Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Break-ins and beads

OH had a meeting in Birmingham this morning and phoned me at 13:00. I was expecting him to call as it was his appraisal meeting with his line manager but no, he wasn't ringing about that but to ask me to order a new satnav. Yes, you've guessed it - his car had been broken into and his satnav (plus charger and mount) had been stolen. The front passenger window had been smashed  to get into the car.
Now, he had stored the satnav away, so it wasn't on show, but apparently thieves these days look for the dashboard/windscreen mount (or even just the marks from one on the windscreen) and break in.
He was actually parked in a car park not on the street and yes, it was one of his car parks!
Window is now repaired and new satnav will be here tomorrow (thank goodness for Amazon).
He's now home (just had a quick break for coffee there) with further news. The thief was spotted (and is also on CCTV) and one of the attendants did give chase. They also kindly cleared up the broken glass inside the car.

Whilst all this excitement has been going on I've been home enjoying the sunshine and finishing off a LO that I started on Sunday.

This was made using the WeScrap March kit and is a photo of my Mum and Dad in around 2000. I did the stitching and beads this afternoon whilst listening to "The Best 60's Party Ever" - brought back lots of memories.

The next LO is the one I finished off on Sunday.

Photos of me with my Mum in the 70's. My Mum was one of the few people I was taller than.
The large flowers on this one were made using pages from an old book, TH "Tattered Flowers" die and distress inks, as seen in April's "Craft Stamper" magazine. The other flowers were made using punches and scraps of paper from the kit.
Both LOs were for sketch challenges.

Now for a couple of books.
 This week I've read two really,really good books.
JR Ward's "Lover Unleashed" , book 9 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series - the ending set things up very nicely for book 10. Thanks to Virginia for recommending this series - I'm officially hooked!
The other I read on Kindle but it has been published in paperback. It's "A Taste of Magic" by Tracy Madison - a lovely light read with some funny moments. Set in Chicago, the heroine is a baker and the descriptions of the cakes she makes inspired me to do my own baking yesterday - a rice cake and a rhubarb crumble cake. The latter is more of a dessert so we had it with ice cream - yummy!

Tonight is Champions League Quarter Finals and we're away to Chelsea - I  shall be watching, very nervously.

Hugs xx


craftattack said...

Lovely LOs, and I love that stitching! Sorry about the break-ins, not so good news. Things like that happen all the time here, too! Enjoy your football! Hugs, Valerie

Carole said...

Hi Sue, both are lovely layouts, but I particularly like "Together" - the stitching and beading is just beautiful.

Sorry to hear about your OH's adventures :(

Hugs, Carole xxx

Joanna said...

Such a sweet LO of the photo of your Mum and dad - what a special photo, 'together' is simple and perfect. And I love the wonderful colours of the 70's LO - all photos had that pinky orange tint then, didn't they? It's great you brought that out in the LO.

Grrrrr to satnav theft. My friend's husband, who is a plumber, had his van emptied of all his tools overnight. He had to go and buy loads more before he was able to work again. It's just not fair. Let's hope your hubby can fool them this time (don't quite know how though).

Lets hope there's more sunshine tomorrow (especially because I'm off work!).


Joanna said...

ps Great news to see you've signed up for the 'little books' swap! Have you downloaded the pdf yet? It's brilliant! Have you got any ideas yet? I'm just starting to work some out in my head (which is tricky while pretty brain is on holiday!).


SueB said...

Oh Sue, so sorry to hear about your Hubby's car, and sat nav, grrrr! I hope you can get that sorted out soon.

Your layouts (as always!) are wonderful!!!

Thanks for the tip off for the books, always good to hear about a good read.

Lovely to have you back!

Suzie xxxx :)

Virginia said...

Oh I went through lots of emotions there - the first was anger about the broken in car and lost sat nav, then there was happiness that car was mended and Amazon were to the rescue, then there was admiration as I looked at your layouts both of which are gorgeous I don't have the TH tattered flower die grrrrrrrrrrrrr and really want it but nobody seems to have it in these days! Then there has giddiness about the book - why you may ask - because my copy hasn't arrived yet - but it's on its way - am so glad you've enjoyed the series and am so glad that it looks positive for book 10 - I thought we were running out of vampires if you know what I mean!


bad penny said...

My husband and the lad who works part time for him both had their satnavs nicked from their work vehicles on the same night. Right outside the houses ! They too the friends tools but luckily not ours.

Lovely work

Bev said...

sorry to read about the car.
Your layouts however are fab, love the beaded flourish, the colour combos and design are great..

CoventryAnn said...

Love that bling title!