your juror service, take care! Valerie

Joanna said...

Just tell the Judge you don't need to see the explanatory video, I'm sure that'll be fine, lol!

That's such a sweet photo of your late cousin Ann, how sad she passed away so young.

Beautiful 40th anniversary card, and very yummy looking cakes!

I hope all goes ok for you next week.


Diane said...

Glad you`ve had a relaxing day Sue !! Good luck with tomorrow...I did jury service when I was 19 and would love to do it again now I`m older and wiser!!

hugs Diane xx

Carole said...

Lovely layout Sue, love the cat (!), gorgeous anniversary card and yummy looking cupcakes! What more could a girl want from one blog post?!!! Perfect!

Hugs and sparkles

Carole xxx

Gill McCall said...

Hiya i found your blog in the over 40 bloggers list and thought id follow.
Love your work and YUM cupcakes!! and

bad penny said...

When my brother was going through a messy divorce & custody battle, his ex would frequently say, "I'll see you in Court" His solicitor joked, "Who does she think she is... Perry Mason ?"

Lovely gifts. Hope you don't get too tired in court.

Bev said...

OMG great projects and the cupcakes look too good to eat.