Friday, 15 April 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday (and a bit of collage!)

Where did the week go? It only seems like five minutes since I did last week's post.
So how has life been this week? A bit mixed to be honest - I keep getting moments when all I want to do is burst into tears and it can be the silliest things that set me off. But this post is all about the gratefuls so I won't dwell on that.

First up is A Maze of Memories where it was Scrap Club last Saturday. A lovely peaceful morning and thanks to Christina for a) fitting me in (I apparently hadn't booked??) and b) making my rolled flowers as I had no grip in my left hand. I have so little grip that I have to open packets of crisps with a pair of scissors - I know I shouldn't be eating crisps but you get the point!

Next is Pat and Ally Pally. What a wonderful (if tiring) day. The weather was lovely, being Sunday the traffic was light, I only got us lost once on the way there, the show wasn't too crowded, we had some fabulous views of London (and yes, we did take photos) and money was spent. Round that off with Indian takeaway for dinner and you have an almost perfect day.

Next up is June at Dezinaworld. She has awesome vintage images and collage sheets that are perfect for my course. She is also a lovely, friendly lady from my neck of the woods - say no more!

This next one is something I never thought I'd write..Jennifer Lopez. I've never had much time for her but her chart topping "On the Floor" has wormed its' way into my brain. So much so in fact that I've downloaded it to my laptop so I can listen while browsing. David was in Brighton yesterday so I was able to play it virtually non-stop. Max obviously doesn't share my enthusiasm..after the fifth playing of it he stomped ( I can only describe it as stomping) downstairs. Huh, everyone's a critic!

My other boys (AKA Man Utd.) who  reached the Champion's League semis. Can't decide what pleased me most, reaching the semis or beating Chelsea to do so. Sadly Inter Milan didn't make it, so no Leonardo. :(

My boys (David, Nick and Max) for chats on the phone and hugs and lovely walks in the sunshine.

This weekend brings the FA Cup semi against City, a cropping day at AMOM on Sunday and... who knows what? Sunday is also Pat's Ruby Wedding so I have a card to make and a plant to buy.

Next week's post could be interesting or deadly dull. Why? I hear you ask.
On Monday I'll be in Oxford for the start of my Jury Service.

Thanks for stopping by and please do visit my fellow Rockettes.

Oops! Almost forgot the collage!

One just for fun using a stamp (by Crafty Individuals) I couldn't resist at Ally Pally and a background from Valerie in Germany - thanks Val!!


craftattack said...

Sounds like you had a good week! Love the collage too, but I am not envying you Juror service. June really is a sweetie, huh? I love her images, too!

DGgirl said...

Fab list Susie. I envy you your trip to Ally Pally - it's on my wish list!

Good luck to your other boys for the game.


Joanna said...

Sue, I do hope you feel less tearful soon. Well done for being able to focus on some good things this week, and hang onto them. And think happy thoughts, while singing along to 'On the Floor.'

Sounds like Ally Pally was an all round good day - love the Crafty Individuals stamp you found (looks great in your collage).

You've got some lovely friends, Sue. Allow yourself to lean on them, I'm sure they'll be there to help or at least will be there with a shoulder for you.

Jury Service, ugh!



Hi Sue
A fabulous collage,
hugs Dianne xx :)

Clarky J said...

First up big hugs xxx I dont know why but blogger never updates me when you add to your blog which is a pain. Love the collage x love crafty individuals too and am very envious of the tiring day at Ally Pally - i do hope to get there one day. Hope the Jury service is not tooo dull but there agin hope you dont have to sit through a nasty either xx thinking of you x Janet

Virginia said...

Wonderful list - you sound like you enjoyed Ally Pally which is fabulous! Love the idea of you downloading a track that you've played over and over again - I love how addictive music can be! You made me giggle over the not eating crisps statement! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

love your list sue, pleased you had a good day at ally pally...xx


Carmen said...

No - sorry, don't see it! You can keep Ms. Lopez - I'm with Max :P

However am loving that Wombats song Anti-d, keep thinking about downloading that.

bad penny said...

Sorry to read that you've been a it tearful. Crisps needed ! I've had crisps, cake & lots of French bread & butter this week something I've been avoiding recently !

Hope the Jury service isn't too challenging & tiring. Keep on singing & creating xx