Thursday, 21 January 2010

ATC Swap - An update.

Well girls - there are 11 of us so far - can we make it to 12 so there's a new person to choose the theme for each month of the year? Yay!! Sue-bubbles has joined us! And Suzie B is a late entrant - welcome!

I think it best if we keep it simple.

Each person has to make one ATC for another person on the list as assigned. That way we will all have 12 ATCs by the end of the year.
After that it's up to you if you want to make more on the same theme and send them to others on the list.   Just remember to number your ATCs accordingly e.g 1/6 , 2/6 etc if you make 6.

I've set the January theme (Snow).
February - Gina
March - Alma
April - Carole
May - Jenni
June - Maria
July - Donna
August - Bev
Sept. - Tania
Oct. - Val
Nov. - Gill
Dec. - Sue-bubbles
Jan2011 - SuzieB
Is this OK with everyone? If you need to change please let me know and I'll  amend the list.

For the first month please send your ATC to the person below you on the list (I'll send to Gina, she'll send to Alma and so on - Suzie will send to me).

For those of you who don't have my email address Gina will be able to pm it to you on docrafts.

Any questions? Any suggestions?
If we aim to post by 29th Jan we should have our first ATCs just in time for Gina to choose her theme!
Sue xx


sue-bubbles said...

Ive been resisting....but go on then, pop me in as number 12 Sue!
Sue x

mrs tsv said...

hooorrrayyy sue b, well done!

thanks for all the info susiej.
gina xxxxxxxxxx

tartantaz said...

So how do we know who to send our ATC to?

T x

carolejgriffin said...

Thanks from me too for explaining more about ATCs and for setting the whole thing up! How exciting - I'm looking forward to getting started now!

Carole x

tea_bag said...

Thanks for sorting right now to make the ATC when is the posting date?

craftattack said...

Does this mean we have to send to the same person every month??