Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Let it snow!

DS panicked yeaterday on hearing the weather forecast - didn't want to get snowed in here as there's nothing to do during the day (unlike Bristol). He planned to travel back with a mate by bus and train. Only he didn't make it - OH couldn't even get him to the bus stop. Oh dear ,I'll have him at home for a while longer! I'm happy, Max is happy but DS isn't.
Took some photos of the snow last night and Max and I will venture out later for a doggy/snow photo shoot - just hope he cooperates!
And yes, it's still snowing this morning - yay!
You can tell I don't actually have to go anywhere!lol


Hi I'm Maria... said...

sorry about DS not get back to uni sue, (but pleased for you and max,lol)...

we're just chilling out in the warm watching DVD's her (and blog hopping)...

maria x

craftattack said...

So the snow was good for something, now you have your son a bit longer! Enjoy!

SueB said...

Great blog Susie, and thanks for following mine too! Love your snowy pic of Max, you'll have to scrap that one! And as Val says at least with all this snow you'll get to spend more time with your son.
Suzie xxxx :)

mrs tsv said...

the snow has worked in your favour sue, enjoy your last couple of days with him, before he can go back. enjoy your walk with max, and be careful.
i hope your mouth has healed nicely now.
gina xxxxxxxxxxxx

Bev said...

Happy New Year!!!!!
Glad you're enjoying the snow - I've had enough - nightmare trying to go anywhere - and still it keeps snowing!!!!
Hope you're feeling better (re tooth) and enjoying crafting!
Take care
Bev x

mrs tsv said...

hi sue, thought id pop over to see if youve done any blogging. i hope your son got back to uni safely. and i hope youve had safe walks with max. gina x

dagbird2001 said...

hey hun,
long time no catch up, will try and email you tonight or tomorrow, as i want to know how your scrapbook thing at butlins went.
hope you are well.