Friday, 8 April 2011

Rocking Your World Friday (on Friday this time!)

I can't believe that another week has gone by and we're truly into April now. At least Spring seems to have arrived and Max and I are enjoying our walks in the sunshine - guess that's my first grateful.

So what else do I have to be grateful for this week?

Have to mention the football (honestly, I do). Last Saturday I was in despair watching our match against West Ham. So upset at being 2 down by half-time I live paused the TV and stomped off to my laptop. It worked though! Returned 20 mins later and fast see Rooney score! Managed to watch the rest of the match in relative excitement. Continued my "helpful avoidance" strategy on Tuesday when we played Chelsea in the Champions League. Watched the first half, saw Rooney score again then watched "Castle" on Alibi instead of the second half. Result!

Have to be grateful for creativity - I spent a lovely four hours cropping at A Maze of Memories on Sunday (the results of this are already on my blog). Then my mojo went missing for a few days so I sought inspiration from the internet. Now, thanks to Joanna (aka Fiddlesnips) I am enrolled in a mini book swap organised by Lenna. Something a little bit different for me but I already have some ideas thanks to Valerie - esp. since I've sourced some structure paste. Amazing what Amazon sells! And tomorrow is...Scrap Club! I have my Spring photos ready.  And Sunday is.....a trip to Alexandra Palace ,for the craft show,with Pat.
Joanna is now tempting me with a four week Collage course run by Claudine Hellmuth.....I'm resisting so!

David gets his usual mention for generally being supportive etc. but also this week for his help on Monday. The Nuffield Orthopaedic rang about midday to say I could have an appointment at 15:00 that afternoon. He got me there and I am almost pain free (touching wood here). Despite my GP telling me my blood tests were fine ( the important one had actually doubled)I'm having a major flare up. One massive steroid injection followed with the promise that if it didn't help....I'll be sent for ultrasound and have injections into the problem joints at my "official" appt. in May. Eek!

The joy of baking returned this week as I mentioned in my last post - unfortunately so did the joy of eating the results! Oh well, we all need treats from time to time and someone, mentioning no names but there are only three of us in the house , ate my chocolate! I've been very good about only having a few squares each day but when I went to the cupboard chocolate. Personally, I think this is a punishable offence.

And finally, my gorgeous boy Nick who sent me a very sweet Mother's Day card and a message on Facebook asking me to call him (no credit on his phone).We had a lovely chat and he's threatening a visit during the Easter break.
Off now to link up on Virginia's blog.
Hope you've all had a great week and have an even better weekend.

p.s. Max doesn't like chocolate - not even doggy who does that leave?


craftattack said...

Hi Sue, glad you still found a lot of gratefuls in spite of the break in! I saw the mini book swap, too, and am still deciding whether to join in or not? Glad you have discovered the joys of structure paste Amazon has everything - you can even get a Pampas Nappies subscription through them here! Not that I need it! Hugs, Valerie

Joanna said...

Hooray for being (almost) pain free! You poor thing, these injections sound yucks-ville. Stealing chocolate is a hanging offence (unless it's me who stole it, in which case it's called 'payment' for washing/ironing/cooking/cleaning. Good to see and hear about all your crafting. I'm really excited about the little books swap (Lenna is lovely and very encouraging) and I'm a huge fan of Claudine Hellmuth so couldn't resist her course. I've done quite a bit of vintage and feel ready to freshen up with something that has maybe a bit of a modern edge.

Clever Max needs to have a word with Silly Rosie, who snuffles chocolate at any opportunity - she doesn't believe me that it is poisonous for dogs. She says she is living proof of that fact;0)

Have a lovely weekend,


Virginia said...

Wow another full post with some brilliant gratefuls - I giggled at your method with dealing with Football - it's the kind of thing I've done in the past when watching rugby!

Glad you're almost pain free hun! I've resisted things that I've seen recently on blogs to join in with (don't know how I'm usually at the front with these but life being so mad means I'm trying to be sensible). Keep us informed of what you manage though I'm most intrigued.

The chocolate theft should be reported to the highest court in the land and is punishable to the enth degree unless the culprit makes good in volume of chocolate forthwith! LOL

Hope you have a lovely weekend - let us know what you buy on Sunday - too far away for me - presume it's ally pally you're talking about?


Carmen said...

Ooh I wonder if I walked past you at Ally Pally?

Hooray to being almost pain free but wincing at the thought of the injections.

I hope you are thinking up a suitable punishment for the chocolate theft?