Tuesday, 12 January 2010

So, how has 2010 been so far?

A mixed bag involving vampires, dentists, shattering glass, firemen......

Where do I start?

Crafting - have made a selection of tags for Christmas  by recycling last year's cards (not the handmade ones which are safely stored) and using up odd bits of ribbon. Feel very virtuous!lol

Dentist - recleaned my poorly tooth and slapped another temporary/antiseptic dressing on it - that has to stay for 3-4 weeks. Said I might get the "odd surge" of antiseptic in my mouth. Hah! Felt and tasted as though I was drinking neat TCP for three days. Tongue and roof of mouth both red raw so eating and drinking have been slow,painful and cold (I need my hot coffee to function!!).

DS made it back to Bristol on Thursday and I haven't heard from him since. I actually missed him more this time than in Sept. Felt quite bereft for the first two days - have now adjusted and like having my house back etc. etc.

Pat and I were supposed to go to a scrapbook class on Saturday (at AMOM) - a Christmas LO -  so I printed off all my photos. Unfortunately the rear window of her car exploded on Friday while she was driving home,showering her DS in shattered glass. No repair possible until Monday - sooo, no class.

And now comes the highlight of the year!
On Sunday I walked Max round to Audrey's for a couple of hours. We had a lovely chat and a couple of glasses of wine (it was def. no more due to TCP problems listed above).
On the way back I stopped at the grassy area behind our street to let Max off lead. I remember leaning down to take the lead off....next thing I'm lying face down in the snow with blankets over me, paramedics talking to me... put onto board and taken into a complete stranger's house and then the ambulance arrives and they do all sorts of tests. OH arrives ( I'd been able to tell them the address and my name .. but was more concerned about Max). Several hours later they decide that I don't need to go to hospital but can go home.

I finally meet the householders - apparently the wife had spotted Max out of the kitchen window (he was sitting beside me) and realised s'thing was wrong so she and her husband sprang into action. I can never thank them enough. No-one knows how long I'd been in the snow. OH rang Audrey and  I'd left her nearly two hours before.
On leaving the house I discovered that there wasn't just an ambulance there but a b****y great  fire engine with full crew. In no fit state to assess hunkiness of firemen though. Shame.

Still not sure what happened but I spent yesterday feeling very shivery and shaky.
Today I had my usual blood test and had to have my BP taken twice as it was high (normally very low). Paula (the vampire) insisted on taking the  ambulance report for my GP and he's been on the phone. They're going to monitor my blood pressure closely as that seems to be most likely culprit. Oh joy! Plus, my veins didn't want to give up their blood so both arms were used.. and now I have to inject my meds.

Hopefully my next post will be more cheerful (if less exciting and with a smaller cast of characters)
Hope 2010 is going well for all of you - despite the snow .


Diane said...

Oh Sue what can I say......things can only get better !!

hugs Diane xx

craftattack said...

Hi Susie, what a horror story! Sorry, that you are so in the wars healthwise at the moment. Still, lucky that your accident happened near where somebody lived, and that the people reacted so well, so many people just look in the other direction. Get well soon, and take care of yourself, big hugs, Valerie

jan said...

Sue, what a frightening thing to happen to you, and glad it all turned out well and good for Max staying with you, he is a furry angel. Jan x

SusieJ said...

Thanks girls.
Max is indeed a furry angel.
Sue xx

Crafting to stay sane! said...

Sorry to hear this Sue, hope you are feeling better now! What a Hero is Max!
Hugs Alyson xx

sue-bubbles said...

OMG Sue, that is SO scary! You must be so careful when out on your own, especially in this weather...its difficult to know how the meds are going to affect you. I do hope you are feeling a lot better now and that there have been no repeat performances! Welldone Max for looking after you!
Hugs, Sue x

mrs tsv said...

that is scary sue, thank goodness for max. if he wasnt sitting by you, well it doesnt bare thinking about. lots of sparkles and hugs on route for you. take care sue.

omg 2
pat and her son were lucky, do they know why her window exploded like that?
gina xxxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

oh my goodness, I'm so sorry I missed this post sue, (I wouldn't have taken the mickey out of man u if I known)...

how scary, sending you ton of sparkles and make sure you have someone with you when you go out, well done max and when I next visit hubbies family in bristol, will give your son a kick up the backside, a phone call once a week is all you ask for...

maria x

a little bit of me........ said...

oh susie what a terrible ordeal, i hope your feling much better and your gp gets to the bottom of it so it dosnt happen again, and bless your darling Max xx