Wednesday, 20 January 2010

ATC Swap

Gina and I would like to invite you all to take part in a monthly ATC swap.

ATC's are brilliant - small, don't take too much time and you get to use your scraps!

Please sign up  below.

The theme for January is (believe it or not!!) snow.

I'm willing to organise this  - will sort out who swaps with who each month  (and forward addresses) - will also choose who sets the theme for the month if that is OK with everyone (no way is Gina getting April!!lol).

Something new and happy for the New Year.


DGgirl said...

Hi Susie

I'd love to give this a try please - think it could be a real challenge. Have let GFina know that I'm up for it and she has my contact details.


mrs tsv said...

spoil sport sue, lol lol
thanks for doing this sue.
i have put the details on the dc forum.
hugs gina xxxxxxxxxx

craftattack said...

Hi Sue, I will join in, too. Thanks for organising it all!

tea_bag said...

What a fab idear and yes of cause I will join in

alma xx

mrs tsv said...

sue, do we just make one or do we make sets? gina xxxxxx

tartantaz said...

I would like to join in this swap

T x

carolejgriffin said...

Is this where I sign up?!!! Please add my name to wherever it needs to be!!! Thanks. Hope you are well, lovely to be speaking to you again! Carole x

Bev said...

Hiya Sue - I've never made an ATC in my life but would love to have a go so this seems the perfect opportunity to me! Not sure where I sign up !?! is it here? Anyway wherever it is would you please add me to your list - looking forward to it.

Hope you're keeping well - sounds like you've had a very exciting time lately!
Take care Bev x

SueB said...

Oooh this sounds fab Susie! I've never made an ATC before. I've signed up to a few mini album swaps at the moment, but would love to join you all at a later date if that's alright.
Love your new look blog by the way!
Suzie xxxx :)

Hi I'm Maria... said...

count me in too sue, like some of the others never made one, but hopefully as they're small will be able to keep up, lol...

hope you're keeping well after you little episode?

maria x

DoodlesDumpkins said...

Hi Sue,
Please add me to the list. Gina has my contact details I think, if not I'll send them to you asap.
How many are we making for each swap?